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Why The Infantry Company Is No
Larger Than 150

150 is
about as large a group of people as the human brain can handle in personal
relationships, notes a British military commentator Tom Ricks for Task &

story of the importance of stories begins not in leadership, but in
anthropology. Robin Dunbar is a British anthropologist, evolutionary
psychologist and a specialist in primate behaviour. In the 1990s he identified
a correlation between the size of the pre-frontal cortex in ape species and the
size of the social groups each species could maintain. If you took the size of
an ape’s brain, you could calculate the size of its social group size. This
number – the maximum social group size for a given species, based on
pre-frontal cortex size – became known as the Dunbar Number.

the limit on the size of an infantry company, he says, as well as on Stone Age
farming villages and new religious sects.

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