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Possible Sources of Victimization : (KURBAN YAPMAK İÇİN ELVERİŞLİ KAYNAKLAR) 

l  Members of racist gang The Order with some degree of federal clout and connected to my high school track-and-field team and/or to two of my high school teachers: chemistry teacher Mr. Tobin and Trigonometry teacher Mr. Siverson (images in the mind’s eye of angry white male seen in the summer of 2009 while driving around former high school while trying to escape apparent workplace bullying at Sonic Restaurant shortly after graduating suggested that the male did not want me seen in or near the school, where I had graduated at the top of the class; near-death incident in December 2011 with a likely R.F.-manipulated vehicle while driving near the school also suggested that someone did not want me seen near the school; references to high-school track-and-field team and teachers Tobin and Siverson popular in recorded dreams and statements delivered via synthetic telepathy since 2012)

l  Fraternity and certain police officers at Dartmouth College (strong similarities with Remy Okonkwo case at Georgetown College in Kentucky in 2007: see “Notes.Psycho-Slavery” audio file and July 25, 2014 series of journal entries; possibility of police officers as source of the paramilitary groups described by S.A.I.C. Whistle-blower Donald Truax in 2008 report of ongoing purge seen while reading Jim Redden’s description of the militarization of local police and outsourcing DoD technology to local police in 2000 book Snitch Culture; DoD outsourcing of mind control technology to Louisville Metro Police Department in Kentucky likely the source of former Black Mayoral candidate Connie Marshall’s satellite harassment, racial bullying, and organized stalking by racist officers at Louisville Metro Police Department)

l  Individuals connected to one of my Advanced Placement English classes in high school, my Winter 2010 Writing 5 class, and my Spring 2010 Computer Science 5 class at Dartmouth College (recall one day in Writing 5 class when our class merged with another class also taught by the teacher and I saw a White male with a southern accent staring at me in what was perceived as a rude manner [had sense that he did not consider it to be rude but his right]; recall image and interrogation technique in the mind’s eye in September 2012 meditation session involving apparently the same male staring at me for a prolonged period of time [as though I was looking through whatever device he was staring at]; recall synthetic telepathy likely ever since 2012 suggesting that someone had viewed my writings in one of my Advanced Placement English classes in high school [likely AP English Literature in Senior year] and in my Writing 5 class at Dartmouth and that he/she hated the fact that a Black male could demonstrate a strong linguistic ability; realized while reading Leonard Peltier’s 1999 book Prison Writings in 2014 that I had not written in a natural style like Peltier since one day in April 2010, shortly after leaving Dartmouth (specific day seen in journal entries in April 2010, during which time I recall sitting in my mother’s porch and writing about leaves: realization and other observations suggested that persistent attempts have been made to bend my personality and to steer me especially away from literature and writing ever since 2010]; did not finish computer science class and left school a day after the start of the Spring 2010 semester but recall synthetic telepathy around December 2012 suggesting that a young, white male who sat behind me in the Computer Science Class and seemed to show mysterious interest in me, as though he knew something I didn’t, was involved in my victimization (see the following digital voice recordings in the “I`ts.Evidence.AudioLogs” folder of storage containers for further details on recollection: Olympus WS605857, 8:21pm-8:22pm, 12/29/2012, and Olympus WS60623 [summarization of a meditation session], 7:39am-7:40am, 12/31/2012); recall synthetic telepathy in September and October 2012 concerning Writing 005 class and suggesting that I am targeted by a far-right Christian group; group with youth and older persons combined and with Nazi swastika symbol, as seen in meditation session in either September or October 2012; presence of youth and older persons in group also confirmed by Summer 2011 observations of mysterious youth and older males in same cars seen frequently shortly after I would arrive at the Smoky Hill/Picadilly Park-n-Ride in Centennial, CO: youth would often come out of their large, black car and apparently search the area with a computer or similar device in their hand, as though they were searching for something, before leaving the Park-n-Ride thereafter)

