Electromagnetic Mind Control : Fact
or Fiction ? A Scientific View

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Authors: V.N. Binhi (General
Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) 

Book Description:

Although there are many publications in newspapers and popular magazines,
discussing “Electromagnetic Mind Control” and
“Electromagnetic Weapons,” it is almost impossible to find
reliable information on these issues, particularly where relatively weak
electromagnetic (EM) radiations are of concern. This book fills the gap.
Written for a general audience, it discusses the physics of and related
scientific information on brain control using EM fields. It provides a
balanced scientific viewpoint on the possibility of the effects of EM on
the human brain and mind.

The book considers

methods of EM information extracting from and delivery into the human brain

–general theoretical principles of EM field interactions with living

–modern experiments, including neurological ones

–the microwave hearing effect and technical limitations of the targeted exposure
of humans to EM fields

–methodological limitations regarding EM mind control

Table of Contents:



Introduction pp.1-11

Mind control

Mind reading

EM weapons pp.


Selecting literature

Historical overview pp.13-24



Brain control pp.25-48

Functional magnetic resonance imaging


Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Standard magnetic stimulation

Microwave auditory effect

Brain wave monitoring

Brain-machine interface

Experimental grounds for EM mind control pp.49-62


Geomagnetic fluctuations

Microwave EMFs

Neurological effects of EMFs

Can superweak EM fields affect organisms? pp.63-74

Submicron level of magnetoreception

Magnetic field interaction with molecular target

Non-equilibrium states and biological sensitivity to EMFs

Discussion pp.75-82

EM targeting

Con arguments

Pro arguments

Beyond Science pp.83-90

Limitations of the scientific method


Conclusion pp.91-94

Bibliography pp.95-116


List of Figures


  Binding: Hardcover

   Pub. Date: 2009 4th Quarter

   Pages: 6 x 9, 132pp.

   ISBN: 978-1-60741-431-5

   Status: AV

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