The Lone

Assassinations. Drug running. False flag ops. A shadow
paramilitary global network. Synthetic wars. CIA-NATO: A darker truth.
Operation Gladio Plan B: Murder.

OG 68—a k a Greg McPhearson—no longer works for the
company. The hunter has now become prey. He knows this beast: what created him
and shattered his soul. Until Mai. When he opened the door to her three years
ago, he opened what soul he had left. Yet no amount of pride or power, he
discovers—too late—can ever replace one precious breath …

When a sting is called off at the last minute by his
FBI bosses per order of the CIA, Special Agent Ryan Marcello decides to do some
digging. He calls in senior analyst Elsie Simon, expert in the Turkey-Central
Asian-Caucasus nexus, to help track down the high-level target with ties to
ruthless power players in a global narcotics-terrorism ring. Every lead and
each new suspect brings them that much closer to home. With Elsie’s help, and
at risk to their lives, the two begin their own investigating …

The murdered son of a U.S. mogul leads to the hiring
of Ryan and Elsie, who are used and then trapped in a byzantine scheme of
retribution: of black ops within black ops, trails gone cold, kidnappings,
blackmail, unexplained murders … a plot that extends from Russia and Azerbaijan
to Cambodia, Vietnam, and is buried inside the Deep State.

For the final mission, in a world where reality now
stands on its head— “my enemy’s enemy is my enemy”—no
one would be spared. The Gladio would be acting alone …


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