l  Individuals connected to U.S. Intelligence (innocent Notables 2012 news document suddenly classified as “Mature” and thus blocked from larger Scribd.com audience in July 2012; pageview counts on Scribd.com account suddenly and drastically reduced sometime in late July or early August 2014, producing the false perception that my articles are unpopular and thus unimportant; formatting errors on blogs and scribd.com account not made by self apparently designed to make me appear mentally ill to my online audience; manipulation of online polls, pageview counts, and website formatting by Western Intelligence services in order to discredit activists revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden in 2013; manipulation of my websites likely by U.S. Intelligence confirms not only the existence of mind control and allegations of an ongoing purge with mind control technology but continued efforts to prevent the general public from knowing about the biological effects of low-frequency waves, efforts that have involved the likely assassination of Wilhelm Reich via directed energy-induced heart attack in the 1950s, threats to kill researchers investigating U.L.F.-induced suicides in Medford, Oregon, in the early 1970s, multiple attempts to assassinate Andrija Puharich in the 1980s, and a host of other silent assassinations via directed energy; likely entrapment scheme in Spring 2011 while vulnerable and after being forced into prostitution after experiencing seemingly endless hostility while working at the CCA-Lowry campus with apparent undercover CIA operative posing as client [similar to F.B.I./M.I.-5 entrapment schemes of academically gifted Nigerian students Umar Abdulmutallab and Michael Adebolajo]; torture with remotely delivered shocks and low-frequency/high-intensity directed sound-Sound Type 0-experienced in the summer of 2013 as mass shooter Aaron Alexis’s “vibrations through walls” while at Howard University in DC in 2011 [apparent intent to turn me into a mass shooter like Alexis]; sense of being targeted by bully with access to large registry prompted by dream on November 11, 2014 and other experiences since 2012 [testimony from C.I.A. Whistle-blower on James Marino’s website seen in early 2012: C.I.A. is full of bullies]); insight gleaned from the Julia Davis case and actress Brittany Murphy’s death in 2009: network of friends across federal agencies using the authority of the U.S. Government to destroy an innocent person’s life.

l  Individuals connected to the Department of Defense especially (extensive connections between my case and DoD whistle-blower Robert Duncan’s descriptions of high-tech DoD mind control outlined in signed Opt-Out Form From Nonconsensual Experimentation sent to target Letitia Peters in 2012 and in annotations in my copies of Duncan’s 2006 eBook The Matrix Deciphered, Duncan’s 2010 book Project: Soul-Catcher..., and Duncan’s 2014 book How To Tame a Demon; extensive connections between my case and the “Revolution in Military Affairs” chiefly coordinated by the DoD and described by author/activist Mark Rich outlined in September 04, 2014 journal entry and in annotations in my copy of Rich’s 2010 eBook Revolutionary Methods for Political Control [self also targeted with remotely delivered shocks, Aug-Cog manipulation of nearby conversations, and other electronic techniques experienced by Rich; self also sometimes made to appear mentally ill without my awareness in online writings like Rich])

l  Individuals capable of boarding an international flight and following me to Nigeria for my father’s funeral in 2010 with ease (international harassment, organized stalking, electronic assaults, and mind control in foreign countries also reported by Michael Bell in 2012 book The Invisible Crime and Australian target John Finch in reports of “neuropuppets” in foreign countries-reference to “swarms” or DoD Aug-Cog manipulation of nearby human nodes detailed by DoD whistle-blower Robert Duncan in 2010 book, N.S.A. Whistle-blower John St. Clair Akwei in May 1991 lawsuit, and activist/researcher Mark Rich in 2010 book; had sense while in Nigeria that relatives had been racially bullied recently and were predisposed to dislike me; also recall unique incident with self recoiling at the image of a Black Jesus in church in an out-of-character, rude manner and seeing from the corner of my eye a friend of the family expressing anger and disgust over my actions [had sense of a carefully orchestrated scene over which I had no control])

