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[03/12/2019 Email]

Attachments: Will Filer’s NSA Mind Control and PsyOps, MINDSTAR.zip, Ted Gunderson’s April 26, 2011 affidavit, photo of Jermaine Lee, Akwei’s lawsuit summary and supporting photos 


If you are gaining weight, perpetrators may be controlling your subconscious mind: in my case, I have had no choice but to eat endlessly even when my stomach is full whenever I see food very recently in my life. I have gained over 40 pounds since late 2018, moving from 140 pounds to over 180 pounds in weight. They have turned me into an animal (“cursed me” into “animal mode,” according to apparently foreign thoughts from perpetrators delivered via synthetic telepathy in early 2019), roaming the streets as a homeless person and lounging without restraint at any piece of food on the ground. They have done so by controlling my subconscious mind: I find myself unable to resist eating like this, as if I am a zombie without emotion eating endlessly at homeless shelters and free food lines in Denver, Colorado. This technique-drastically increasing a person’s weight and making him fat by controlling his/her subconscious mind-has led me to believe that manipulating a target’s subconscious mind may be the most important form of mind control done by perpetrators and the technique most underestimated by targeted individuals. This technique further discredits the targeted individual by making him unlikable in the eyes of the public, which would never believe that the targeted individual has had no choice in becoming fat. Following such reasoning, I have also come to believe that over-eating, weight gain, and obesity represent characteristics of targeted individuals and targeted minority youth like myself: after being forced recently to become fat via mind control in late 2018-early 2019, I consider that Jermaine Lee, a young, Black male who committed suicide after being targeted by organized racists at the postal service in the U.K. in the late 1990s or early 2000s, Idris Stelley, and so many others may have been similarly forced to become fat secretly before their suicide or murder so as to make the m unlikable in the public’s eyes and thus to prevent the public from caring about them enough to do anything for them (consider also Michael Brown, Damon Thompson, and other popular cases of fat Black males suddenly “going postal” or being murdered by cops). I further consider that this would be my fate too: that I would be seen as any other obese Black male who “deserved everything he got” after my death and/or second incarceration. Nobody would believe that my subconscious mind is being controlled; and this subconscious manipulation technique, according to Will Filer’s article “NSA Mind Control and PsyOps” (see the attachments), suggests that my handlers-“perpetrators”-are NSA/DoD operatives: that the “demons in my mind” now making me fat without limit are government operatives. I have come to believe now, as I thought when reviewing the Idris Stelley case before my death in May 2016 (see my Apologia in the MINDSTAR attachment), that NSA operatives are the organized criminals/underground handlers controlling an implanted target’s subconscious mind remotely via mind control technology (“the demons in the targeted individual’s mind”) while FBI operatives, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members, community watch/neighborhood watch groups, and similar above-ground agents are organized criminals harassing the TI in public (“the demons in the field”). I further believe, as did deceased FBI whistle-blower Ted Gunderson implied in his April 26, 2011 affidavit (see the attachments), that criminal underground NSA operatives and criminal above-ground FBI operatives may be more intimately connected than people would believe: that an NSA operative may be a criminal working for a drug cartel or mob kingpin like his friend in the FBI, both of whom may be KKK members and may have access to mind control technology (super-computer T.A.M.I., for example: see the “Mindstar.2018.Ages12-30” document in the MINDSTAR.zip attachment) and could “buy” an implanted target’s mind remotely so as to torture and/or “play” with the TI’s mind for the rest of the TI’s existence. Regardless, I am not ready to reach 300 pounds in weight and still be forced to eat endlessly without restraint. I thus control my conditions to the best of my ability while homeless so as to guard against-not shield from-subliminal manipulation, all the while aware that there is no defense to such subconscious manipulation and that my efforts may be thwarted at any time via nervous system paralysis and total robot-like mind control induced via the implants across my body.

