Minority Rules

Evidence” Vol 6, No 4, pp 29-33, 2006.


has become a standard cliché to declare that, on most matters and in most
respects, the majority rules. However, after studying the influence and power
held by those within certain minority groups you begin to understand that
society is, in fact, not ruled by that principle but by a number of small
vested interest groups which are largely made up of wealthy criminals. Because
of this (on major issues) the only true representatives of the silent majority
are often isolated activists, whistleblowers, campaigners and other
marginalised figures who are neither in authority nor publicly recognizable
persons, of any sort. On other matters where elected officials or famous faces
do speak for the majority it’s only because it’s in their best interests to do
so or it’s a distraction; an issue of little real importance. The big issues
are rarely dealt with fairly, openly or honestly.

who resent this situation (and want the truth told) are scorned, ridiculed and
(sometimes brutally) silenced, thus rendering them useless to the majority.
Some of the crimes and deceptions used to neutralise these people are mentioned
in this article. However, one of the more general means of deception is secrecy.
“They” will argue that official state secrets, the existence of high powered
advanced technologies, the links between agencies, media and criminal groups
and much, much more must remain hidden from public view for the purposes of
national security. Of course, that argument is a transparent nonsense. The
powers that be and their criminal associates know all of these things already;
the only ones kept in the dark are the people. So this secrecy is part of their
system of terrorism, theft and control by stealth. The truth is that all
involved in any of the practices described herein are criminals and traitors to
mankind itself.



People often use clubs to exhibit extreme prejudices… In general we are all stereotyped
and compartmentalised by ourselves and others based on our views, our
lifestyles, our appearances and our beliefs. Some of it is nothing more than
identification for the purposes of socialisation but some is far more sinister;
eg criminal organisations like the Illuminati, The Club of Rome and The Mafia.

Despite the media mafia brainwashing that tells us that we live in
a free society and that conspiracy theories are mostly based on paranoia, the
truth is that the world is actually run by groups who deliberately organise
conspiracies to maintain control. Most such arrangements amount to major
criminal activity. An illustrative example is the Illuminati. This “club” is
apparently a Masonic, super rich group based in Israel and London boasting member
families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Groups like this organise
or foster war, terrorism and so on by secretly sponsoring the enemies of
justice. They do so to control the hearts and minds of the general population
whilst destroying our world for their short term gains. Those opposing them are
dealt with. Such people lust after wealth and control and use their lackies to
do their dirty work; corrupt politicians, agency/military madmen, the media
mafia etc. They also have a total lack of conscience about their role; being
blinded by the rewards. In brief, rather than working for society those
plotting and planning in secret inevitably work against it thereby betraying
the most important of all clubs: mankind.


So why aren’t the laws of the land drafted in such a way as to empower honest
law enforcers to deal with hidden crime at this level? Because although elected
representatives draft the laws “minority” groups effectively lobby/pressure
politicians to do their bidding. Also, because these politicians often really
don’t have a good feel for what the general population expect/deserve, the
powerful minorities (with ready access) are all the more likely to be able to
present their arguments in isolation. These same secretive groups also control
the mainstream media which, in turn, controls citizens views. This then
determines the tenure of governments. So, the fact is that on the really big
issues the truth has no chance of standing up alongside the lies because it’s
hidden from view. Remember, people don’t really know this because those
advocating the truth are belittled by the criminals they oppose. Naturally,
criminals are only concerned with their own position and have no regard for how
it affects others.


News Nazis, political puppets, military madmen, soulless spies and a mixture of
mobsters all play their part. They work in unison, for mutual advantage,
maintaining a code of silence on the important issues that ought to be
addressed publicly; thereby betraying most citizens. If the truth were to be
known they’d all be imprisoned instead many are trusted, admired, and followed
by the unsuspecting majority. Again, the same culprits work together to silence
and discredit those who advocate real democratic freedoms and public disclosure
of the crimes committed under the guise of “national security”. Sadly, rather
than working for disclosure of the truth, television terrorists and others also
monster and isolate those who try to disturb their corrupt code of silence.


