Mind Control Exposed – Tim Rifat

Individuals are people whom are illegally and covertly stalked, tracked and
tortured, often harassed with the use of  hi-tech – Modern-day Military
type Technologies (created by Government Funded organisations such as; Raytheon,
). Targets/Victims are also usually
covertly and illegally implanted with RFID
Frequency Identification Device)
type transmitter chips i.e. PositiveID
or VERi Chips. Some are occasionally implanted with miniature Nano-Biochips,
Stimulators and Transmitters mostly for GPS tracking purposes
and/or for the constant nervous and neurological stimulation of a chosen
target. Targets can then be remotely connected to via radio type frequency
signals transmitted to the chip/s thus the mind and body being in theory
“wirelessly” connected to and unnaturally stimulated. Most Victims
complain of being harassed and tortured by unseen directed energy beams,
signals and frequencies or even claim to hear voices (Synthetic
Telepathy – V2K – Allen Frey
being sent to
their brains and/or via the larynx and nervous system, obviously causing the
targets distress; emotional and psychological torment and psychological pain.
In the scientific world it has recently come to light that every individual’s
Brain emits a unique type of Brainwave or Bio-Signature, these unique ELF/ULF
(Extra/Ultra Low Frequencies) brain-wave signatures can be tracked, monitored
and mapped on to a Super-Neural Computer via Microwave carrier signals from
your local Phone Cell Towers, drones or via Scalar waves that are unique wave forms
that can be rebounded from your brain and body via local cell-towers and
satellites looping ‘real-time’ information to the
‘so-called’ controllers. The brain signatures are logged as a unique type of
‘finger-print’ for easy detection and identification of specific individuals
whilst the brain’s E.E.G patterns are constantly monitored and updated in
‘real-time’ for ease of mind manipulation of a target. This practice can also
allow these Intelligence agencies or rogue operatives to track and monitor a
Target nearly anywhere on the Earth, this process is better known as RNM
(Remote Neural Monitoring
– Brain Mapping). They can access and manipulate private thoughts utilising
verbatim (audible
thoughts coherent only to the individual/s) and manipulate a Targets physical
and cognitive functions to a minor extent via brain frequency manipulations.

is more terrifying is the fact that soon Micro/chips and transmitters may be a
thing of the past as Technology quickly advances; much to the detriment of
people in our modern day societies. Targets claim they are constantly harassed
and abused, often gang-stalked and monitored 24/7 by ‘mind controlled people’
(YOU) or ‘perps’ (*watch this facts based Hollywood Movie, CLICK TO WATCH: Control factor). Again, Targets can
also be monitored  by Low-orbiting Satellites or drones, possibly by
paid-off neighbours or scientists utilising Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
and tracking via the internet or local cell-towers with cell phone type carrier
waves (GPRS) like Sat-Nav systems. Most harassment and Stalking activities
of Targets are caused by Extreme right-wing groups i.e. Cointel-pro (CIA/MI5)
types; perhaps utilising Gay-Homo Agenda Groups, Peadophiles, rogue Neural
Scientists/Psychiatrists, ex-cons and probational criminals and various other
Organised or disorganised Snoop Groups. Other possible perpetrators; are the
Military factions/divisions, Police groups, Religious sects, Mentally ill
sector, ex-prisoners, drug addicts, Cults and/or any lay persons willing to
assist and gain in these atrocious and in-human crimes. There are several or
more reasons why people become targets and this usually has relations to
possible conflicts by e.g. ancient bloodlines you may have descended from
and/or past events you may not be aware of;  accomplished by your self ,
relatives or perhaps your forefathers etc. *(I must add; Nazism is a strong part in this Mind Control Warfare
as that was the birth-place of Modern Mind Control as we now know it.
. MK Ultra
and the likes). Targeting can also be initiated due to
sexual affiliation, pride, prejudice, jealousy and most likely due to
manipulation/bribes and cash incentives. Some other pathetic reasons are due to
the sadistic desires of  these ‘Human Centipede’ type paper-clip
scientists, wealthy aristocrats and/or Military type personnel wishing to test
out their new control toys ‘so-to-speak’ (bio-weapons, Electronic Weapons) on unfortunate,
unwilling and unwitting citizens. Other very extreme reasons would be due to a
messy divorce, child custody, unrequited love, whistle-blowing, revenge,
differences in social, political, or religious beliefs, tactical positioning
and actively deniable cases of provoked suicide assassinations etc. All-in-all..
this is done with the primary aim of destabilising society a provoking a
societal breakdown or civil war and chaos in order to create new order and laws
that further strip society of their rights and freedom! IF YOU ARE A PERP GET

Advice – Dr. Pozner on Gang Stalking,- Cause Stalking, Organized Harassment

claimed purpose for these assaults is apparently to Control and destroy
specific key target/s mentally, socially and economically; weakening them to a
desperate, docile and vulnerable state where-upon they are more easily
manipulated, coaxed and controlled i.e. to make them covert assassins. This can
also be done to fulfill and satisfy the ‘so-called’ sadistic desires and
fantasies of socially excluded sociopath controllers or perhaps simply to drive
a Target to suicide “Lets see how far we can push them..”