Note: I am not allowed by my handlers to have a cell-phone, to work to obtain a steady income, or even to obtain enough income to leave Colorado: I am not allowed to end my homelessness in any way. I have also been forced to leave my mother’s house and any form of stability via mind control, even though it would appear to others that I do not want to be stable. I have further been faced with the perception of endless hostility induced via mind control whenever I am in a psychiatric ward, prison, or home, to the point of being conditioned away from these places. I now have only three options in my life: homelessness (forced obesity from forced over-eating at free food lines and homeless shelters, unless all access to such free food is eliminated for the entire day), institutionalization (racism, secret DoD/NSA psychotronic torture, and the perception of endless hostility induced via mind control in psychiatric wards, along with forced obesity from forced over-eating whenever I am in a “house” like a psychiatric ward or my mother’s house), or incarceration (torture from severe bullying and secret NSA/DoD psychotronic torture: see “Of Torture” in the aforementioned Mindstar.2018 document; also torture from severe distress induced by mind control technology and designed to end my safe zone and keep me moving from place to place as also experienced in psychiatric wards: see DoD hyper-game theory). In addition, it is my intent to leave Colorado and all other “White States” in North America by any means necessary, but as mentioned previously, my handlers would not allow me to work to obtain enough money for a Greyhound bus ticket out of the state: they want me tortured constantly by racist Whites in Racial Holy War (“Rahowa”) mode all around me, Whites that would charge at me via loud guffaws as I approach or similar slights for strong racial reasons in the White state. Therefore, I am also begging for any amount of money from email recipients in Colorado who can afford to pay for a Greyhound bus ticket out of the state ($300) or for a safe room where I would be locked in 24/7 and thus prevented from leaving if controlled subconsciously. If you are interested, you may contact me via email (igberaese.edmund@gmail.com) or by visiting my mailing address at the St. Francis Day Center: Edmund Igberaese, 2323 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205. Further, I highly recommend reading or re-reading Will Filer’s “NSA Mind Control and PsyOps” if you can still read: there is no defense against subconscious/subliminal manipulation; and I believe physical implants-metal studs in the victim’s body-are used to further control the target’s mind in addition to Filer’s verbal “subconscious implants” as I have detected these metal studs in 2013, along with a corresponding AC field from my brain, with a $10 Stanley Stud Finder purchased from Walmart.com.

[03/14/2019 Update]

I forgot to mention in the 03/12/2019 email that I am not allowed to exercise and that perpetrators will not let me obtain or even keep disability benefits. Further, I have repeatedly lied to psychiatrists in psychiatric facilities in the Denver metro area (Highlands Behavioral Health System, Denver Health, The Medical Center of Aurora-North, etc.) by alleging that the “voices” stop after receiving medication (Haldol, Abilify, Zyprexa, Risperidol, etc.): the so-called “voices” do not “stop” after medications; I have been implanted in multiple parts of my body, including my brain, and these implants (metal studs) and their corresponding AC electric field have been detected from my nervous system by a Stanley Stud Finder as mentioned earlier. Lastly, after noticing over the last two days that the forced over-eating would not stop even while controlling my conditions-that my subconscious mind would be controlled to travel long distances to eat endlessly at free food lines-, I have decided to go to prison as “it will never stop” until I am behind bars. Again, I cannot go to my mother’s house as she and thus the family have rejected me, and I do not want to be in a psychiatric ward as a result of the same forced over-eating and the perception of endless hostility induced via mind control.

[03/18/2019 Update]