l  Individuals connected to Russel Sage Second Floor, Choates Hall, and/or fraternity behind Russel Sage Hall at Dartmouth College: increased sensitivity and apparent harassment from fraternity when returning to Russel Sage without self seeing anyone; mysterious phone call in Washington, DC (girl from Russel Sage Second Foor [stayed in Room 215]); apparent near-lynching in early 2010 involving group of white males [possibly from fraternity behind Russel Sage] walking towards Russel Sage and saying “kill this nigger...” [males suddenly stopped outside my window and were urged to “go back” apparently by a white male within the group; offensive statements, especially “nigger,” from white male in his 20’s heard more frequently at frequently visited library after Winter break in early 2010 [had sense that he was a senior and was connected somehow to the main group initiating the harassment campaign]; unique image and synthetic telepathy in September 2012 meditation session suggested that I was targeted by a group of students in Russel Sage [recall one familliar, dark-haired white male especially; recall that he was associated with a group who later seemed to initiate more obvious harassment in early 2010]); recall that I left Choates Hall in late 2009 after a series of incidents with my roommate that reached a climax shortly before I left [had sense that external pressure in some form was being applied on him: sense similar to sense of external pressure being applied on mother to push me towards homelessness in early 2012; similarity=confirmation that coordinated harassment has been ongoing since at least 2009]; recall feeling that I was instantly disliked by individuals in another wing of Choates Hall when I went there for a pancake party sometime in late 2009 [had sense that they were very race-conscious and that they felt that I was intruding simply for existing in Choates Hall]; recall incidents in the Choates Hall Common Room shortly before I left the dorm involving what would seem like orchestrated encounters with the same malicious-looking White students [felt that they somehow did not belong in the school but were there for special purposes; similar feeling experienced with white female and white male seen at night later while going towards Baker Library from Russel Sage-felt as though they not only did not belong in the school but that they were waiting for me and evaluating me]; recall that a very visible racial slur was posted on a door in Choates Hall on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 2013 [evidence for the existence of persons with strong racist sentiments in Choates Hall]; recall one day when returning to Russel Sage Second Floor when I saw a formerly trusted floor mate being ushered in to another room as she wanted to say hi to me [look of other girl pushing floormate into room suggested that I had been cut off from the rest of Russel Sage by a recently enacted law known only to the White students, as though I was being separated from the group by force]; sense of being cut off and sense of entire school’s perception of Black students having changed suddenly on one day in early 2010 as described in journal entries led me to believe in an ongoing purge targeting minority students especially, a belief previously stimulated by a young, white male’s statements as I approached the basement level of Baker library sometime in the Winter of 2009-2010 (the purge is coming) and later by targeted journalist Vic Livingston’s description of an ongoing purge targeting dissidents and minorities especially with organized stalking coordinated by D.H.S. “fusion center gestapos” and mind control technology (an invisible R.F.D.E. System) [found Livingston’s article in an email sent by Darlene Miles in early 2012]

l  Individuals connected to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO, and the city of Aurora, CO especially: experienced organized stalking and mind control in some form since 2005 shortly after arriving in the U.S. and while living near Buckley Air Force Base (recall unique incident one day when returning from Mrachek Middle School also near Buckley Air Force Base involving car full of young, white males apparently driving slowly behind me on a high-traffic road and stopping a distance behind me as I would stop to tie my shoe laces; recall sudden, uncharacteristic interest in pornography in 2005 that led to a quick addiction to pornography and my gradual separation from my family as a result of guilt; recall images in the mind’s eye while viewing pornographic images in 2005 of unfamiliar young, white males, along with vivid sense of being steered towards certain pornographic websites [as though I was following a command or someone was typing through my body]; recall incidents the summer of 2008 while running and practicing for high school Cross Country meets early in the morning around my former house near Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, when I would see the same small car with two young, white male occupants laughing at me as they would approach the intersection of Mississippi Avenue and Buckley Street; recall also once seeing in the summer of 2009 near my former residence near Buckley Air Force base a young, white male in all-black clothing and inside a small, rugged car smiling mysteriously as he passed me (recall the sense of danger as I saw him; sense of danger and all-black clothing motif experienced jointly and recurrently in different regions ever since: group of young, White students wearing all-black clothing that would seem to wait for me at night as I walked towards a frequently visited library at Dartmouth College in late 2009-early 2010 and that would initiate harassment as they saw me; vaguely familiar, middle-aged white male in all-black clothing apparently waiting for me at CCA-Centretech campus also near Buckley Air Force Base one morning as I approached my work-study position early in the morning sometime between September and December 2010 [was likely one of only two staff who had arrived early that day; male seemed to laugh in a rude manner as I passed him while walking up the stairs]); Buckley Air Force Base cite of top-secret N.S.A. Aerospace Data Facility, a highly secret satellite-receiving station established in the 1970s, according to author James Bamford in his 1982 book The Puzzle Palace, and cite of increasing electronic harassment and mind control allegations, according to former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Julianne McKinney in her updated 1992 report on microwave harassment and mind control experimentation; connection between N.S.A. And mind control seen with former N.S.A. employee John St. Clair Akwei in his May 1991 lawsuit (endless N.S.A. Harassment via Electronic Brain Link technology protected by federal secrecy provisions), ex-N.S.A. Consultant Will Filer in his 1999 article N.S.A. Mind Control and Psyops (N.S.A. Subliminal programming of anyone at anytime in the U.S.), targeted S.A.I.C. Whistle-blower Donald Truax in his 2008 report (remote dream manipulation techniques with SSRM-TEK and other equipment in use by the N.S.A.), and virtually every other major U.S. Government mind control whistle-blower (important note: N.S.A.=sub-section of the DoD); targeting beginning at a young age-age 15-claimed by PhD Robin Webster, now in his 50s, and numerous MK-ULTRA survivors; children as preferred test subjects and sex abuse victims for mind control research under the C.I.A.’s MK-ULTRA program and preferred targets of ongoing black operations, according to deceased F.B.I. Whistle-blower Ted Gunderson in his April 26, 2011 affidavit (Gunderson: C.I.A. has set up operations on U.S. Military bases for the kidnapping, sale, and trafficking of children worldwide; children sell at online auctions for as high as $50,000 per child; and epidemic of child trafficking and pedophilia in the state of Colorado especially; C.I.A. child trafficking also described in detail by independent researcher Alex Constantine in his 1995 book Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.); further connections to Aurora, CO: synthetic telepathy in meditation session on December 30, 2012 described in Olympus WS605967 (12:28pm-12:29pm: “...they’re looking for memories…Aurora…to see how many people know you...” [associated with image in the mind’s eye during a late-night meditation session around the time of a female Mexican-American not seen since high school with a seemingly wary expression-close to paranoid-on her face])

