Roseanne Barr is an outspoken
actress and comedienne who never shied away from tackling difficult and
controversial issues, even if that meant being unpopular or being tagged as
“crazy” by mass media. While I can’t say that I agree with all of her views,
she remains  one of the very few people in Hollywood who dare talking
about its most damning issue: MK ULTRA.

In a recent interview with RT,
Roseanne talked about the dark side of the entertainment industry and directly
mentioned MK ULTRA as being a major force in Hollywood. Here’s the interview
(it is set up to start at the part about the entertainment industry).

Roseanne’s America ///
Interview with Roseanne Barr

Roseanne basically says that
Hollywood stars are terrified of using their status to speak out about
important issues because there’s a “culture of fear” going on there, where
“speaking out” almost automatically equals being shunned from the industry and having
one’s career destroyed.

More importantly she adds:

“It’s also a big culture of
Mind Control. MK ULTRA Mind Control rules in Hollywood.”

This means that many stars do
not speak out because they literally cannot do so. They are mind controlled
which means that they have alter personas programmed into them that handler are
able to trigger and control at will. (For more information on the subject read
the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

Roseanne Talking About Mind
Control in the Past

The above television interview
is not the only instance where Roseanne managed to slip mentions of MK Ultra in
mass media. During a CNN interview with Larry King which aired on August 16,
2001, Roseanne talks about trauma-based mind control and MK ULTRA (I placed
important parts in bold).

KING: All right, some see what
you have or had as a serious psychological disorder.

ROSEANNE: I like how you just
keep going.

KING: Others as psychological
fad. Also…


KING: Whether it’s
deliberately induced or naturally occurring.

ROSEANNE: Well, I have this
head shrinker and he says it’s deliberately induced because the CIA is where
they started inducing it when after they brought all the Nazis over from
Germany to run American Psychiatric Association.

KING: What are you about?

ROSEANNE: I’m telling you
the truth. It is all mind control and all kinds of things to invent people with
multiple personalities.

KING: So you have been
captured by Nazis?

ROSEANNE: The government. Well
in a way, I believe the government has implanted some kind of a chip into my
head where…

KING: Roseanne.

ROSEANNE: You know, is
monitored by Barbara Walters and these other women. And they take all my ideas
and I’m, you know.

KING: Yes, is Oprah one of the
people monitoring?

ROSEANNE: Of course.

KING: She’s definitely in

ROSEANNE: Definitely. I think
she sits with her finger on the switch to the chip.


KING: Let me read something to
you, that you wrote in “Esquire.” And I want…


KING: …your reaction it. This
is your writing.


KING: In a notebook entry
about yourself, you keep notebooks about yourself?

ROSEANNE: Of course I do,
thousands, thousands.

KING: Thousands of notebooks.


KING: Well, this one says, “So
this my life, my true E-Hollywood story. It’s the story of multi, multiple
multi-faceted girl
, woman, boy poet, dancer, comedian, singer, freedom
fighter, warrior, message bearer, performer, mother, sex partner, wife, actor,
producer, director pioneer, autistic child, survivor of post dramatic stress,
borderline bipolar, overweight, Turrets sufferer, multiple personality
disorder, obsessive compulsive victim of psychiatric, planting of false
, heretic witch, crone, take your pick. There’s been about 300
diagnoses which proves shrinks have been my only friends.”

ROSEANNE: That is true that
shrinks have been my dearest friends.


KING: You never get mad to say
God has done me a dirty deal here when my multiple personalities take over?

ROSEANNE: No, because I feel
like God — honestly I feel God gives you multiple personality disorder when
there’s too much stress in your life to handle it any other way. I think it is
a gift to children.

KING: So another thing can
take over?


KING: Another person deal with

ROSEANNE: Yes. I mean, you
know, you’re not the one that’s insane. It’s the place you are in. So you have
to adapt to it.

– Source: CNN Transcripts

In that interview, Roseanne
claimed that she suffered intense trauma in her childhood, which lead to her
having multiple personalities and being manipulated by CIA-lead psychiatric
experiments (MK ULTRA).

Roseanne also uses her blog to
discuss MK ULTRA in Hollywood. In a 2009 post, she even stated that Joe Jackson
(Michael Jackson’s father) was a CIA MK ULTRA operative.