I have noticed that I can no longer incarcerate myself as easily as I did in January 2017 not only because of my personality but also because I would be very seriously “charged out” of the intent to commit a crime via mind control: nervous system paralysis, induced 3D images of Whites laughing at me in my head (seen in my mind’s eye via Remote Neural Monitoring [RNM]: see John St. Clair Akwei’s May 1991 lawsuit against the NSA among the attachments for a description of RNM), real-time, robot-like control of my body, and what appears to be a subconscious mind lock have prevented me from committing a serious crime or even from committing a crime in front of people. I have further noticed that I would need the right conditions to be successful in committing an crime at all, as with other instances of subconscious manipulation: for example, although I would steal a car if the keys are in the ignition and while under cover of night when no one is seeing me, I cannot bring myself to vandalize public property also at night as I did in 2017. In fact, in February and March 2019, I have instead repeatedly cowered in fear and reported crimes that I have not committed to Aurora Police, thus being sent to psychiatric wards, not prison. They-perpetrators-have turned me into a shadow of my former self: I can no longer charge as I did earlier in my life not only to go to prison but also to come outside during the day, regardless of race-based harassment. I am the shadow of the man that I once was, and I assume that every targeted individual has been reduced or would be reduced to this shell as well. Moreover, regarding my desire to incarcerate myself for a second time (still my intent, regardless of mind control), it should be noted here that perpetrators have threatened to program another inmate subconsciously to attack me with a knife and/or murder me if I enter prison in the future. Continuing with my observations, I have further observed that I am not allowed to eat only fruits and vegetables and that I would only lounge more at fatty food items whenever I think of eating only fruits and vegetables, as if I am being punished for the thought. In addition, I have noticed that there appears to be another “subconscious mind lock” against myself staying in a psychiatric facility for a long period (over 2 weeks), in spite of the fact that perpetrators have rendered me gravely disabled and so disabled that I would experience severe distress induced via mind control while in homeless shelters (one of Akwei’s “psycho-electronic weapon effects” in particular: “wildly racing heart without cause” that may be stopped as I use my hand to cover my chest region, as if shielding from a Radio-Frequency [R.F.] beam; see Akwei’s photo of psycho-electronic weapon effects among the attachments): I would intend to be admitted into the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan (CMHI-FL), where a patient may stay for six months or more, but I would be forced to terminate this plan before even reaching CMHI-FL by telling doctors at intermediate psychiatric facilities in the Denver metro like Bridge House that I am feeling better and that I should be discharged. I need this safe zone at a psychiatric facility, regardless of the fact that I am not mentally ill or the racism, the perception of endless hostility induced via mind control, and the secret DoD psycho-electronic torture in any longer-term psychiatric facility in Colorado, given my experience at CMHI-FL between November 02, 2018, and January 02, 2019. This safe zone could also be any locked room at all with a built-in toilet and sink  (similar to a prison cell) in which I would be fed only fruits and vegetables (baskets of fruits and vegetables could be placed in this locked room beforehand), if anyone reading this is capable and willing to offer me this room. I further believe that this safe zone-this locked room-may be a safe zone for any targeted individual (TI): that the best thing that you can do for a TI may be to lock that TI in a room in an attempt to “exorcise” his demons. Consider that similar exorcisms done by the Catholic Church and others in earlier centuries involved practices that may be beneficial to a modern TI: the locked room with a built-in toilet and sink and free, healthy fruits and vegetables obviously covers a TI’s basic needs; a circle of salt around this room to guard against “shades” or “demons” amplifies grounding/”earthing” around a TI that is too frequently blasted with directed energy beams and thus provides a defense to psycho-electronic weapons; mirrors placed on all sides of this room would reflect these beams and further protect the TI; and herbs like turmeric and coconut oil, along with strong acids like lemons, cleanse the TI of the nano-scale metals and fibers that the TI has been plagued with. If you are a relative/friend of a TI, or if you are simply capable of offering this room to a TI in your state, I beg you to do so as I would assume that every TI is or would eventually become as gravely disabled as I am. We, targeted individuals, are all like James Tilly Matthews in 1797 in need of an exorcism, not necessarily an x-ray, a metal detector scan, or implant removal surgery, although these would be very helpful. Please, offer your locked rooms, and ensure that they are tightly locked, else the “demons in our minds” would program us subconsciously to walk out of this safe zone.

[04/16/2019 Email (first email)]

Attachments: Photo of neodymium magnets purchased on Amazon, full messages to TIs in 2019, TI email lists


I do not know how much time I have: I was recently allowed to purchase neodymium magnets, and I have noticed a partial scrambling (would occur on occasion) of synthetic telepathy after inserting these magnets in my coat pockets and after holding one magnet in either of my fists. I have also noticed greater control over my emotions and a generally better feeling. I have attached a photo of the magnets that I purchased. I thus strongly recommend buying neodymium magnets.

[04/16/2019 Email (second email)]

Attachments: MessagestoTIs.2019, TI email lists

Email Subject: Further Observations on Induced Obesity

Let me be clear that I am writing this only because I can: I have not been “allowed” by my handlers to write this frequently forgotten and unsanctioned email; in fact, I am “shielding” to the best of my ability with recently purchased magnets as I type (see the earlier email sent today, 04/16/2019). Further, I have frequently forgotten in emails and other forms of communication from myself to highlight the amplification of sensitivity to racism and the perception of endless hostility via mind control in psychiatric wards and elsewhere: I am made more sensitive to slights and racial traumas so as to induce undue distress and to prevent me from having stability or a safe zone in my life. In addition, returning to the exorcism mentioned in the 03/18/2019 email (see all messages to TIs in 2019 among the attachments), I have noticed that the TAMI avatar/thought clone mentioned in Robert Duncan’s 2010 book Project: Soul-Catcher, Volume II: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed and 2006 eBook The Matrix Deciphered acts like a demon: I have observed that I need darkness-a situation without people present-to eat endlessly and that I am stopped by people watching me (noticed during my recent hospitalization at Denver Health, Denver, Colorado). It is as though this thought clone emerges in the dark as not only an external nervous system created by the implant network in my body but also as a dark shadow that forces me to eat without restraint under cover of night when no one is watching. Here, I am reminded of a basic form of exorcism known to multiple cultures throughout the world: “watch the demon/victim.” Such sophisticated mind control using avatars/thought clones, however, apparently represents only one method by which I have been turned into an animal eating endlessly; I have further noticed what appears to be something burning the food in my stomach so as to apparently make me hungry immediately after eating, thus causing me to eat endlessly. This could suggest a confluence of sophisticated cybernetics and directed energy weaponry in my case, both of which represent non-lethal warfare.

