by Tim Rifat.

It is suspected that sections of the US military and security agencies have
been using synthetic telepathy against ‘internal subversives’ for at least a
decade. If these networks continue to operate unchecked, soon our thoughts may
no longer be our own!

Extracted from Nexus Magazine,  Feb/March 1997

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at Dimensional Doorways

Paranormal Research Techniques

Group-Augmented RV & ESP Capabilities




Demons at Dimensional Doorways

We are surrounded by a sea of biophysical fields, and the so-called
collective unconscious is merely a merging of the biophysical fields of humans
and other life-forms. But within this biophysical biosphere may exist remnants
of deceased individuals’ biophysical fields, which channellers are able to
access in contacting the departed or spirit guides. It may also be that, within
this biosphere, the biophysical fields of different species merge to form group
minds; for example, of the tiger or the wolf. Shamans and witch doctors
throughout history have reported these phenomena, but the scientific knowledge
to comprehend what might be going on has been absent until today.

Within this framework, it is possible that aliens from other dimensions are
able to gain access to our biophysical biosphere by tapping into the energy
given off in human sacrifices, black magic rituals and such like, thus allowing
malevolent aliens-the so-called demonic entities-into our realm. A study of
this phenomenon indicates it could be one of the principal paranormal causes of
world wars.

It may be no coincidence that, in their systematic studies of paranormal
phenomena, some Theosophists and initiates of the Order of the Golden Dawn
could have tampered unknowingly with forces that opened gateways to other
dimensions, thus enabling malevolent biophysical fields to enter our milieu.
Once here, these malevolent demonic entities could easily have entered the
minds of the European leaders, provoking them into starting the First World War
that would slay so many young men, and releasing so much life-force and
negative emotion upon which they could feed.

Secret US research into electronic gateways to other dimensions may also be
enabling entities to enter our continuum with a view to poisoning the
consciousness of humanity in preparation for war.

Paranormal Research Techniques

Throughout my research I have become aware of how useful remote viewing
(RV) can be in gaining information on topics that have proved impossible to
analyse by any other method. [An introduction to the science underlying RV and
remote mind-control technology (RMCT) is published in NEXUS, vol. 3, no. 6.

Having developed basic do-it-yourself guides for beginners in the RV field,
I found that there was still an accuracy problem with these simple methods. So
I set up the company, Paranormal Management Systems, to concentrate on the
scientific study of RV and the development of techniques that would far
outstrip most military methodologies in the West. Unfortunately, most RV practitioners
have not had access to these new techniques and are utilising controlled
remote-viewing methodologies as espoused by the Americans.

Any group of researchers willing to use the paranormal as an aid to
investigation can make use of techniques such as remote viewing, telepathy and
group-augmentation effects. So what are the steps involved?

Instead of switching off the brain stress system to inculcate the theta
state of consciousness (the method I use in PMS training), a much simpler
technique can be used-involving listening to baroque music to relax the brain
for RV or telepathic operation. This baroque music technique was developed by
the Bulgarians in their Suggestology Super Learning parapsychology training
courses. They found that the ordered, rhythmic nature of this music entrains
alpha waves in the listener. It is much less efficient than the PMS training
but for beginners it is relatively easy just to listen to baroque music as a
prelude to practising RV or telepathy.

Group-Augmented RV & ESP Capabilities

Researchers using RV to investigate UFOs, for instance, need to work
together in groups for best results.

Firstly, the group decides on one particular target, be it an alien planet,
military site, etc., and each member then tries to obtain RV data on the
target. This is done separately so that none of the remote viewers gets a
chance to discuss findings while in the process of remote viewing.

Once they have completed their RV, they look at all the data the group has
acquired. The common characteristics of what they viewed remotely would be the
details they should then concentrate on, because if all or most of the remote
viewers saw the same thing independently, this would indicate that their RV was

A similar method can be used by ESP/telepathy research groups, whether they
be involved in psychic questing or tapping into hidden knowledge in the
collective unconscious.

So, by applying this method of statistical analysis to the group’s data,
accurate RV or ESP/telepathy episodes can be targeted, and meaningful results
can be obtained even if any one individual’s RV or ESP/telepathy capability is
inaccurate. Consequently, the success that each individual achieves within the
group will provide positive feedback and improve individual RV capability by a
mechanism analogous to the ‘hundredth monkey’ effect-the learning of new habits
at a distance with no physical contact. More on this shortly.