Tactics typically used by these Mobsters are as follows: They firstly attempt
to discredit Targets in some way utilising tactical lies, possibly
visual/audible manipulation, false evidence and deceitful recordings or
inconvenient videos on these targets. When successfully ‘character
assassinating’ the Target they effectively control both those they deceive
(‘Perps’) and the Target/s and the Game begins. These manipulated perpetrators
and targets begin embarking on a psychological warfare with sometimes ‘Tom and
Jerry’ type antics or simple bullying and intimidation techniques rendering the
victimised Target/s weak and submissive; usually suffering from what appears to
be extreme paranoia, insomnia and solitude due to the mind control and stalking
activities. This isolation gradually forces Targets into a state of depression
and a secluded state of hibernation; causing them in-effect to alienate
themselves from everyone, this is what I like to call a ‘synthetic
post-traumatic illness’ or a forced mental illness. *Mis-diagnosis by
Psychiatrists of Targeted Individuals are a common occurrence, it happens often
and deliberately but I will explain this in more detail later. I must state
that a vast majority of psychiatrists and neurologists are indeed no strangers
to the Targeted Individuals situation.. in fact they are likely a cause! 

*N.B. I must add that many Target’s have their perceptions manipulated,
forced to perceive the world around them as the enemy.. (I need not remind
anyone that the Human Mind is a very powerful organ with powerful effects
capabilities). It is also a fact that Quantum Scalar waves as well as tachyons
can exceed the speed of light thus travel backwards in time as we are of
the light-realm as human beings, nothing theoretically travels faster. This
remarkable ‘Einstein’ re-discovery and phenomenon of time travel is completely
provable and factual; ‘anything surpassing the speed of light moves backwards
in time before the initial point it started from’. Mind Controllers and
Intelligence Operatives both understanding and utilising
this concept have devised technologies that confirm this understanding and test
it regularly on society and Targets. A Technology that can allow the
manipulation of a target’s mind prior to events that will transpire in
their immediate future! YES.. This may sound ludicrous but so to would the
explanation of a touch screen phone and mobile devices 30 years ago. The fact
is the military and governments; Science divisions are far more
advanced than many may assume and most modern technologies we utilise
today may be more than 10 years older than proposed. You may now be
thinking.. “So how does this link to targets? I will explain this
phenomenon briefly in a moment! *Another fact; Perps or Gang-Stalkers
may not always be such, they in-fact can be innocent people whom are
either mind controlled alike a Target or the target/s are manipulated to
perceive these people (or perps for arguments sake) as threats. To better
understand this concept I will give an example; The Controller has seen a man
in your immediate future shout a name or title, e.g. “police”..
the controllers will then issue words to that effect or manipulates a target’s
subconscious in regards to the word associated via remote influence; V2K
or a various form of subliminal auditory voice.. so the Target begins thinking
of “police”.
The perp will then state the word ‘Police’ perhaps abruptly and you as the
Target will automatically perceive that person as a perpetrator or someone
involved in your harassment! *It is also possible the Perp could be mind
controlled and manipulated to state these words that you as a target either
think of or the controller has forced into your subconscious
before-hand. This may also be used with your families and friends, so
begin to alienate yourself thinking they are also involved in this stalking
and harassment.. NO!.. People are also being manipulated around you and may be
emotionally manipulated via ELF waveforms! PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND!

This Traumatising Government Harassment and abuse is often set up with and by
Corporations, phone companies, corrupt businesses, organised criminals, street
gangs, right-wing extremists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, or anyone who stands
a chance of making any money off these innocent victims whilst gathering unique
Intel (Cointel-pro) and testing out their newly purchased Weapons and it’s
Control effectiveness. As previously mentioned sub-conscious mind manipulation
and money are often the biggest incentive for what i call ‘perps’
(Perpetrators) and gang-stalkers, others are either manipulated through their
vigilant mind-frames and convinced that they are doing good deeds and the laws
work when in fact it is quite the opposite; they’re often tricked and sometimes
Mind Controlled into attacking someone more alike themselves! These alienated
targets are usually accused of evil and heinous crimes; sexual abuses, drug
dealing or thefts and such which these ‘perps’ may consider plausible enough to
fuel their stalking and harassment activities and deeds. I call this ‘Incentive
Based Targeting’
yet in theory those they attack and stalk are no
more guilty than they are or were prior to their stalking activities! The
instigators or Top personnel enjoy confidently the bullying crimes set against
these targets, so in effect.. their employed ‘perps’ become the criminal
villains and condemned souls; eventually society destroys itself encircling the
Targeted Individuals.. Bullseye! This harassment is done until all or a
majority of ‘perps’ are manipulated, brainwashed and controlled and the system
implodes with everyone becoming mentally unstable, insecure, obsessive;
developing compulsive disorders, insecurities and hateful attitudes. An
enveloping and self-destructive mindset imprinted into all associated, although
with the slow realisation of their illicit and disturbing behavior crimes,
‘perps’ can often become very guilty, over-whelmed and turn hateful; either
embracing their new state of being, as evil or posing as a Target to assist
genuine victims!? The Irony is, the Targets themselves whom always try to
remain informed, strong and vigilant, tend not to be as easily manipulated as
these ‘perps’ are and find a means to avoid conflict and maintain a positive
outlook, effectively confusing the ‘perps’ and causing them in essence to ‘go
crazy’! There’s nothing more disturbing than realising you’re pursuing, hurting
and possibly killing an innocent person whom ‘you’ or should I say ‘they’ once
were. It seems inevitable that the slaves will one day turn against their
masters and targets inevitably celebrated for their bravery and strength in
these (or those) troublesome times. People ask why??.. It is simple.. CONTROL
(Problems = Chaos = Solution = New Order).