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MK Ultra, the Israeli Project

First semi official admission – Israel conducted
business with ex Nazis

Today, in Ha’aretz weekend magazine, a fascinating story is laid out for the
first time in so many words. Apparently, Zionist intelligence organizations
have had dealings with Nazi officials which lasted well after the war and into
the 80’s. In the past, the issue has been mostly denied, albeit occasionally,
ex spies or politicians admitted to some collaboration during the 50’s and in
connection with the Nazi scientists recruited by Egypt. Rafi Eitan, now
minister in the Israeli cabinet, confided several times about his professional
connections with high up Nazis. However, usually this was described as minor,
sporadic operations aimed at subverting recruitment by Arab foes. In today’s
article the structure and extent of the special exception to the rule, was
further revealed. This elaboration was not a result of an Israeli policy
change, rather following the discoveries of confidential materials from the

This comes at a time when the American “paperclip” program is under
scrutiny, especially with regards to unethical and problematic “behavior
control” projects associated with Nazi physicians who were imported after
the war. The question pops up to mind, did Israel join hands in specific
scientific projects with the US ex Nazi projects, and if so, who were the
scientists or officials granted refugee status and false identities, and what
kind of positions did they fill in Israel.

A clue to the nature of the collaboration is given in this article, by the mention
of Prof. Shalhevet Fryer, now already dead, who started and run the Nuclear
R&D program of the young Israel, from his laboratory in the Weitzman Institute.
Apparently, on top of his scientific skills, he was a spymaster who was
involved in the Nazi connections. One of his pet Nazis was in fact the man who
ordered massive killings of Jews in trucks, using the car’s gasses emissions.
The involvement of Nazi scientist specifically in the Nuclear arms field has
been the case in the USA as well, with the famous NASA rocket project headed by
another Nazi, Herbert Von Braun. It comes as no surprise then, that the
objectionable and controversial “behavior modification” experiments
(exposed and condemned by the US church Senate committee) were conducted under the
command of the Nuclear energy commission, NASA and those specific wings of
government that absorbed most of the ex Nazi scientists and doctors. Most of
these notorious projects were conducted by the same scientific units that took
part in problematic radiation experiments which were exposed and condemned by
the Presidential inquiry, under Clinton.

It comes as no surprise then, that Israel adopted pretty much the same programs
and structure as the USA in dealing with Nazi R&D for so called military
and security purposes. Among survivors of abuse in Israel, the rumours
implicated the Weitzman institute, the Biological research center, the atomic
energy commission and various military-medical units, mostly the Navy and later
joined by the Air force.

Shalhevet Fryer merits a second look, given his unique record of Intel
experience starting during WW2, in Italy, later in Mossad Aliya, which was the
precursor of Mossad, and later as a nuclear physicist and a spymaster. He could
well be the person who headed and started the Israeli MK Ultra sub contracting

Rehovot – the hotbed and
HQ for Nazi experimentation and mind control (the 1960’s).

Rehovot is a suburban town, some 20 miles south east of Tel Aviv. Founded in
1891, by Jewish peasants from Eastern Europe, it became one of the first Jewish
townships in Palestine, with citrus groves as its main source of income. Later,
a sizable Yemenite wave of immigrants settled in the southern part, forming a
large Yemenite neighborhood, much poorer than the earlier settlers’ community.
At the same time, the Ziv institute was established by Chaim Weitzman, the
leader of the Zionist movement, who was also a scientist, and used his
connections worldwide to raise money for this new center in Palestine. It was
later named after him, the Weitzman institute, where he also established his
official residence as Israel’s president. Therefore, in the early days of the
young Israel, Rehovot was known as the city of citrus and science. Around the
same time, and at a distance of 2 miles from the Weitzman Institute, the
military established the Biology research center, where secret work was done on
non conventional weapons, biological warfare and WMD. Across from the weitzman
institute entrance gate, the Hebrew University decided to place its Faculty of
Agriculture, in line the area’s character, as opposed to the urban nature of
Jerusalem, where the main campus was built.

South of Rehovot the British colonial army has already built a large military
air base, which served the IDF and thus Tel Noff, the IAF’s largest airbase was
built. Some 7 miles west of rehovot, the first nuclear plant was erected, Sorek,
next to a secret military base stretching from the nuclear plant to the
coastline. And so, during the 50’s Rehovot was a natural choice for any exotic,
scientific projects. Last but not least, just between the Weitzman institute
and the Biological research center, there was a beautiful high hill, where the
local Arab Sheik’s mansion was still in tact, overlooking the entire region. In
this huge mansion, the Israeli ministry of health chose to house a psychiatric
hospital, specializing in children, and operating two large and populated
closed wards for children with “psychiatric illness”. The only road
from this hospital to a nearby location was a small almost hidden road leading
to the Biological research Center.

Rehovot also inherited a fairly large British built hospital, Kaplan which
served the entire region south of Tel Aviv at that time. Adjacent and serving
the same population was Hartzfeld Geriatric hospital.


Soon after independence a flux of Jewish American scientist and physicians
swarmed the little town of Rehovot. The official residence units of the Weitzman
institute were full, and so a sort “campus” neighborhood evolved
gradually south of the institute border well into the center the Rehovot. This
was the “northern upper class” part of town, where mostly scientists
lived, either permanently or as temporary guest of any of the various institute
mentioned above. From a “peasant town” with a Yemenite working class
addition, Rehovot turned into a small scaled “Berkeley”. The flux of
scientists attracted educated families to relocate and the nature of the town
has changed and was now split clearly between landowners (farmers and
peasants), Yemenites and Olim, and the prominent science community, with its
eyes on American cultural appearances. Politically, Rehovot was a tense town,
with charged conflicts, resulting in poor local management and constant
corruption scandals.

In this atmosphere, the
local MK ultra programs crept into the community

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