But let us return briefly to the work of Dr Jessica Utts of Stanford
University. Through her statistical analysis of the results of US military RV
tests she found that the RV effect was slightly greater than chance, thus
proving that RV is indeed a real phenomenon.

European remote viewers are likely to be practising similar RV methods to
the Americans, so they need to use a technique to filter out noise from the RV
signal. By remote viewing a target firstly in an independent manner within a
group and then going over the results as a group, much of the RV noise can be
filtered out. This amplifies RV accuracy by augmenting the signal-to-noise
ratio. So, using multiple remote-viewers to give a large database,
non-correlated RV noise can be cancelled out by cross-correlating results-thus
ignoring spurious data not noted by other members of the group and, instead,
concentrating on details that everyone viewed remotely. This means that
meaningful results can be gleaned by using group-augmented RV, even though the
RV effect may only be slightly greater than chance.

As a caveat, PMS training methods (As well as the drastic techniques used
by the Russians) can dramatically improve RV or ESP/telepathic efficiency. In
my research I have found that groups of people who remotely view the same site
at the same time actually amplify their RV capabilities and boost their RV
efficiency. This is due to a merging of a biophysical RV state functions of the
fields involved.

I have mentioned the ‘hundredth monkey’ effect, where the more people
practise a ‘meme’ (habitual action or activity), the easier that action becomes
for the group. It is a well known phenomenon that when people or animals repeat
the same meme, there is a threshold after which that meme becomes habitual to
the race or species. The best example is the Japanese monkey that learnt to
remove sand from its wild rise by washing handfuls of this sandy rice in the
sea. Other members of its troop copied this meme. Once a hundred or so of its
peers had learnt this action, the meme miraculously appeared in other monkey
troops on other islands far removed from the original progenitor of this meme.
The hundredth monkey phenomenon is a well known anecdote about the spreading of
memes by remote viewing.

My discussion of biophysical fields and how they can interact with the
fields of other members of the species would seem to indicate that when a
threshold number of biophysical fields learn a new meme, the intent for that
meme is spread by spontaneous telepathy. This means that remote viewing is
difficult at first, but it becomes easier as more people practise it.

A similar effect is demonstrated with ESP and telepathy. Group-augmented
ESP and telepathy can dramatically boost latent psi-talent in the individual
and result in a growth of paranormal abilities as the biophysical field of the
individual merges with the group and is amplified in the process. This
amplification process of the individual’s biophysical field is then carried
over to the individual upon the return of the biophysical field to the single

Group amplification of biophysical fields enables the individual
biophysical field to develop from morphogenetic functioning, through to primary
consciousness, and hence to high-order consciousness where ESP/telepathic
functions are accessible.

When the person’s biophysical field leaves the group mind, it loses its
high-order consciousness, but there is an augmentation of its natural
consciousness. Continued practice of group-augmented ESP and telepathy leads to
an acceleration of this development, as it is enhanced by the group mind.

In this way, individuals can achieve the maximum capabilities of their psi
genes in the order of months rather than years. Furthermore, the genome can be
changed by biophysical field effects, so the group-augmented biophysical field
can be used to change the group’s genome to develop new psi-genes. It can also
be used to enhance paranormal psycho-neuro-immunological effects in the
individual, and thus can aid group members in achieving healthier, longer

Indeed, any group of people can use RV or ESP/telepathy as a tool in their
own research effort, or to cause physiological changes beneficial to health and

This is the first time these points have been mentioned outside of
superpower military research facilities and the multinational research being
undertaken by Sony.


An article in New Scientist has described how Japanese scientists are
beginning to read P300 brainwaves electronically, with a view to developing
computers to scan the brain for verbal content. At present, this research has
been able to match up only a handful of words that pass through the subject’s

There has been much anecdotal reference to a super-secret group in the US
military which has developed the means of electronically scanning the brain to
read the subvocalisation that passes through a targets mind. Synthetic
telepathy, or electronic brain-scanning, would be a valuable tool for the US
military. However, since the fall of the Soviet Union, it fears its own
population more than foreign enemies.