Quite simply, far more damage than good is done by secret spy/military
technologies. Take, for example, advanced satellite/computer systems. Some can
detect, monitor, collect and collate information at a phenomenal rate (over 220
trillion calculations per second). That information can be gleaned from other
computers, private conversations/communications, even thought processes. The
equipment is set up by government agencies like the DIA (US Defense
Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency) in places like Fort
Meade, Maryland and by the CIA etc in places like the Langley Research Centre,
Richmond, Virginia. The crimes of these organisations are deliberately hidden
from the public, protected, as are the technologies, by corrupt secrecy laws.
This is so even when they farm out the technology and/or the information to
private sector criminals. Anyone opposing/questioning this or other important
matters can be placed in one of their electronic Nazi concentration camps where
they are slowly killed, by stealth. Vile experiments involving brain rape,
neurophone voices and directed energy weapons torture are conducted on the
targets to the immense amusement of those involved including the minority elite
and their goon squads.


Audio visual surveillance and brain rape technologies yield ideas, secrets and
more. Whether agency or syndicate connected, complicit writers, performers,
statesmen and so on can be fed the results in any number of ways. If, like some
agents, they’re agreeable they can receive someone else’s words or thoughts
directly via neurophone input (subliminally or audibly). This, like inputting
ideas whilst someone is asleep, allows the thief/harasser to delude themselves
about how they obtained the information.

Similarly, reading off an autocue allows TV/radio presenters to
distance themselves from the theft/harassment they are affecting when large
sections of that material is mixed/matched/inserted (via computer) from
surveillance results. Unfortunately, like the spy agencies, the military,
politicians and big “business”, the mass media mostly attracts and accepts
people with limited compassion, social conscience and integrity. If they’re
asked to do something wrong they rarely hesitate knowing that they cannot be
questioned or caught and that their “jobs” depend on it. The hypocrisy of this
is that publicly they “ACT” as if they they’re caring, responsible people and
there are many deceived by that.


Media brainwashing sets things up so that psychiatrists can be used to
discredit those targeted by the technologies involved. By failing to
acknowledge that spies and connected criminals use high tech equipment the
psych “professionals” can dismiss all victims complaints and label them as
paranoid etc.. Eg they’ll say that people getting remote messages or feedback
from the mass media are delusional, that people hearing voices are
schizophrenic and that anyone claiming to be persecuted using remote
technologies of any sort must be paranoid. They dutifully apply these diagnoses
and often institutionalise the targets. Personally I believe that many of them
realise what they’re doing but are too selfish/evil to care. In this respect
they rank with politicians and journalists. And the worst amongst them are
actively involved in destroying decent people to cover for their corrupt
masters. In other words, they work for/with corrupt agencies and other
criminals before, during and after their foul experiments.

It seems to me that if there were any honest psychiatrists we
would be better served if they were able to apply themselves to dealing with
bureaucratic control freaks, megalomaniacs and corporate fraudsters who, as
part of the ruling minority, prey on the rest of society. They do so whilst
“acting”, of course, but they’re outside the reach of the law (as the system
stands) and so their power lust goes unchecked. If psychiatrists must meddle
with their quackery (to justify their existence) why don’t they ever tackle
such real problems. The answer, as always, is self interest.


The ruling minority mould society to suit their purposes through
brainwashing; propaganda and mushrooming. Again, anyone who questions their
actual motives or the truth behind the facades is crushed quietly but
thoroughly. Some of the more sinister, oppressive means of doing this involve
the use of advanced satellite/computer systems of which the public is unaware.
A few of these are:-

    SATELLITE SYSTEMS… these are NSA systems designed to monitor ALL
    telecommunications worldwide scanning for persons “of interest”.
    SATELLITE MONITORING… these target public figures and citizens “of
    interest”, 24/7.
    DEVICES… these effect the satellite location, tracking etc of targets (eg
    US Pat #4893815 16/1/90 L. ROWAN).
    SYSTEMS… these allow the satellite or microwave transmissions of voices
    etc directly to the brain of targets (eg US Pat # 3393279 16/7/68 P.
    FLANAGAN and US Pat #3647970 7/3/72 P. FLANAGAN).
    ANALYSERS… these allow satellite brainwave scanning or neural monitoring
    plus electronic brain link ups with thought – deciphering computer
    software (eg US Pat #6011991 1/4/00 A. MARDIROSSIAN)
    ENERGY WEAPONS… these are too numerous to list but they allow destruction,
    movement of objects, personal illness, debilitation, even death (eg US Pat
    # 5123899 23/6/92 J.GALL & US Pat #5289439 22/2/94 J. GALL allowing
    control of consciousness/moods of the target).

