It is within the nature of mankind for a disproportionately small
percentage of men to attempt to exert control over the greater multidinous
horde.  The primary method of control is achieved through violent

is required as most people will not willingly submit to control by others, be
it few or many.  For violence to be perpetrated, weapons are required. 
Our history as a species can be defined, in large measure, by the vehicles of
violence (weapons) employed at the point in history being addressed.

rocks were all that was to be had in way of potential weapons, we secured them
to the end of stout sticks and bashed each other’s skulls in.   When
metal forming technology manifested in our species, we beat the metal thin,
sharpened the edge, and proceeded to hack and whack the limbs and heads from
our enemies.   Of course when gunpowder and guns were created, a
prodigious wave of violence was unleashed that remains unabated to this very

as you read this piece, a person is killed by armed conflict every one hundred
seconds, so read fast! Lives depend on it man! [1]. Firearms and their steroidal
offspring; bombs, canons, missiles, bazookas and such sufficed for centuries as
a perfectly efficient way of meting death.  These deaths were unavoidable
as there existed no recourse to armed conflict and brute force
resolution.  If control is the goal, then guns were the way to see that
happen.  It’s been this way for quite a few hundreds of years.

are heads of state throughout history that seem to have no other goal than to
kill their fellow human beings.  These psychopathic individuals are well
known.   What makes them tick is another subject altogether, and is
addressed in great detail by Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s definitive treatise on the
subject, “Political Ponerology- a Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for
Political Purposes” [2].

not all despots energetically seek to kill their country’s citizens, but do so
rather as a consequence of objection to their designs.  For the most part
though, nefarious rulers, dictators, khans, kings, emperors, sultans,
presidents and a host of other titled leaders primarily seek to control a
country, region or continent- both the people in it and the resources in, on
and under the land.

most cases the primary objective of a tyrannical government is to exercise
absolute control over the conquered and/or subjugated populace, with the most
telling benefit being the subsequent revenue stream generated by lop-sided
trade agreements and myriad forms of taxes imposed on businesses and
individuals.  Investigate the Federal Reserve, the populace debt
collateral and income taxes. [3]

takes a true psychopath to want to kill the golden goose…us!  Corpses
don’t pay taxes, after all.  Unfortunately, if humanity is a carriage,
then the man driving with the whip is content to lighten the carriage’s load to
the tune of a 93% reduction, from seven billion people to five hundred
million.The ‘man with the whip’ is an allegorical agglomeration of the*
1/1000thof the 1%; the real wealth here on earth. (That’s still a lot of

are seven billion people on earth. Do the math. Just kidding…that’s still seven
thousand people.)The next time you flip to TNT (Turner Network Television)
remember Ted Turner’s words [3.5], “A total population of 250-300 million
people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”  One might
have a hunch all those near and dear to him won’t be in his wished upon
reduction group- but we are.  Ted Turner wants us dead….how
charming.Terrifyingly, he is not alone in his assessment.This conviction is
shared by other immensely powerful people in that rarified percentile.[4]

the advent of harnessed electricity, invasions and conquering was accomplished
through brute force, accompanied by the old fashionedbrick and mortar weapons
of war we’ve come to know and loathe.  This method of war is going the way
of the Dodo.  Human ingenuity andthe diligent efforts of mad scientists
(can you call people who spend their days devising ever more efficient ways to
kill their fellow men anything but mad?) have produced an entirely new class of
weapons to unleash on peaceful, protesting people everywhere.  Enter
electronic warfare.

are electromagnetic weapons currently being deployed against various citizens
of the world.  We know them as microwave cannons, or directed energy
beams.  They’ve been around for decades

Greenham Common in England, a 30,000 strong group of women camping outside an
army base in protest to the deployment of nuclear-tipped US cruise missiles
learned first-hand about these electromagnetic weapons.[5]“One day in the
summer of 1984, more than 2,000 British troops suddenly pulled back, leaving
the fence unguarded. Peace mom Kim Besley recalls that as curious women
approached the gate, they started experiencing odd health effects: swollen
tongues, changed heartbeats, immobility, feelings of terror, and pains in the
upper body. Besley found her 30-year-old daughter too ill to stand.

symptoms typical of electromagnetic exposure included skin burns, severe
headaches, drowsiness, post-menopausal menstrual bleeding and menstruation at
abnormal times”. Even earlier, in 1962 Moscow, US embassy staff experienced
similar symptoms as the result of directed weak pulse microwaves emanating from
Soviet intelligence agencies, whilst being monitored by interested CIA operatives. 
This is reported to have been part of Project Phoenix, an operation within the
larger US government program SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
[5], [6].

electronic warfare (EW) arsenal is not limited to microwave and directed energy
beams.  On our own soil, used by our own government against peaceful
protestors, sound cannons were deployed to disperse crowds at the Occupy Wall
Street movement in November, 2011. [7] The manufacturer [8] insists it is a
communication device.