[Early August 2019 Update]

I am a fish on a hook. They can make me desire reading, read books, and then, remove the ability to read when people expect me to read daily so as to “noose” me (maximize trauma) with a book. I believe that the best course of action here is to “drop out of school” (stop reading), especially when I cannot shield myself to read realistically for the rest of my life and I would not be allowed to shield in the first place by psycho-electronic controllers: I am locked in their game, and I have no choice but to play; however, I can reinforce certain habits and tendencies in this game (“seal” these tendencies in my subconscious) with enough repetition, trauma, and pain (the trauma of dropping a recently picked up book in front of everyone, for example).

[08/27/2019 Update]

In the previous update in August 2019, I failed to realize that reinforcement of said “tendencies” depends on my recollection of the details of the trauma: I would still be misled by an induced desire to read days after being traumatized by an induced inability to read, as if I had forgotten details of that trauma. Memory seems to be important in other aspects of my victimization: remembering details of a past trauma induced by some form of mind control is crucial in defending against it in the future. It appears that my mind control handlers/perpetrators focus seriously on memory and may even actively be making sure I forget the trauma details in this update. What I am very aware of, therefore, is the fact that someone wants me typing and emailing this update to as many people as possible: doing so enables my repetition and thus recollection of trauma details, even if nobody else sees these updates. Regardless, I managed to enter the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan (CMHI-FL) in May 2019 out of a desire to find a “safe zone” (see the March 18, 2019 update), but I have realized that confinement in any form is not an option in my situation: I was faced with serious racial bullying by peers and secret DoD psycho-electronic torture, both of which amplified by mind control, as have been experienced in earlier institutionalizations and my incarceration at Adams County Detention Facility in 2017. Again, memory appears crucial: in the March 18, 2019 update, I had forgotten such bullying and torture at institutions, seeing only a “safe zone” in my mind and ignoring its “bad” aspects. In fact, in my experience, every period of confinement has been a “frying pan” wherein I am subjected to an undue amount of “bad luck” with bullies, in spite of my limited visibility, a phenomenon that I have come to believe is induced by mind control (“wireless bullying”: see articles on electronic rage and late2 014 journal entries on targeted minority youth in your email inboxes if you still have them, as I no longer have any of my journals, typed journal entries, blogposts, or emails between October 2009 and January 2017). This “frying pan,” especially vicious in prison in 2017, has forced me into the “fire” of homelessness (see earlier updates in 2019). Moreover, I have also realized now that induced obesity described in earlier updates does not stop at institutions or in prison: here, the “frying pan” only reveals its utmost cruelty. In prison, I would be forced to eat the heavy peanut butter packets that come with each meal and would be prevented from exercising. In my recent time at CMHI-FL, I was forced to stop my 3-month-long vegan diet and start eating at odd times during the day, in addition to my 3 meals. One good thing to note, however, is that choosing a vegan diet from the onset of entering Fort Logan in May 2019 defended against mind control on a daily basis and reduced my weight from 182 pounds in May to 165 pounds in August 2019. I soon realized, however, that routine exercise in the early mornings at Fort Logan-the only time of the day that I would feel safe enough to exercise and not fear racial bullies-would be terminated by perpetrators that can control my body at their will. As stated in earlier updates, therefore, I am not allowed to exercise. I have been allowed, however, to apply for disability benefits-Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits-while at Fort Logan, a phenomenon that may be attributed more to the expectations of the Fort Logan program than to my handlers. These benefits would not be paid directly to me, the mentally disabled claimant, but to my brother, Benedict Igberaese, if approved, thus giving me a “trust fund” held by my family.

[08/29/2019 Update]

Attachment: MessagetoTIs.2019

The SSI “trust fund” is now very uncertain. After being discharged from Fort Logan on 08/27/2019 to a group home (Thomas House) in Aurora, Colorado, I was controlled by my handlers to suddenly leave this group home with only a small bag, to spend all of the money I had ($15) eating fatty food, to walk very long distances throughout the day, to sleep on grass outside, and to finally end up at St. Francis day shelter in Denver, Colorado. I am thus back to where I started in March and April 2019, eating endlessly at free food lines in homeless shelters in the Denver metro. I would also be controlled to walk long distances, but I am now more resistant to doing so after noticing that doing so does not reduce my weight (previous justification) and that I would still eat large amounts of fatty food left on the ground while walking. Still, I have been forced to leave a stable life again (at Thomas House) and my family and to live on the streets and in homeless shelters. How can I manage SSI benefits in this condition, wherein I cannot control my body? I have told my family about the violation of my court order to take medications and to continue treatment for “schizophrenia” (likely violated when I left Thomas House); and I have also told them that I am still very interested in the SSI benefits. My plan is to afford a small room in someone’s house with SSI benefits and to keep this safe zone for as long as possible. However, I need someone-hopefully, my brother-to strictly control the SSI money so that it only pays for my rent and healthy food (perpetrators have regularly forced me to spend all of my money recklessly via mind control since June 2018).

