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Nancy wants her memories back.

And she wants to understand and deal with trauma, she experienced in childhood.

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Nancy, (Nancy is a composite of many MKUltra survivors) experiences fear,
confusion and a sense of indeterminate dread, often. She has identified some of
the sources of these reactions, in her adult life, but needs more help. She is
one of the many (at least 36,000) Americans, who experienced MKUltra project
testing, initiated by military psychiatrist, Sidney Gottlieb, in her childhood
(1940’s – 1960’s). These “experiments” were an offshoot of McCarthyism: the
“Red Scare”, which seemed to permeate many aspects of American life and
intelligence agency efforts, in those years.

These “experiments” were performed on young American children. They seem a
response to McCarthyism. Hoover and others, in those years, were suspicious
that communist and insurgent communists, were using sophisticated infiltration
techniques and employing invasive, persuasive psychological methods, to achieve
their goals. These goals were considered antithetical to American ways of life.
So, these military/intelligence “doctors” experimented on unwitting American
children and tried to suppress their memories of these traumatic, and horrific

These “tests” were identified in the Church Senate Committee Hearings (1974)and
in the Radiation Experimentation Hearings. Nancy and many others want their
memories back.

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