claim the “Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)provides military personnel with a
powerful, penetrating warning tone that can be followed by clear voice
broadcasts in host nation languages to warn and shape the behavior of potential
threats.” (Emphasis added)  The specs indicate the LRAD employs directed
sound technology to move the security engagement envelope from 50 meters (164
feet), without LRAD, to in excess of 3000 meters (1.86 miles), with LRAD, by
emitting a directed, focused 110db sound that causes nausea, headaches, and
yes, hearing loss.  It has been compared to listening to a power saw at
close range. Its ability to disperse a crowd has been proven publicly, courtesy
of the crowd at Occupy Wall Street, itself an elite sponsored controlled
opposition initiative.

globalists will go to any lengths to keep the public’s wrath focused on anyone
or anything but the central banking apparatus; the wellspring of their power,
the means by which they enslave nations and place unborn generations in
debt.  In this instance, they threw the Wall Street banksters under the
bus.  Those useless, money grubbing, soul selling Wall Street louts are
fodder for the globalist’s furnace, and they don’t even know it. 
Sad.  One can only hope they awaken.  Indeed, they will when the
party grinds to a halt and UN blue helmets are stationed at the corner of Wall
Street and Nassau.

examples serve to illustrate there are a wide range of electronic weapons at
the disposal of those that would do us harm, and these mentioned are only the
ones we know about.  It’s been well established that military science is
decades ahead of industrial science.  This holds true in weaponry as well
as the medical, energy and physics fields.  Further, the above examples
highlight the fact that a weapon does not necessarily have to kill to be

thing to be sure of- if there is a way to improve something, someone will be
busy trying to do just that.  Electronic Weapons are of course constantly
being tested and improved upon.  Given the vast array of data and
potential applications residing in such an enormous field of science, the
function of the device itself can be altered to a desired effect.  The
electronic weaponry referenced above is a miner’spickaxe to the jewelers ball
peen found in mood modifying frequency weapons in evidence today.  
In the good old days of maces and archers, an enemy’s back could be broken, but
there was no way to break the mind.

the mind itself could be conditioned to accept subjugation and defeat, then
half the battle is done ‘ere the first arrow’s fletched.  We have arrived
at that very point in our weaponry evolution.   While not quoting Sun
Tzu directly, a safe distillation of his philosophy as regards war would be
that the greatest victory is that in which no fighting takes place- the
globalists do study the masters.  This is their goal; to get us, the
useless eaters (as they have termed us), to accede to their domination with
nary a peep.  How do they accomplish such a feat?  The answer to that
can be found in Orwell’s 1984.

wanted Winston Smith to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.  It was not enough for
Winston to say it- he had to believe it.  And so the globalists want the
same out of us.  They want us to believe that psychotropic pharmaceuticals
are the key to happiness and chemtrails are going to save us from global
warming, that GMO corn is the answer to world poverty. Would we fight against
that which we believe to be good and true?

Let’s call this “EW-Second Generation”.

new generation is a hellish union of neuroscience and electronic weaponry,
spawning a new method of mind control O’Brien would be impressed
with-psychotronic weapons.  In the Iraq war, US forces deployed innocuous
sounding ‘Poppers’ throughout Baghdad.   These two-foot high domes
placed strategically in and around Baghdad emitted invisible, damaging
electromagnetic frequency  beams across the entire electromagnetic
spectrum [9]; the end goal and effective result being to selectively alter
moods, behavior and bodily process [5].

were very effective on Iraqi citizens, but given the indiscriminate nature of
the weapon itself, the poppers also affected US forces.  Suicides,
desertions and episodes of homicidal rage manifested on both sides of the
conflict.  That military program is a boondoggle in its own right, butat
the end of the day, it’s just another disastrous, fatal program gone wrong in
the US government.  Other than the personal tragedy of lost lives, this is
barely newsworthy, and sadly, more the norm than not.

physical science behind psychotronic weapons (think Matt Damon’s Will Hunting
scribbling insanely complex equations on an oversized blackboard) is far beyond
the average intellect, this one included.  Therefore, a need exists to
simplify.  Any high school biology student knows that the human body is a
self-contained electrical unit.  The movie The Matrix, for all its
fantastical imaginations, illustrated clearly and accurately that we run on
electrical impulses.  Where there is electricity, there is an electromagnetic
frequency being generated.  What photosynthesis is to plant leaves, so is
frequency generation to electricity- one cannot exist without the other.

brain is a self-contained multi-frequency processor, and like most things on
this planet, can be altered by design. [11] “The brain is a computer, and like
a computer it has a clock frequency that all thoughts, your existence, are
centered around. This is a little basic because your brain in reality has
multiple simultaneous clock frequencies which interact with each other and
serve different purposes for biological function, whereas a microprocessor
normally has only one central clock that everything in it synchronizes with.

example, your visual cortex may process at a different frequency than the section
of your brain which regulates your heart beat. Feelings and thoughts will run
at another frequency. Because your brain is an ultra-parallel computer, it can
accomplish a lot while using frequencies that are far lower than would be
practical in a microprocessor and these frequencies are in the ELF (extended
low frequency) range.  The fact that your brain operates on frequencies
leaves it susceptible to manipulation via electronic means. Since different
moods are reflected by different frequencies, it is possible to electronically
force people to be relaxed when they should be angry, laugh when they should be
appalled, and give loyalty when they should rebel.”