[09/02/2019 Email]

Attachment: MessagestoTIs.2019

On the evening of 08/29/2019, I was allowed by my handlers/perpetrators to return to my mother's house to live with her. The following day, I met with my therapist Chyrl Gaussman at Aurora Mental Health Center following my mother's command to do so the night before, and Ms. Gaussman advised me to "experiment" with shielding, a practice that helped me read while at the University of Colorado-Denver Online between 2013 and 2015 and that helps me gain control of my situation. Ms. Gaussman also advised my mother to allow this "experiment" in the house. Thus, I am now free to shield myself-to wear aluminum foil and copper pennies under my hat-while in my mother's house, and doing so has reduced the induced urges to eat endlessly. I believe, however, that I would need a stronger shielded hat and maybe even mirrors for serious reading, as was the case between 2013 and 2015. Regardless, I have discovered that I would start receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in October 2019.

[09/07/2019 Update]

Attachments: MP3 recording of multiple radio channels, Sound Type 0 defense file, MessagetoTIs.2019, Will Filer’s 1999 article, MINDSTAR.2018.Ages12-30 file, Morning Sequence I audio file

I was able to stop subliminal programming to make me walk very long distances not too long ago by reinforcing my personality: reading the printed “MessagestoTIs.2019” file and my new journal on buses on my way to the library affirmed my personality and made it more resistant to mind control. I can thus add here repeated affirmations of the personality to my list of subconscious “blocks” to mind control: wearing better clothing (self unlikely to go to homeless shelters in clothing not fit for that lifestyle), being watched (self unlikely to eat endlessly while people are watching me), and having no money (self unlikely to eat endlessly or suddenly go on a Greyhound bus trip to Pennsylvania or elsewhere when I have no money to buy food or to buy a Greyhound bus ticket). Further, the following points below are key observations in September 2019 that have been recorded in my new journal. I have listed these points in my informal, annotated form so as to remember them better (this and other updates are for my memory and repetition first, regardless of my mind control handlers’ intent to make me send these updates to as many people as possible).

Key Observations

        An important phase of my victimization began in Aurora, Colorado, before Dartmouth College.

        Gang-stalking began at Dartmouth College.

        Electronic surveillance, microwave mind control, and psycho-electronic weapon effects initiated jointly and secretly be the United States Air Force (USAF) and the National Security Agency (NSA)

        Targeted individuals as “non-investigative subjects” in the 1-million-strong (as of 2012) terrorist watchlist

        Department of Homeland Security (DHS) losing employees to “…dysfunctional work environment…” since 2014=DHS as agency full of bullies (see DHS persecution of Julia Davis and deceased actress Brittany Murphy in 2009, along with physical assault of Davis’s aged parents even while they were on the ground, in Davis’s “Top Priority” movie; self also laughed at loudly and rudely in gang-stalking skits by apparent DHS operatives)

        DHS criminal control of emergency call centers=likely explanation of abnormally delayed response after 911 call in Jeremiah Chass case in Sonoma County, California, in 2007

        24/7 satellite tracking, electronic surveillance, and gang-stalking follows TI to different country (personal experience in 2010 visit to Nigeria for father’s funeral; remember Alex Constantine’s message in his 1995 book Psychic Dictatorship in the USA: abducted, implanted children in the 1980s were “forever locked onto the GPS network”)

        3 forms of mind control experienced: EEG heterodyning by DoD “psychic”/ “psychic warrior”/satanic cult member (see Robert Duncan’s 2010 book Project: Soul-Catcher, Volume II: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed), directed energy beams to heart and chest region inducing anxiety over going outside or wearing so-called “White” clothes (stopped by placing hand over chest region or by adding more conduction-an extra penny-to my body’s shielding configuration), and basic hypnosis (stopped by listening to MP3 recordings of multiple radio channels  and a loud “boom” sound played every 5 seconds)

        Mind control handlers/perpetrators playing with me and keeping me in their cage (attempts to make me fat, to make me go to prison, to prevent prison, and then to laugh at me for trying to go to prison; recollection of synthetic telepathy and forced speech while in prison in 2017 concerning the “Texas Confederacy”=perpetrators as racist psychopaths with childlike minds that keep me praising the Confederacy while being tortured and abused)