Again, defence of the official secrecy surrounding these
technologies is patent nonsense. N.B. properly applied, these technologies
could wipe out terrorism, war, crime etc. They’re clearly not being used for
that purpose but abused to hurt ordinary citizens. It’s all completely indefensible,
that’s the real reason why it’s never discussed openly.


The technologies just listed allow for many crimes/deceptions as
well as illegal human experiments. Some of these are as follows:-


Obviously covert torture can be carried out on targets in remote locations or
situations without the need for the sort of criminal harassment that might
leave evidence. Many writers, whistleblowers and human rights campaigners are
marginalised, discredited and destroyed in this manner.

o    THEFT

Many well known, published writers work for covert agencies and other
criminals. By monitoring those people that the ruling minority wants silenced
(people who think freely and honestly) they not only marginalize them but they
also steal every idea at its source (ie straight from their minds before the
thought is spoken let alone written). They also oppress monitored targets by
feeding their own words back to them through the insertion of those
words/ideas/”coincidences” into the corruptible medias scripts. This provides a
double-barrelled attack on victims and halves the workload for “ghost”/spy
writers who need to keep providing material and harass targets at the same
time. Effectively, this way, the target helps harass themselves in a cruel,
criminal game of cat and mouse. This is a very common practice.

Notably, targets react in different ways (at different times)…
Some targets continue to produce ideas, falling for the fame trap,
misinterpreting the maliciousness of all of this because public figures are
involved. Some fall apart; believing others (not just public figure criminals)
are in on it. Some believe they are inspiring thoughts and changes and so are
prepared to endure a lack of privacy for their influence. Whatever the position
at whatever time, all targets are victims of one of the cruelest most criminal
systems of oppression ever devised.

Remember that invasion of a persons own mind (an unimaginably evil
crime in itself) allows ideas to be passed to complicit writers (of any sort)
directly or indirectly. Again, one indirect method is the voluntary acceptance
of neurophone input which relays others thoughts. This could be done
subliminally, using silent sound during sleep/dreams, or audibly. This would
also allow those thieving material to defend any accusation because they have
had no contact with those transferring the thoughts/ideas or the victim and can
consciously call the thoughts their own.

o    “PSYCHIC”

Many let their egoes and imaginations block their minds on this one.

Remember that surveillance results/frequencies can be fed to the media leading
to almost instantaneous live-to-air feedback if the target is tuned in. So, the
gullible, observing media “coincidences”, could come to believe that they are
psychic. This is worse when mind reading/neurophone input makes one person
receive another person’s thoughts subliminally (equally the monitors know what
events they are about to stage, what news/scripts are about to be presented and
can feed you that subliminally). Therefore, in reality, the only real psychic
experiences are the result of electronic telepathy. In other words, they’re
scams arranged courtesy of meddling by military/agency/criminal perps who are
stealing, experimenting, deceiving and worse. Intuition and experience form all
other explanations (the mind is a powerful instrument) even in the case of
dreams or so-called “premonitions”. In fact if targets are involved the future
(as planned by monitors) can even be fed into their dreams/thoughts. It’s all a
trick and many are monitored without their knowledge.


Similarly people who honestly believe they’ve heard/seen ghosts or seen objects
move across a room or “know where the bodies are buried” are victims/dupes.
They prop up the covers for what’s really going on by relaying their eerie
tales in a vivid, convincing manner, because they’re convinced themselves. The
truth is it’s all military or agency nonsense designed to manipulate people.
Media entertainment focusing on all of this would be harmless fun but for the
fact that many believe in the paranormal as a result. The presenters know that
man-made hoaxing is rife but the public aren’t given that knowledge and so many
form their opinions based on limited information. The truth is most
“supernatural” experiences are wrongly recorded or staged and the rest are
errors of one sort or another.

o    ALIEN

Remember, using mind reading and neurophone technologies a non verbal
conversation can be conducted. If you have no knowledge of that fact and are
mesmerized by drugs (administered without your consent) as well as being
presented with a high tech “show” (involving military “spaceships” and costumed
“aliens”) you could be forgiven for falling for this trick. It’s usually a warning,
an experiment or propaganda (often all three). As with other scams criticised
here, I personally don’t believe in anything except heaven and earth and the
place the perps will end up. Like provoked/allowable terrorism, alien
fairytales foster public approval of an obscene waste of vast amounts of
government (and private) money; wasted on weapons of war, space research etc.
And most of the funds end up being spent on even more evil technologies (such
as those mentioned previously) rather than actual searches for so-called
extraterrestrials. Now, certainly radio telescopes and deep space listening
devices exist but many more viewing/listening devices are aimed at the earth;
tormenting easy targets.