is no longer a need, as in The Manchurian Candidate, to strap a subject into a
chair and bombard the recipient with images and disorienting drugs until their
minds are a base soup waiting on spice.  The EW weapons unleashed upon us
on a daily basis are far more subtle.  The mind, it is well known,
operates on a conscious and sub-conscious level. The conscious mind sees and
hears at one level; it operates on its own frequency.  The sub-conscious
mind operates at a different frequency, therefore ‘seeing’ images that our
conscious mind doesn’t.  This is not lost upon the globalists.

constant with them is that if an opportunity presents itself enabling them to
exploit and control people, they will do all in their considerable power to
turn whatever it is into a device or operation for just that purpose. 
Endeavors in EW began decades ago.  Sometimes the globalists reveal more
than they should. (But then warning us of what is to come is their M.O. 
It’s key in their ability to carry the burden of their sins.  Those
globalists do the darndest things!). In the early 70’s, globalist brainiac
strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski summed up their intentions quite candidly[10],

the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of
the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the
reach [Insert-read ‘television’] of magnetic and attractive personalities
effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate
emotions and control reason”.

way to ‘send’ or implant a thought is to insert it into a television show at a
speed far greater than the conscious mind can record, but not too fast for the
subconscious mind.  In the beginning, messages were inserted at 1/25th of
a second.  The machine capable of this was called a tachistoscope. 
These(suggestive mind control) subliminal insertion frames were discovered and
made public.

flurry of front page headlines and congressional laws were passed and the
matter went bye-bye.Regards the discoverer of the shenanigans,[11]

a large consideration and a new Mercedes convertible, the aggrieved scientist
who discovered the technique by accident, agreed to a cover story that the
tachistoscope was only used for one experimental film run, involving subliminal
prompts to buy Coke and popcorn, but was not terrible successful. The Mercedes
convertible [gifted to him for his complicity] was involved in a high speed
accident and fireball just two months later. There were no survivors.”

red handed, it was back to the drawing board.[11] “Covert development proceeded
along two parallel but independent tracks, with the first focusing on blending
‘low light images’ into an existing film or commercial. This was fast, and it
was also a master stroke in its own right. The ‘low light’ system was ready for
trials in less than six months, and the effects were startling. 
Essentially, while the conscious mind was viewing and inwardly digesting the
main film or commercial content, the subconscious mind was picking up the low
light subliminal messages, which fell just below the threshold of normal vision.

the older tachistoscope was jerky and only partly efficient, the new ‘low
light’ system proved to be a control revolution. The low light images were a
complete ‘film within a film’ running at normal speed, and thus able to
“properly educate” those citizens not entirely in accord with One World
Government views.  The critical test was whether or not the ‘low light’
technique could be uncovered if a copy of the film fell into the wrong hands.
Exhaustive trials proved that it could not. Despite the most sophisticated
ultraviolet analysis known to man, the embedded low light images could not be
detected at all, because they were comprised of exactly the same color spectrum
as the film itself. So, low light was dramatically effective, relatively cheap to
engineer, and easy to transport and use without fear of security breaches….
This low light system is still in use today, and is still dramatically

we can be led to believe that 2 + 2 = 5, without our quite being aware of it,
then the majority masses will indeed, for example, raise little fuss over the
poisonous chemtrails hosing our atmosphere 24/7.  (Doh! It happens now and
where is the real outcry? YouTube? Right…. Something’s worrrkiiinnng!). 
So, knowing this is happening and that we have no control over avoiding it,
only one option presents itself, and is best conveyed by John Denver. [12]
“Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a
home.  Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, try and find Jesus on
your own.”[10] Globalists Intentions Made Clear- Zbigniew Brzezinski- Globalist
Front Man, Counselor to World Leaders

state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the
principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations
are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political
concepts of the nation-state.”





[3.5] Audubon magazine, interview with Ted Turner, 1996






[9] ULF (ultra-low frequency), VLF (very low frequency), UHF (ultra-high
frequency) and EHF (extremely high frequency)

[10] 1970, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era




Author’s completely uneducated, pie in the sky, lark on a wing
guesstimate.  This figure represents the heads of the families, and does
not include the multitude of their extended family, nor the favored minions
that helped the reality of world tyranny blossom.  These include soulless
businesspeople, politicians, law enforcement heavies, etc. etc.  Also,
shirts will still get dirty in this utopia/dystopia- widgets must still be
packaged and tomatoes still be picked.

many support staff are required to adequately care for and provide manual labor
to however many people are left after the population reduction plan is fully
implemented is anyone’s guess.  To deny such a plan is in place is to deny
a great and ever growing body of evidence pointing to precisely this
fact.  If that is the case, then you are still in the “First Pasture of
Perception”. [13]

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