        Self did not violate court order to take medications by leaving Thomas House, according to therapist Chyrl Gaussman

        Inability to read from Will Filer’s “hypnoamnesia” (see Filer’s 1999 article/email NSA Mind Control and PsyOps), which is resistant to basic shielding of the head and occurs in other aspects of my daily life other than reading, as if I am controlled to forget every second of the day sometimes (inability to read as inability to comprehend and remember what is being read+takeover of body to stop reading)

        Self can read better-“catch” more concepts-on moving bus or with combination of shielding materials: copper-mesh hat extended to cover entire forehead+holding more conductive items (metal pennies and dimes) in bare hand. Better reading also with Sound Type 0 defense file (see attachments) stopping hypnosis (inability to read from hypnoamnesia, not only microwave burning of the head)

        Induced obesity from subliminal programming, directed energy burning of food in stomach to induce hunger, and Department of Defense (DoD) Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface (T.A.M.I.) avatar/thought clone “taking over” after I return to my mother’s house in the evenings and forcing me to eat endlessly

        Whatever perpetrators are doing to prevent me from understanding concepts is not tenable or reliable and they need to stop me from reading specifically, not only to prevent me from understanding

        Recurrent observations since 2011 (when I started shielding): combination of shielding items-not just one shielding item-is what “works” or what matters and perpetrators are quick at adapting to new countermeasures

        Evidence of self targeted with mind control in Aurora, Colorado, in 2009, before Dartmouth College: self unable to memorize Sonic restaurant menu after multiple practice attempts in Summer 2009 job (difficulty reading experienced on occasion long before the University of Colorado-Denver [UCD] Online in 2013 and likely from hypnoamnesia, not just microwave burning of the head)+self bullied out of job by two White coworkers especially (undue amount of bad luck with bullies: see the 08/27/2019 update)

        Evidence of self targeted since childhood: NSA audio hallucination (“quiet wind” described by Filer in 1999 article: see attachments) inducing delusion of self being visited by the virgin Mary around age 6 in my father’s house in Nigeria+White male “Sebastian” and White female partner seen in mind’s eye in trance-like states also around age 6+satanic cult member “Texas Queen” (TQ)’s allegation of self as MK-ULTRA project since birth in “MINDSTAR.2018.Ages12-30” file (see attachments)

        Something can make me take off the copper-mesh hat in the same way that something can make me take off the neodymium magnets (thrown away in April 2019 shortly after buying them from Amazon: see the April 16, 2019 update). This “something” appears to be someone not only entering but fully taking over my body.

        Useful countermeasures, so far as a DoD “psychic”/ “psychic warrior”/satanic cult member does not enter the head and take it over completely: copper-mesh hat covering entire forehead (helpful against hypnoamnesia, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control [R.H.I.C.], forced speech, visual programming in the mind’s eye [when copper-mesh specifically covers occipital lobe in back of head], and forced over-eating for induced obesity), neodymium magnets in pockets and around head (helpful against all forms of hypnosis), bare hand holding conductive items (helpful against hypnoamnesia while reading), and reading on a moving bus (helpful against hypnoamnesia)

        Possibility: self as MK-ULTRA project since birth=self as one of thousands of “tagged” children to be mind controlled for the rest of their lives by handlers who do not necessarily know each other; self may have acquired new handlers without awareness as I moved to America at age 12 and while in a new “mind control zone” (Aurora, Colorado). Gang-stalking may have begun at Dartmouth College, but mind control may have its own set of rules in a criminal underground and may happen at different stages in my life since I had been “tagged” at birth.

        Proven countermeasures to hypnoamnesia while reading (observed between 2013 and 2015 while taking courses from UCD Online; recorded from “17:50-21:30” of my “MorningSequenceI” audio file attached): steel, mirrors, metal mesh, water, Mylar, thick lotion, aluminum foil tape, and multiple radio channels, with an emphasis on mirrors, conduction, the forehead, and the least amount of space between the head and the shielding item.