l  Individuals connected to Centennial, CO: recall sense of keen interest from young neighbor (late 20s-early 30s) when my brother once taught me how to drive in 2010 (thought somehow of Dartmouth college); recall younger, white male sitting with white female on neighbor’s porch while walking up the street towards my mother’s house sometime in 2014 who laughed rudely at me as I approached; recall traumatizing series of events while returning to my mother’s house from CCA-Lowry’s Microbiology department on May 06, 2011 (last day of work-study program at the campus) that made me very terrified of the street and of my mother’s neighbors generally (once seemed like neighbors on right side of street when entering from intersection of Dorado/Nepal had let their dogs loose on me on purpose; also seemed to experience loud, rude laughter apparently from unseen individuals in neighbors’ houses and had vivid sense of being cornered by bullies on the street; events occurred on day of especially strong perception of endless hostility while at work at CCA-Lowry and led to thoughts of suicide later while in my room in my mother’s house; events have also ingrained a permanent fear of walking on the right side of the street when approaching my mother’s house); recall similar, loud, rude laughter apparently from unseen individuals in neighbors’ houses on other occassions while returning to my mother’s house in 2010 and 2011 (led to constant fear of going outside related to mother in 2010, along with apparent “laughter from fan” while in my room [see the September 2010 journal entry labeled “Everything”]; mother doubted that neighbors were endlessly rude and likely thought that I was going crazy]); recall instance in 2011 while returning to my mother’s house at night from work at the CCA-Lowry Microbiology department when a group of unfamiliar, younger, white males in a large, Black car parked beside my mother’s house began laughing loudly and rudely at me as I approached (one of the first very vivid occassions when I thought that I was being harassed in a more serious way and one of many similar occassions that led to my discovery of organized stalking in the summer of 2011: see my affidavit); recall other occassions in 2010, 2011, and early 2012 when it seemed that I was being followed by the same set of cars in the Centennial area, especially while walking early in the morning towards the Smoky Hill/Picadilly Park-n-Ride to catch the bus and arrive early at the CCA-Lowry campus for my work-study position (similar cars, especially a small, white car, seen occassionally when I would visit my mother in 2013 and 2014); these and other connections to Centennial, CO related in Olympus WS605916, 8:10am-8:12am, 12/30/2012 [see the “I`ts.Evidence.AudioLogs” folder of storage containers for this and other audiologs])

