• FOREIGN COUNTRY INFO NOTE : What is the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO) ?
  • Yayın Tarihi : 3 Temmuz 2018 Salı

What is the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO) ?


Fethullah Terror Organisation is the name of a terrorist group which is probably the most sophisticated and large scale one among terrorist groups around the world. They have turkish origins, but they have followers and sympathizers from other nations as well.

Some (actually most) of their followers don’t even realize that the group is a terrorist organization. This may sound ridiculous, but let me explain. The group has two separate structures, they are like two sides of a coin. One of these two structures is quite like an NGO, as a matter of fact, more like a web of NGOs that spread around the globe. Their members, or volunteers, are regular people, most of them are religious, believers of Islam, but even that is not a necessity, one may just be influenced from an NGO just because of the cause it represents, not because of the religion. Most of these NGOs are in education business, some are think-tanks, trade associations, or anything like these. Through their network around the globe, they do make every effort to raise money, both via businesses they have, and via direct donations from their followers. (The donations are mostly voluntary, although they pressure their followers via social means, for example, one becomes more respectful within the network if they donate more money.) By using these legal structures, they try to get grants from governments as well.

Via their businesses in education, they were having the chance to pick successful students, and make them a loyal follower of Fethullah Gulen, the leader of the organisation. These successful students were having two careers. One in the group, the other one in the government organisations. The followers of the organisation, who were working in some government organisation, help these students had a job in government, and they got fast promoted to the positions that are effective in the government. As they progress in their position in the government, they progress in their position in the group. The government institution can be anything, finance, education, police force, military, judiciary, you name it.

The other students who had contact with the group via their training centers, private high schools, or colleges, universities, etc. are brainwashed to be a follower or sympathiser of the group. So, in their future life, they were expected to think of the group, and Fethullah Gulen, in a quite positive way.

Other than the education, another business that was quite important to the organisation was media and publishing companies. Until a couple of years ago, the newspaper with the highest circulation in Turkey was in control of them. Although the number of circulation was manipulated by the followers via the subscriptions like 10 newspapers for one person, it was estimated that the newspaper was one of the most read in Turkey. Other than the newspapers, they were having TV and radio channels, news websites and all other media related things one can think of. Now they only have some news websites. Via their impact in media, they were influencing public opinion, probably much more than any other group in Turkey.

Up to this point, it was about the legal side of the organisation. The other side of the coin is quite different. I said, “their followers don’t even realize that the group is a terrorist organization”, and the reason for that is, most of the people who are members of this organisation is only aware of the legal side of it. They never get informed about the activities of the other side of the group. As a matter of fact, they are encouraged to focus on only their duties, and not to worry about the rest. They only believe to the information that comes from within the organisation. So when Gulen says “we don’t have anything to do with the latest coup in Turkey”, they believe it, when their media says “The head of intelligence agency, Hakan Fidan, has contacts with Iran, and he is an Iranian spy” they believe it, when they say “Turkish intelligence agency is sending military equipment to Daesh”, they believe it, without questioning how someone can be both pro-Iran and pro-Daesh, which are the fiercest enemies in the region. I didn’t even come to the ridiculousness of this claim just because of the fact that Turkey is one of the first countries in the world that has listed Daesh as a terrorist group, and that Turkey has every reason to fight against Daesh in the region, starting from the fact that the existence of such a terror group doesn’t serve to any interest of Turkey in the region, to the abduction of the Turkish officials from Mosul consulate in 2014.

So, about the dark side of the group… The followers of the group who have responsibilities in the government are quite like sleeper cells. Day to day, they just do what they need to do. But when it comes to something related to the interest of the group, they do everything to make it, it can be via legal or illegal means. Say one of the followers of the group is a police. They can fabricate evidences for the prosecutions. There is nothing to prosecute? The prosecutor, who is a follower of the group, can just fabricate one on demand. They can fabricate terrorist groups which is not exist at all. Then they add the people, who they see as an obstacle on their intentions to get the control of the whole government, to the inspection. One doesn’t need to do anything to find that they are claimed to be a member of a terrorist group, that they never heard of. The police can just fabricate the evidences. They can make up group of spies in the military, via these prosecutions, one can be found not guilty, but their promotions would halt for years in the military, since these military suits can take years to lead to a judicial decision. One can be a journalist who is quite suspicious about the group, and is in the process of writing a book about these. The journalist can find himself behind the bars, and the book, which is not even published yet, can be destroyed.

I just gave some samples of the possible ways of the group’s “attacks”. (These all happened in Turkey.) A terror “attack” doesn’t need to be the ones like daesh, or PKK, or ETA, or IRA, or any-conventional-terror-group-you-can-think-of had. They don’t attack by using AK-47 or whatever-a-conventional-terror-group-may-use. But they attack to the people by using the very institutions of the government. When the group attacks someone, one is not even aware of it. One is not aware of that it is a terror-attack in the first place.

From this perspective, the group is quite like an intelligence agency. A conventional terror group uses techniques similar to the military ones. FETO uses intelligence agency techniques. Psychological propaganda, false flag operations, using NGOs for undercover purposes, etc.

I hope the reader get the idea up to this point.

But I didn’t come to the largest attack of this terror group, easily the largest one in the world since 9/11.

The members of this terror group infiltrated military of Turkey as well, just like other institutions. And this infiltration was going on since 1980s, if not since 70s. Throughout the years, they have promoted up to the positions of three-star generals. They had full control of the personnel department of the military. They had control of pretty much the whole air-force. They used the military suits, which were just fabricated to get rid of the military personnel who they saw as an obstacle for their purposes, to be able to get to the positions they wanted.

In 2012, the group wanted to get control of national intelligence agency of Turkey. Just like other cases, they just came up with another case (a fabricated one, as usual) to arrest the head of intelligence agency. That is probably the time Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey at the time, realised their real intentions. With his and his party’s power in the parliament, an act that prevents the head of intelligence agency from being arrested without the permission of PM passed. But this was just the beginning of the story that Erdogan started to push back against “the cemaat”, the name of the group until their real intentions was found out in Turkey. Erdogan tried to reduce the influence of the group, for this purpose, he proposed an act, which would effectively close down the training centers that the group was making huge amounts of money, and having influence to the young students.

So the group came up with their very well known technique, they just came up with a case against the government officials, ministers, their sons, and Erdogan as well. Some aspects of the cases were certainly not fabricated, but some were just fabricated stuff, as usual. Still, via their media, they managed to influence a large part of the Turkish society.

Erdogan managed to eliminate this “attack” as well (which is kind of surprising), but by this attack, the “cemaat” became “parallel government”, and “fethullah terrorist organisation”. There couldn’t be a better explanation than “parallel government” to describe the structure of the group within the government.

Since then, the situation has escalated, Erdogan won every election throughout 2014 to 2015. And when the calendar was 15th of July, 2016, the group tried a coup to be able to get rid of Erdogan. The coup plans leaked that afternoon, so they had to start the coup earlier than they planned initially. They concealed themselves as if they were a Kemalist faction in the military during the coup. But turkish society didn’t buy this. With the resistance by the whole nation, but especially by the Erdogan’s supporters, the coup plotters had to escape. Most of them caught and arrested.

During the coup, more than 250 people died. They bombed turkish parliament with a bomb initiated from an F-16, and a police building that caused martyrdom of 46 police. They attacked intelligence agency with military helicopters. They attacked people with tanks.

I don’t know any terror group in the rest of the world that is in control of any F-16 fighter jet, or any military helicopter.

That is why FETO is the most sophisticated terror group in the world.