[09/25/2019 Update]

Attachments: MessagestoTIs.2019, affidavit, possible sources of victimization, targeted minority youth flier, Will Filer’s article, Joe Vialls’s 2003 article Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda, Sound Type 0 defense file, Mark Rich’s The Hidden Evil (2006 eBook), NLP thesis, Mark Rich’s 2010 eBook, Robert Duncan’s 2006 eBook

Over the last week, I have forgotten to record recurrent sleep deprivation, which now includes strong pulses of anxiety (what I call “anxiety bombs”) hitting my chest as I am suddenly awoken from a nightmare, as if the nightmare itself were induced by perpetrators in the first place (I would experience 4-5 nightmares and associated anxiety bombs on the same night). Further, I was ordered this morning to walk very long distances after the full breakdown of my will beginning on 09/21/2019. Here is the process by which my will was destroyed on that day: first, the Department of Defense (DoD) “psychic”/ “psychic warrior”/satanic cult member took over my body and removed my countermeasures (copper-mesh-shielded hat, saran wrap on head, and eventual copper-mesh-saran wrap combo); after experiencing this, I was more vulnerable subconsciously to post-hypnotic suggestions (due to my diminished confidence in my will); and coupled with stronger hypnosis and a fear of ultimate mind control techniques (difficulty reading, forced over-eating, induced bedwetting, low-frequency/high-intensity directed sound with physiological effect [“mini-earthquake” feeling beneath the legs or vibrations from walls], and electric shocks), this greater vulnerability led to even greater vulnerability, culminating in my total subservience to my controllers on 09/21/2019. Returning to today, 09/25/2019, mind control (subliminal programming) forcing me to continue walking long distances this morning in spite of induced “anxiety bombs” and the perception of hostility from people around me was stopped when I was forced to eat a large amount of food on the ground: I realized that I am not losing weight by walking long distances and that I am only gaining weight by eating endlessly while walking. In addition, here are more important observations on my situation that have been summarized in annotated form:

