you never know what you are going to get with a FOIA Request.

As many of
you know, The Black Vault has looked for UFO documents throughout nearly
every government agency that exists. Recently, I filed a FOIA Request to the
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) looking for UFO records.

I was
surprised to learn, that responsive documents came up. NCIS informed me there
were three closed investigations that dealt with UFOs, and were responsive to
my request.

After a
short wait, I received the three investigations, and their corresponding
records, which are below.

this isn’t the usual cache of UFO information. Instead, I discovered these
records which prove the following:

There are
some severe psychological issues for our men and women in uniform after years
of fighting wars like in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I think the first
part of these records should serve as a grim reminder of the sacrifice (both
mental, physical and psychological) that our men and women in uniform are
making for our freedoms.

If you run a
blog, or website, or post on social networks — be careful what you say!
 Someone, is always watching.

“drones” have become the go-to explanation in the 21st century (just like
Swamp Gas was the 20th century go-to), it appears that label may actually be
true in some cases. But moreso, if you decide to fly a drone in or around a
military installation — get ready for one wild invasion into your private
life. In short – it just isn’t a good idea, so don’t do it.

Like I
said — it’s not the usual!

Declassified Documents

Closed Investigations – UFOs
[60 Pages, 9.7MB]