TUSAŞ ve ROKETSAN Defens News Listesinde İlk 100’de !!!!

Türk Savunma Sanayi
şirketlerinin dünyanın en büyük savunma sanayii şirketlerinin sıralandığı en
prestijli listelerden olan ABD merkezli Defense News 2017 Top 100 listesinde
üyelerimizden ASELSAN listede 58’inciyken 57. sıraya, TUSAŞ ise 72’ncilikten
61. sıraya çıktı. Yine üyelerimizden ROKETSAN 98. sırada listeye dahil oldu.

GRUBU ekibi olarak bu önemli başarı için kendilerini kutlarız..

for the Top 100 list comes from information Defense News solicited from
companies, from companies’ annual reports, from analysts, and from Defense
News staff research.

  • Companies
    were contacted by Defense News and asked to fill out a survey reporting
    their total annual revenue and revenue derived from defense, intelligence,
    homeland security and other national security contracts.
  • Currency
    conversions for non-US firms were calculated using average market
    conversion rates over each firm’s fiscal year to mitigate the effects of
    currency fluctuations.
  • *
    Company adjustments made to 2015 defense revenue during the subsequent
    year is not reflected, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Total
    defense revenue is based on a percentage of total revenue given by the
  2. Succeeded
    Ian King as CEO in Feb. 2017
  3. Defense
    revenue includes foreign military sales, which was not included in prior
    year submitted numbers.
  4. Succeeded
    Mauro Moretti as CEO in March 2017
  5. Transitioned
    from CEO to executive chairman in March 2017
  6. 2016
    defense revenue includes TechWin salse, which were not included in company
    total submitted for prior year Top 100.
  7. Due
    to corporate reporting schedule, Harris changed reporting for the 2017 Top
    100 from fiscal to calendar year. 2016 revenue figures reflect the
    divestment of two businesses – CapRock and Harris IT Services.
  8. Defense
    revenue reflects awards made by the Japan Ministry of Defense for the
    fiscal year ending March 31, 2017.
  9. 2015
    defense revenue adjusted from prior year Top 100 list to include
    intelligence revenue.
  10. 2015
    revenue adjusted from prior year Top 100 list to reflect what was reported
    on the company’s annual report.
  11. Succeeded
    Bill Dudley as CEO in September 2016
  12. Succeeded
    Peter Rogers in September 2016
  13. Totals
    reflect CSRA’s fiscal 2017 year, which ended on March 31, 2017.
  14. Succeeded
    Tan Pheng Hock in October 2016
  15. Succeeded
    Oleg Sienko in March 2017
  16. Revenue
    totals are pro forma. They include the revenue of Wyle and HTSI, acquired
    by KBR, Inc. in 2016. HTSI and Wyle are now part of KBRwyle. Revenue
    totals for 2015 do not include the revenue of Wyle or HTSI.
  17. Succeeded
    Bob Murphy January 2017
  18. 2015
    defense revenue adjusted from prior year Top 100 list to reflect corrected
    numbers from company.
  19. Suceeded
    Charlie Szews December 31, 2015.
  20. Succeeded
    Lou Von Thaer, who was tapped to be CEO of Battelle, beginning in October.
  21. Succeeded
    Kenneth Hunzeker in December 2016
  22. Succeeded
    Muharrem Dortkasli in October 2016.
  23. Nexter
    is a company of KNDS. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, also part of KNDS, chose to
    not submit revenue totals.
  24. Became
    chairman from president in June 2016.
  25. Succeeded
    Walter Qvam in June 2016.
  26. Named
    CEO in July 2017.
  27. Suceeded
    Heikki Allonen in August 2016.
  28. Announced
    plans to retire in October. Lou Von Thaer, former DynCorp International
    CEO, will be his succesor.
  29. Succeeded
    Joe Battaglia in September 2016.

  • NA-
    Not available
  • NR-
    Not ranked