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New Resource : Library of Congress
Abdulhamid II Digital Collection of Books and Serials

by Mark Stein

In 1884 Sultan Abdul-Hamid II
gifted the Library of Congress with a collection of Ottoman Turkish, Persian,
Arabic works that he had richly embossed with this inscription in English,
French and Ottoman: “Gift made by H.I. M. the Sultan Abdul-Hamid II to the
national library of the United States of America through the Honorable A.S.
Hewitt Member of the House of Representatives A.H. 1302-1884 A.D.”

By 1984, it was determined that
the Abdul-Hamid II gift books had become very brittle with paper that was too fragile
to serve to researchers and a decision was made to microfilm the collection.
309 books and serials have been scanned from this microfilm for this digital
collection. There are 26 existent Abdul-Hamid II books which also have been
digitized and can be accessed online.

The collection can be found at:


Further information is available


Emel Soyer Kolçak

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