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Özel Büro Notu : İlgili sitelere gitmek için MAVİ
’te bulunan yazının başlığına tıklayınız.

misinformation and disinformation are too common in the JFK story, the number
of high-quality Web sites that provide useful information and perspectives
about the assassination story is increasing.

are some of the best. Please note that just because I list a’ site does not
mean I endorse any or all of the content of that site.

list is regularly updated and reader recommendations are welcome.

  1. Mary Ferrell Foundation: The largest online repository
    of JFK assassination records from the FBI, CIA and other government
    agencies and from the five official investigations. The first stop for
    anyone doing JFK research online. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  2. JFKLancer: The online home of the largest network on
    independent JFK researchers who built and expanded the historical record
    of the assassination.
  3. Kennedys and King (Formerly CTKA):
    A hub for conspiracy-minded researchers that is strong on reviews of
    recent JFK books and obituaries of people involved in the JFK story.
  4. For beginners, I recommend 22 November 1963, a British Web site,
    provides a lucid and fair-minded overview of the JFK assassination and the
    many controversies about it.
  5. The National Archives JFK
    Assassination Record Collection
    : a complete guide to information and
    records that the U.S. government has made public. Not much background
    information. (NOT FOR BEGINNERS)
  6. Black Op Radio: Len
    Osanic’s video series “50 Reasons for 50 Years” is an excellent investigative
    introduction to the problems of the official JFK story.
  7.  The JFK  Forum Index has
    capsule biographies of many personalities involved in the  JFK story.
    Lots of useful information about people involved in the JFK story, along
    with some claims that cannot be confirmed. (HANDLE WITH CARE)
  8. JFK Countercoup. Bill Kelly’s blog provides
    running commentary on new evidence related to the assassination with an
    emphasis on what can be done about it.
  9. The Grassy Knoll Witnesses: This
    Facebook page focuses on the witnesses who said that gunshots came from in
    front of the motorcade, testimony that any account of the assassination
    must explain.
  10.  JFK
    Assassination Home Page
    : The best anti-conspiracy Web site, created by
    former Marquette University professor John McAdams, defends the official
    story of a lone gunman while presenting a variety of evidence. If you
    disagree with his anti-conspiratorial conclusions, these are the arguments
    you have to understand. (HANDLE WITH CARE)

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