Many “madmen” are “triggered” by remote controlling mechanisms made available
to military and agency organisations. Moods, physical pain levels, thought
processes and so on can be created and altered via satellite using various
secret technologies. For example, when neurophone voices are transmitted into
the head of a potentially violent person disaster can follow; especially if
they’re also stupid enough to really believe what the transmissions tell them.
Oklahoma city bomber, Timothy McVeigh and the Port Arthur massacre perpetrator,
Martin Bryant were both provoked and set up by various agency scum who wanted
to create disquiet and raise certain issues on behalf of their masters; our
minority rulers. The fact is that these manipulators not only caused these
events and many more but they could prevent most similar occurrences if they
wanted to, using their surveillance capabilities for good instead of evil.

Unfortunately the evil minority profits from war, terrorism,
carnage and the insecurity and misery they create. Tens of millions of lives
could be lost in a war (eg WWII) and these creatures just reap the rewards
without a thought for their fellow man, so it’s not surprising that tragedies
like the New York twin towers disaster are not only staged but then used. By used
I mean used to direct public opinion where they want it to go; to accept
reductions in civil liberties, to foster suspicion/hatred of certain
ethnic/religious groups etc etc.


Because the powers that be can now listen, watch, talk, harm etc from remote
locations (including satellites) experiments in controlling peoples actions,
thoughts, opinions etc are constantly being conducted. Much of it involves
media deception (as it always has) but they also stimulate and analyse dreams,
provoke and manouvre combatants, use human thoughts for artificial
intelligence/robotics research, and even carry out cloning studies. Many
missing persons or “alien abductees” are also used in illegal government

The public would overwhelmingly oppose any and all of this if they
knew but they cannot because they are not told. In turn, those who know and do
not try to tell the public are traitors to mankind itself. Nobody’s career (or
life) is more important. Individually and/or collectively public figures should
make a stand but they do not because they have been desensitised, dehumanised
and bastardized courtesy of the processes of selection and the system they work
within. Equally, to ensure this works, they are all warned not to talk to their
victims or people working to raise awareness on the issues in question.


Military power brokers and spy masters are behind all of this.
These in turn are working for the minority elite. They target people who know the
ugly truth as well as those who can be used as “remote-controlled” assassins,
terrorists, etc. They also very effectively cover up the whole thing by
manipulating puppets on the world stage through the control they exert over the
worldwide, mainstream media. However, to victims those puppets display their
master’s real paranoia by their reactions to the words/actions of
whistleblowers and others who try to alert the majority to the truth. Meanwhile
they use terrorism etc to tighten their grip on society.

The media are more likely to cover up and condition/brainwash the
public with things like paranormal/psychic/alien stories and so-called reality
TV, making us gullible acceptors of the surveillance society yet to be fully
revealed. Also, the media never present the truth on major crime or the really
big issues because they are controlled by those responsible. Again, these same
people control the surveillance technologies which could all but wipe out major
crime but they choose instead to use it to protect themselves from questions,
exposure and imprisonment. They do so by training their covert, anti-personnel
weaponry on those promoting the truth, to silence and destroy them. The law
enforcement agencies are powerless to stop this as they are understaffed,
underresourced, undertrained and under the direction of the same government
bodies which facilitate and foster the relevant crimes and oppression.


New methods of covert oppression are being discovered all the time. While the
laws (and law enforcers) are made to lag behind these advances honest, decent
people will be secretly purged from “society” and given no opportunity to
publicly address the big issues. Even critical statements from publicly
recognizable bodies like the UN (UNIDIR), The European Parliament and the
International Red Cross have not been reported openly where covert
torture/oppression mechanisms have been highlighted so what chance do isolated
groups or individuals have. This veil of secrecy is a disgraceful, treacherous
means of dismissing the views of the vast majority of the worlds citizens but
again, even if it was raised then new methods would take their place. So whilst
the weapons used are of concern the mentality that fosters their use is of even
greater concern. The selfish, superior, suppressive and secretive attitude of
our minority “rulers” are the real problem. It is the criminal thinking that
allows one group of people to believe they are better than others and so have
the right to mistreat them. If no one thought that way it couldn’t happen. And
it’s not just atheists or those believing life is some incidental by product of
a big bang (caused by no one or nothing in particular) who are to blame. Anyone
who can dismiss in their minds and hearts the significance of hurting their
fellow human beings (and the consequences) is a potentially dangerous creature.