Key Observations

  • First, I would like to correct statements made previously in updates on my situation in 2019: I no longer intend to leave the state of Colorado, whether or not it is a “White State” or consumed by Racial Holy War (RaHoWa) as I mentioned in the 03/12/2019 email (see the “MessagestoTIs.2019” file). I instead intend to stay with the familiar for greater control and resistance on my part; and I am thereby looking for a safe zone in Aurora, a city with more racial minorities like myself than Denver, and planning my life with disability benefits (Supplemental Security Income or SSI benefits) in this safe zone. I am also aware of the need for my brother to keep my money (having no money on hand=subconscious block to mind control), and I would thus stay in the state of Colorado with my brother. Moreover, I would like to correct a detail in my 03/18/2019 mass email to targeted individuals (TIs): TIs are in need of very good shielding and an awareness of subconscious blocks to mind control, not an exorcism. Also, I no longer intend to incarcerate myself (awareness of confinement as “frying pan” full of bullies=resistance to mind control to confine me), and I was controlled to steal a car after being made homeless in January 2017: I am not a criminal, but the victim of mind control that has also influenced my personality. Lastly, I have decided to stop recording for the purpose of external validation from others, realizing that I would be made to appear mentally ill in recordings, no matter what I do, and that all recordings would be seen as my “systematized delusions,” especially considering my multiple diagnoses of schizophrenia and my recent recertification (self ordered by the court to take medications for schizophrenia for 6 more months after October 24, 2019). I record instead for myself: to recall and develop ideas and survival strategies.
  • Updated list of subconscious blocks to mind control: racism (self unlikely to eat “seconds” at a free food line in a homeless shelter or to stay in that line/lunch room when a White woman serving the food “fake barfs” [makes a vomiting gesture] on my food the first time), hostility (self unlikely to go to homeless shelters in the first place when I would experience hostility there apparently from anyone, regardless of color), repeated affirmations of the personality (self unlikely to suddenly start walking very long distances on the street with a more resistant personality reinforced by reading my journal), wearing better clothing (self unlikely to go to homeless shelters in clothing not fit for that lifestyle), being watched (self unlikely to eat endlessly while I am being watched), and having no money (self unlikely to eat endlessly or go on a Greyhound bus trip to Pennsylvania when I have no money to buy food or to buy a Greyhound bus ticket).
  • Difficulty reading from the following mind control techniques: hypnoamnesia from subliminal implants/post-hypnotic suggestions, RF/microwave burning of the head causing heating and stinging (Ross Adey’s 147MHz “confusion weaponry”), apparent computer-generated distractions producing voices and images in the mind’s eye unrelated to what I am reading, apparent computer-generated, automatic subconscious interrogation questions asking me to recall every detail being read and thus distracting me while reading, post-hypnotic suggestions to make me stop reading, post-hypnotic suggestions to make me believe that I cannot read, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). Important point: a very serious effort is being made to prevent me from reading, and I take this effort very seriously, reading only what I need to read.
  • Difficulty reading from hypnoamnesia-temporary loss of short-term memory following a post-hypnotic suggestion-for the following reasons: I read better while disrupting hypnosis with my Sound Type 0 defense file (loud “boom” sound replayed every 5 seconds); I can still recall what is being read with the right cue even if not at the present moment, at least if I am not being “burned” in the head too much by microwaves/radiofrequency (RF) pulses from Ross Adey’s “confusion weaponry,” which inhibit understanding and retention; and I recall a suddenly and significantly slower reading speed in hypnotic states on occasion.
  • “Wireless bullying” (see the 08/27/2019 update) with multiple forms: a single, created “patsy”/bully via subliminal programming (job of patsy to bully me endlessly after being programmed by Will Filer’s “subconscious implants”: see his 1999 email/article NSA Mind Control and PsyOps among the attachments; this was likely the situation with a patient during my stay at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan [CMHI-FL] between May 09, 2019, and August 27, 2019), electronic rage affecting an entire group around me (see Joe Vialls’s 2003 article Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda; likely the case at Adams County Detention Facility [ACDF] in January 2017), the creation of  a single or multiple “patsies”/bullies via the cloning of a psychopathic mindset unto innocent individuals around the targeted individuals (see Robert Duncan’s 2006 eBook The Matrix Deciphered; only certain individuals most likely to derive sadistic pleasure from mocking and humiliating “threats to survival” would manifest such EEG cloning and turn into bullies [possibly the case with the aforementioned patient at CMHI-FL]), the optimization of self with others during climaxes of their conversations (loud laughs unrelated to me), inducing the delusion that everyone is harassing me (done via the DoD’s Augmented Cognition [Aug-Cog] system: see “Augmented Cognition” in Mark Rich’s 2010 eBook New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control and “swarm cybernetic hive mind operatives” in Robert Duncan’s 2010 book Project: Soul-Catcher, Volume II: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed), and the perception of Whites laughing loudly and rudely at me as they pass by induced via directed sound (artificial, tape-like signatures in digital voice recordings of what appeared to be real human laughter from someone nearby [“Sound Type V,” “Sound Type V-A,” and “Sound Type V-B”]; likely used in all instances of severe bullying to amplify the effect). Important point: a very serious effort is being made to make me believe that people are endlessly hostile, and I take this effort very seriously, generally staying away from people and traveling only to places where I need to go.
  • Observation from affidavit: the same “something” has been following me across state lines since the summer of 2009 at Sonic Restaurant in Aurora, Colorado: bullying from people around me+mind control. This “something” has been amplified by apparent gang-stalking since Dartmouth College: the apparent Dartmouth stalker-middle-aged White male in all-black clothing-at the Community College of Aurora (CCA)-Centretech campus in 2010, the “girls from New Hampshire” at CCA-Lowry (also in all-black clothing), the “girls waiting for me…” at CCA-Lowry, and the “White males in a large, White car” harassing me at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and others (see appropriate sections of my attached affidavit: here is gang-stalking from persons wearing often all-black clothing as experienced at Dartmouth: apparently the same group of people across state lines with students-group members-at Dartmouth College).
  • Observation from affidavit: perpetrators targeting me especially concerned or familiar with students (intensification of harassment usually a month before school ends as experienced in February 2010 and April 2011, along with serious bulling and mind control starting in my summer 2009 job at Sonic Restaurant in Aurora as I leave high school: see appropriate sections of my affidavit and previous updates on my situation in 2019).
  • Better reading on moving buses only when not experiencing heating and stinging of the head, which may start at any time, even while on moving buses or trains, as experienced on 09/11/2019. Important point: it may be that I am only allowed to read-not being burned by Ross Adey’s microwave/radiofrequency (RF) “confusion weaponry”-on moving buses or that I am harder to “burn” or target with such weaponry while on a moving bus.
  • Directed energy burning of food in stomach to induce hunger may also be the targeting of key nerves around the stomach region to induce hunger; in either case, placing my hand over my stomach (palm touching the skin of my stomach) stops a heating sensation in this area and stops my hunger.
  • Onset of more frequent heating/stinging of the toe area of my feet on 09/21/2019, heating that has been alleviated by resting my heels on the floor and taking my toes off the floor.
  • Recollection of memory from 2009: synthetic telepathy in summer of 2009 apparently from an older, White male suggesting that someone wanted me to go to Dartmouth college+possible mail tampering preventing my Harvard University application from being seen by Harvard in 2009 (mail returned weeks after the application deadline in crumpled form, even though I sent it weeks before the deadline)
  • Possibility: perpetrators=one of many gang-stalking/cause stalking groups in America described by Mark Rich in his 2006 eBook on state sponsored terror campaigns using NLP sensitization (see the attachments). In my case, laughter is used as a stimulus in such sensitization (see my attached NLP thesis), and “occasional reinforcement of anchors and triggers” occurs when loud, rude laughter, whether from a bully or gang-stalker, is directed at me.