Christmas Day 2009, a young
Nigerian Al-Qaeda operative named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to blow up
Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam airport Schiphol to Detroit
Michigan, America using a bomb located in his underwear. The device fails and
Abdulmutallab is restrained by passengers before being arrested by homeland

In response, on both sides of
the Atlantic, political representatives and lobbyists, such as Michael
Chertoff, are very vocal about the need for full body scanning equipment to be
rolled out at airports to help prevent another underwear bomber from striking
again. The media devotes a lot of air time to demonstrating the benefits
offered by such security measures while downplaying any concerns that may
exist. The then prime minister Gordon Brown announces that full body scanning
equipment will be rolled out across UK airports and Lord Adonis discusses the
code of conduct for airport staff involved in operating the machines.

There’s only one problem with
all of the above. The entire event was just a little bit too convenient.

The underwear bomber and the

Abdulmutallab was known to the
CIA as “The Nigerian”, a person of interest to the agency as early as
August 2009, who was suspected of meeting with terrorist elements in Yemen.
This connection was not made when his father expressed concerns about his son’s
association with Yemen extremists to a CIA officer at the US Embassy in Nigeria
on November 19, 2009. This inability to make connections becomes even more
incredible with reports that British Intelligence MI5 had also warned the CIA
about Abdulmutallab, back in 2008.

Amazingly, despite being known
to American authorities as a potential terrorist Abdulmutallab’s US visa was
not revoked nor was his name placed on a no-fly list. Why didn’t these happen
given the current climate of paranoia surrounding terrorism and national
security? Why when Abdulmutallab’s name was entered into the Government’s
terrorist database and key biographical information about him was forward to
the National Counterterrorism Center was he allowed to fly to the US? In and of
itself this is highly suspicious, even more so with the following series of
events. Abdulmutallab, a suspected terrorist, boarded the plane in Amsterdam
heading for the US after buying his one way ticket with cash. He was carrying
no luggage, had been denied a visa to travel to the United Kingdom, had no
passport (and did not go through passport control at Schiphol airport) and had
been accompanied onto the flight by an unnamed Indian man who claimed that
Mutallab was a Sudanese refugee. Nothing suspicious there right?

The Israeli connection

The security company that
cleared Abdulmutallab to board the flight in Schiphol airport is ICTS, an
Israeli firm that was responsible for the following:

  • Clearing attempted shoe-bomber Richard Reid to
    board an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001
  • Providing security to Boston Logan airport where
    two airliners were hijacked on September 11th, 2001 and piloted into the
    twin towers in New York city
  • Providing security for the London Underground
    system on July 7th 2005 bombings

If we dig deeper though we
also find that Abdulmutallab’s father, Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab described by
the Times newspaper as one of the richest men in Africa, is reported to have
connections with Israeli intelligence. The former chairman of Nigeria’s First
Bank he also runs the nation’s arms industry, Defense Industries Corporation
(DICON) allegedly in close cooperation with Isreali intelligence – Mossad.

According to an article in
Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper Nigerian security forces have, for some time,
been trained by Israeli intelligence officers. Mossad is also reported to run
the nation’s airports, sell weapons and train the military.


Investigative journalist Wayne
Madsen has reported that Asian Intelligence believes the Indian man responsible
for escorting Mutallab through Dutch passport control is an agent for RAW
(Research and Analysis Wing), an Indian intelligence agency who some
commentators believe work hand-in-hand with Israel. If this is true then it
would help explain why an Israeli security firm would allow a suspected
terrorist, with a questionable recent history, to bypass customs without a
passport (an impossibility without assistance from an intelligence agency)
under very dubious circumstances.

Putting it together

  • Abdulmutallab was known to both the CIA and MI5
    prior to the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253
    on Christmas Day 2009
  • Abdulmutallab’s father reported his son as having
    ties to Yemen extremists to the CIA officer at the US embassy in Nigeria
    in November 2009
  • Despite being entered onto a Government terrorist
    database Abdulmutallab is NOT denied a US visa and is NOT placed on a
    no-fly list
  • Abdulmutallab is able to board Northwest Airlines
    Flight 253 at Schiphol airport despite not having a passport
  • The security company that cleared Abdulmutallab
    to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 has a history of providing security
    in locations involved in terrorist attacks
  • Abdulmutallab was accompanied by an unnamed
    Indian man through passport control

With all of this evidence
which of the following hypotheses seems more likely; that this was a failed
terrorist attack or an intelligence operation? There are so many
inconsistencies within the entire event that do not make sense and cannot be
explained as simply incompetence on the part of airport and intelligence
officials involved. Put together they appear to indicate a false flag terror
attack with the proposed solution just magically waiting, ready in the wings to
defend against such an occurrence happening again.