l  White Nationalist members of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Aurora connected to Dartmouth College, Gateway High School, and the Community College of Aurora; recall synthetic telepathy sometime while in transitional housing in 2012 suggesting that I am known by a “network” of persons across state lines and similar synthetic telepathy suggesting that I am popular in something like an underground world; Catholic White Nationalism Rising in Poland with more girls as radical members, according to 2015 Guardian documentary “Pretty Radical”; (connection to case: “girls from New Hampshire” apparently following me to CCA-Lowry campus after Dartmouth for further bullying and trauma seen in affidavit and early 2011 journal entries; use of girls to discredit importance of mobbing and ethnic cleansing and to downplay victimization likely also seen with the Damon Thompson case at UCLA in 2009; label of “girls” also misleading: “girls from New Hampshire” as radical Neo-Nazis militarized by C.I.A.; militarization of neo-Nazi girls for more intelligent ethnic cleansing and bullycide via mind control also seen in yearly transcripts: popular theme of young, white females in mind’s eye documented in Hours of Sleep logs since late 2012, along with one instance of synthetic telepathy suggesting that a young, white female thought that I would “kill White people”); Catholic White nationalists also important in case:  recall synthetic telepathy suggesting that persons in my church in Aurora are involved in my victimization; recall multiple instances of vivid harassment while at church; one involving two slightly older and taller White males while buying a rosary, another involving group of girls laughing as they passed our bench while taking communion, another involving group of youth laughing viciously as we approached them (apparently did not affect family), another involving group apparently playing with a ball outside the church’s doors as we passed (seemed innocent but recall feeling of serious sensitivity, as though I recognized them and/or the act selectively communicated something to me; all recalled instances of harassment while at church began in 2010 after leaving Dartmouth; recurrent theme with harassment while at church-sense of being isolated, as though family members did not hear or experience such harassment; similar sense experienced while driving in my uncle’s car from Howard University in Washington, D.C. to my mother’s house in Centennial, Colorado around Thanksgiving Day, November 2011); involvement of church members, including priests, in mind control detailed by Kathy O’Brien (priests, police officers, and other freemasons in major institutions in the community involved in her sexual abuse while growing up in Michigan; O’Brien eventually turned into C.I.A. MK-ULTRA programmed sex slave for high level government officials; Catholic and Mormon churches “very good at controlling their people” and strongly involved in mind control, according to O’Brien; Catholic church-mind control connection also seen in Wayne Madsen’s 2010 study on President Obama’s connection to the C.I.A.: C.I.A., Mossad, and M.I.5. Filled with Nazis and working secretly together for the Vatican (post-World War II unholy alliance against communism: the Vatican, Nazis, and Western Intelligence Agencies); former Nazi SS officer Werner Von Braun’s allegation of intended false, alien invasion in the future likely to be orchestrated by the Vatican, as seen in Putnam and Horn’s 2012 book Exo Vaticana)

l  All possible sources likely interdependent: personal experience suggests interdependence between Webster’s Invisible Third Degree for political neutralization, Carnicom’s “chemtrails,” Duncan’s EEG cloning, hive minds, and EEG heterodyning, Truax’s state-sponsored “containment” of individuals who stand out, Beltran’s “R.F.I.D.” chips, Bond’s police-sponsored assault and harassment and nonconsensual implantation with Positive ID microchip by formerly trusted individual and serial rapist, Gunderson’s organized stalking, McKinney’s microwave harassment and mind control experimentation, Constantine’s C.I.A.-sponsored cults, Mecca’s threat assessment teams and secret state laws permitting nonconsensual experimentation, Akwei’s federal secrecy provisions permitting endless N.S.A. harassment via E.B.L. Technology, Constantine’s “vast underground network of bioelectricians,” and organized stalking to keep students in line at UT-Austin, UCLA, and elsewhere: all different parts of the same program.”; recall synthetic telepathy in June or July 2012 while living in Transitional Housing in Denver suggesting that I was targeted by a network across state lines and synthetic telepathy around December 2012 suggesting that average computer hackers have access to satellite-based mind control technology and have been using it to harass and control individuals and that same hackers in multiple parts of the country can watch me in real-time as if I am on satellite TV (computer hacking as apparent entry point into mind control; hackers recruited and trained by the DoD in cybernetics; high-school/college-age persons and their friends with access to high-tech surveillance of individuals; bullies with mind-control)

l  Connection: had sense while watching news video of Phoebe Prince bullycide case in 2010 that Prince’s bullies were similar in appearance and behavior to those who victimized me (2010 with abnormally high suicide rates vaguely classified as the “gay suicides” but with many more assimilated minority youth among them [2010 also year of peak intensity of harassment in my case and possibly the beginning of purge targeting minority students especially]; likely more to the 2010 suicides than met the eye [Prince’s bullies possibly with access to mind control technology; Prince’s suicide possibly from very intimate experiences that would have significantly confused Prince; “gay suicides” classification in mainstream media possibly a cover for more terrifying purge targeting American youth especially and silent Nazi take-over through bullying and subsequent mass trauma)