Las Vegas Shooting Victim : “There
Was 100% More Than One Shooter,” Gates To Concert Were Locked Shortly Before

By Alex

Las Vegas mass shooting victim Rocky Palermo was shot in the
pelvis during the horrific attack and is now speaking out about what he saw and
believes happened, including the presence of multiple shooters as well as
locked concert gates and police telling frantic civilians to go in the other

Palermo, who has done various interviews since the attack,
appeared on “The Blast” with a series of shocking comments that correlate with
various other reports indicating that multiple shooters carried out the attack
and that the FBI is actively covering this up.

“I definitely do believe that there was 100% more than one
shooter, every other person that I’ve talked to that did unfortunately get hit
as well, have all said the same things,” Palermo detailed.

The man then goes on to explain that after being shot he ran
“about 200 yards” to hide behind a car, all the while hearing bullets fly past
him at what he believes was ground level.

“I’m waiting and all of a sudden we hear a little whizzing going
by us, all of a sudden bullets are just flying by,” he continued.

“When something is coming up and down or at least from a different
angle they are either going to hit the ground or… a lot of different things are
going to happen. When someone is shooting form a horizontal line its just going
to keep shooting,” Palermo attempted to explain. Take note that what he means
here is that people were being shot at from ground level rather than the 32nd
floor of the hotel.

Palermo then specifically heard the gun shots get “closer and
closer” before quickly deciding it was once again time to run.

Shockingly, he then goes on to detail the fact that at the end of
the concert the previous two nights everyone had exited a specific way, but on
the night of the shooting this route was locked down shortly before the attack.

“Every other night at the concert, everybody kinda exited right
off Las Vegas Blvd, that was standard, that was routine, you get out of the concert
and you go down to the next casino,” he continued.

“At 10pm they closed every exit on Las Vegas Blvd, every single
one. They gated them all closed with chain-link fences, 10:08 the shooting
started and we were pigs sitting in a corral. We only had one exit to go out
of…..everyone was just kinda following the sheep.”

Palermo makes it clear hat this confused concert goers who had
used the normal exits in the past.

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“The same exits we had came in and left Friday and Saturday night
were definitely closed. There were people that went over there and tried to
leave and there were cops that were telling them no, you can’t go out here, you
have to go the other way,” he shockingly concluded.

This stunning testimony is obviously a huge bombshell in the
ongoing investigation of the Las Vegas mass shooting and is sure to continue to
add credence to the growing belief that we are not being told what actually
happened that fateful night.


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