Whilst basic human nature can be used as an excuse these attitudes
are taught and are difficult to change so people should be taught otherwise in
the first place. Community education on moral and ethical values should
encompass the need to face and embrace the truth on all matters, the need to
attain and maintain a high level of good character and the acceptance of the
common humanity of all people. The extent to which such idealism is rejected or
mocked by those who only pay lip service to what is right is the extent to
which criminals and hypocrites now rule our societies. Such evil cannot be
eradicated but it could be minimized if genuine efforts were made to engender
our youth with the necessary values through education, role modeling and so on.
For example, current efforts by governments to teach children to respect
authority only serve the whole community if those taking on responsibilities (in
public and private life) behave in a manner worthy of that respect. If
authority figures do not exhibit integrity, morality and goodwill but instead
seek control through personal opportunism then they betray the community. You
are then looking at concealing their crimes when you ask people to respect
them, regardless. You can respect their rights and not respond criminally
yourself but the veil of respectability should be lifted before genuine respect
is expected of anyone. To do otherwise is to foster corruption and this is what
our society has been doing for many decades. Everything should be transparent
and everyone accountable. No deceptions. No exceptions. Unless and until this
is achieved you might as well ask an honest, informed citizen to believe in
Santa Claus as to expect him or her to place their faith in authority figures
who are clearly corruptible.

Now, walking alongside the corruptible we have others who are also
part of the problem. These are the apathetic self-servers who may not partake
in crimes themselves but are quite happy to assist those that do if it suits
their purpose. The principles brought to mind by symbols like national flags
and anthems (equality, integrity, justice and freedom) are just words, things
to hide behind, for the criminal and his accomplices. Their hearts and minds
don’t envelop anything but self promotion and deception. And those agreeing to
the secrecy surrounding the major betrayals going on today are in no
ethical/moral position to judge what the public should or should not know
because they are blinded by corruption. The only acceptable option is total
disclosure. Only then could majority rule deliver equality, fair play, justice
etc. It’s totally unacceptable for vested interested groups (incl. the media,
churches, governments, etc.) to talk about free speech, democracy etc yet be
prepared to condone and/or commit crimes when it suits them; crimes against
those speaking the truth on something that they want hidden.

Further to the “friendship/mateship” issue… Those associating with
criminals must realise that major issues such as human rights, public
accountability and truth in reporting are not going to be dealt with while they
support criminals for their own personal gain. Those not against them are for
them and so their associates betray us as well. The media in particular are
controlled controllers who set the agenda, cover the truth on major matters and
distract us with bread and circuses, beer and skittles, hoo-ha and hoopla. For
example, many tens of thousands of people die every day due to war, disease,
famine and so on yet our emotions are more likely to be focused on isolated
acts of terrorism and madness (occasionally) and mundane “cat up a tree” type
matters (often) as well as celebrity gossip etc. Even when major events are
covered (such as acts of terrorism) there is no reference to the real causes or
the real culprits. Everything is presented so as to foster certain beliefs, to
hide, to scapegoat and to deceive. Anyone involved in that process is, to one
degree or another, a traitor. Once again, there is only one acceptable
scenario: the truth in all things. And make no mistake, the agencies and their
connections will, like Satan himself, use mockery and more to silence all talk
of doing what is right with a “you’re playing God” taunt. It’s a cheap trick.

Since few of us maintain our youthful idealism the sort of
morality/ethics we all need to accept the truth can often be lost, especially
by those lured by promises made by our minority rulers. Corrupted minds are
more likely to promote criminal attitudes or, at least, to accept them;
especially in “business” dealings. Such people then bully/harass others into
silence or apathy thus removing any obstacles to their criminal empires. To
complete the argument, one long term answer is community/youth education; so
that there are too many strong willed people of integrity for them to ignore or
destroy. At the moment it is all too easy for them to select corruptible
persons for influential or authoritative community roles in the media,
government, bureaucracy etc. We also need laws and law enforcers to deal with
the sort of technological evil referred to in this piece. That can only happen
if the balance between good and evil is shifted. Since evil cannot present itself
as such but must hide (as our public villains do) they could not openly oppose
any suggestion that society, in general, needs to have certain values
re-emphasised if it is to avoid eventual deterioration. Maybe if we can somehow
encourage that we may one day breed enough people of good character to deal
with the problems generated by the criminal minority who rule our world.