Intellipedia is an online system for
collaborative data sharing used by the United States Intelligence Community
(IC).  It was established as a pilot project in late 2005 and formally
announced in April 2006 and consists of three wikis running on JWICS,
SIPRNet, and Intelink-U. The levels of classification allowed for information
on the three wikis are Top Secret, Secret, and Sensitive But
Unclassified/FOUO information, respectively. They are used by individuals
with appropriate clearances from the 16 agencies of the IC and other
national-security related organizations, including Combatant Commands and
other federal departments. The wikis are not open to the public.

Intellipedia is a project of the Office of
the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Intelligence Community
Enterprise Services (ICES) office headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland. It
includes information on the regions, people, and issues of interest to the
communities using its host networks. Intellipedia uses MediaWiki, the same
software used by the Wikipedia free-content encyclopedia project.  ODNI
officials say that the project will change the culture of the U.S.
intelligence community, widely blamed for failing to “connect the dots”
before the September 11 attacks.

The Secret version connected to SIPRNet
predominantly serves Department of Defense and the Department of State
personnel, many of whom do not use the Top Secret JWICS network on a
day-to-day basis. Users on unclassified networks can access Intellipedia from
remote terminals outside their workspaces via a VPN, in addition to their
normal workstations. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) users share information
on the unclassified network.  (Source: Wikipedia)

 Intellipedia Manual, 2007 Edition, Released in Full [17 Pages, 1.73MB]
– After appealing this 2009 request for a FULL denial, the document was sent
to the Department of State, and finally released in full in October of 2013.

Individual Entries:

Bay of Pigs [
8 Pages, 0.6MB | a/o 08/2014 ]

Corona Satellite [ 21 Pages,
3.19MB | a/o 02/2014 ]

Echelon [ 2 Pages, 3.19MB | 03/2014 ] – The FOIA for
this entry received the “GLOMAR Response.”

GeoLITE [ 5 Pages, 0.7MB | a/o 03/2016 ]

The Greenbrier Hotel [
6 Pages, 0.4MB | a/o 09/2014 ]

JFK Assassination [ 4 Pages,
0.99MB | a/o 01/2013 ]

MKULTRA / Mind Control [ 16 Pages,
2.76MB | a/o 03/2013 ]

Operation Garden Plot [ 1 Page,
0.6MB | a/o 04/2014 ] – For more documents, check out the
Operation Garden Plot Archive on
The Black Vault.

Remote Viewing [
7 Pages, 0.6MB | a/o 09/2014 ]

Scientology (State Dept.
Release) [ 6 Pages, 0.4MB | a/o 11/2014 ]

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) [ 3 Pages,
0.9MB | a/o 04/2014 ]

United States Secret Service [ 9 Pages, 1.59MB
| a/o 02/2011 ]

Warren Commission [ 5 Pages, 0.9MB |
a/o 02/2011 ]

Watergate [ 5 Pages, 0.9MB | a/o 12/2013 ]

Zero Point Energy [ 4 Pages,
0.6MB | a/o 9/2014]

“No Records” Response for these

– Fossil Fuel(s) (March 2016)

– New Age (September 2014)

– Noah’s Ark (September 2014)

– Nuclear Winter (October 2015)

– Paranormal  (September 2014)

– Parapsychology  (September 2014)

– Parapsychological (July 2015)

– Psychic Powers  (September 2014)

– Psychotronics (July 2015)

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