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Başkonsolosumuz  rahmetli Kemal  Arıkan’ı 
şehit eden  katil  Hampig 
Sassunian’ın affı söz konusudur. Bunun için bir kampanya düzenlenmiştir.
Kaliforniya Ermeni lobisi affin yılbaşından önce onaylanması icin baskı
yapmaktadır. Kampanyaya, aşağıda verilen adreslere   ekte gönderdiğim mektubu göndererek
katılmanız dileğiyle yeni yılınıza kutlar, sağlık ve mutluluklar dilerim.
Kampanyaya katılmazsanız, yarın çok geç olabilir.

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The Honorable Jerry Brown

Governor of the State of California

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, California 95814

Re: Inmate Hampig Sassounian, # C88440

Dear Governor Brown,

On December 14, the
California Department of Corrections Parole Board found inmate Hampig
Sassounian, # C88440 suitable for parole. 
Hampig Sassounian was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to
life imprisonment for the heinous assassination of Turkish Consul General Kemal
Arikan on January 28, 1982, as Mr. Arikan was in his car waiting at a traffic
signal. Sassounian shot Mr. Arikan 14 times in the chest and head.  Marxist-Leninist Armenian terrorist
organization, the Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide (JCAG), the
militant wing of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), claimed

Armenian terrorism,
particularly the heinous murder committed by Hampig Sassounian, continues to
terrorize the Turkish American community. 
Turkish Americans feel at great risk when speaking and writing in
opposition to the allegation that the Ottoman Armenian tragedy of 1915
constitutes the crime genocide. 

The Turkish American
Community is exceptionally alarmed by the legitimacy and sponsorship Armenian
terrorism has gained from within the Armenian community, and in particular by
Armenian youth.  ARF and ANCA, as well as
their youth branches such as the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), have taken a
lead role in sustaining this legitimacy, having never condemned, denounced, or
made any adverse statements against Armenian terrorism.  This effort at legitimacy is compounded by
the fact that Hampig Sassounian has never expressed genuine remorse for his
crime or sought atonement.

In the Armenian military’s
Hay Zinvor magazine, Sassounian wrote: “I am the soldier of the Motherland
until death; my Armenian blood taught me this
.” His lengthy diatribe in Hay
Zinvor, Sassounian shows how he sees the killing of Mr. Arikan and his
incarceration as a part of a larger mission to give a message that the use of
violence is justified, that after his release from prison he will continue to
use violence, and that this is all about justice for himself and the Armenian
Cause, not justice for the family of Mr. Arikan. Sassounian concludes, “The way
for justice is long, and I will pass it with self-sacrificing, devotion,

In stark contrast, he has
incited Armenian youth to continue the fight. 
In the end, Sassounian was raised by this network of Armenian terrorist
organizations, which he now perpetuates. 
Part of that upbringing is not to feel remorse, but to carry on as if
violence is a legitimate and moral response to what is at its core an historical

As a member of Turkish
American Community,  I am  deeply concerned that granting Sassounian
parole would not only vindicate him and steal justice from the Arikan family
and victims of Armenian terrorism, but also fuel Armenian terror networks.  A grant of parole would also further
undermine the ever-diminishing security of Turkish Americans in exercising
their First Amendment freedoms of speech, expression and assembly without fear
of disruption and attack by Armenian groups.

I strongly urge you to
reverse the hearing panel’s decision to grant Sassounian parole.

Thank you for your time and
any consideration in the matter.

Dr. S. Rıdvan Karluk

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