Lacking sophisticated telepaths developed by the Russians with a gamut of
drugs, brain surgery, invasive electronic stimulation, amplification and
psychotronic generator interfaces, the US military is rumoured to have
perfected synthetic telepathy.

The electromagnetic signals in the brain are of a very weak intensity, but,
in synthetic telepathy, only the signals associated with subvocalised thought
are of interest. The areas of the brain associated with speech are the Broca,
Wernicke and supplementary motor areas. So, by connecting these parts of the
brain to a computer via electrodes, highly sophisticated computer systems can
decode an information stream and read subvocalised thoughts in the brain.

It is well known that the National Security Agency (NSA), the largest of
the US state security organisations, possesses the most advanced computer
systems in the world. If Japanese medical research is already detecting a few
key-words just using P300 EEG signals, then it is very likely that the NSA can
read substantial portions of subvocalised thoughts. If the alleged transfer of
alien technology from the so-called “Greys” is factored in, then full
comprehension abilities may already have been achieved.

In the article titled “Covert Operations of the US National Security
Agency” [NEXUS, vol. 3, no. 3], the author, John St Clair Akwei, makes
mention of EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and
Electronic Brain Link (EBL) technologies. Such electronic RMCT has been in
development since the MKULTRA program of the early 1950s and, in fact, the US
military has been using RNM since the early 1980s.

It is alleged that the Kinnecome Group at the NSA’s Fort Meade is deploying
this RMCT against US citizens on a grand scale. Another group at Fort Bragg is
alleged to be using synthetic telepathy and electronic RMCT to augment the
capabilities of Green Berets involved in their program. One of the aims of the
research may be to remove conscience in the soldiers so that they may be better
equipped for expunging internal ‘subversives’ such as militia group members.


My research into biophysical RMCT has enabled me to discover the principles
by which this electronic RMCT could be made to work. It also appears that
so-called ‘alien technology’ has not been needed in the development of
synthetic telepathy.

For synthetic telepathy to be effective against a targeted ‘subversive’, it
has to be usable without ‘controllers’ physically having to place electrodes on
the target’s head or implants in the brain. So, US military personnel may first
have developed the use of masers, and other radio-frequency (RF)/microwave
devices that carry ELF audiograms, to interfere with the brains’ motor areas at
a distance. They might have achieved this by destructively interfering with the
motor neurone signals (rather like the systems used to generate real-time
replicas of the noise made by a car engine, but out of phase, so cancelling the
roar of the motor by destructive audio interference) or by just simply swamping
the rain with the 10-Hz bioelectric resonance signal associated with motor
impulse co-ordination, which could induce paralysis in the victim.

In the event of being detained, a subversive might then be subjected to a
crude form of synthetic telepathy involving electrodes being placed on his/her
head. Short-term memory brain-wiping technology would then be applied, combined
with ELF audio-grams that inhibit calcium efflux in the brain, with the result
that the prisoner is unable to remember what has happened to him. The next step
would be to implant microelectronic devices in the prisoner’s brain, in order
for behavioural control and synthetic, telepathic, subvocalised control signals
to be transmitted directly to the brain, bypassing the ears.”

However, it must have become clear to the US military that some technique
for effecting synthetic telepathy from a distance would be a more effective

The military may have found an opportunity to test and deploy its primitive
physical synthetic telepathy technology, using as a smokescreen a world wide
cover story about alien abductions (even if they are in fact really going on).
In any case, these alien abduction rumours have an added advantage in that
anyone abducted by the US military for interrogation or experimentation would
never be believed!

Deployment of new technology incorporating low-frequency microwaves and RF
is at least a decade old. Security personnel can use it to scan through bodies
and walls like X-rays, and see and track a target victim at home. But once they
can see inside that person’s head, they can conduct computer-controlled
targeting by firing pulsed-frequency masers at specific brain centres. (“Maser”
is the acronym for “microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of
radiation”.) This type of targeting is feasible considering the
sophisticated computers in the NSA’s possession.

Synthetic telepathy requires techniques for scanning the specific brain
emissions given off when the targeted victim subvocalises. The techniques must
be able to detect the 15-Hz, 5-milliwatt auditory cortex brain emissions that
are linked with sound that bypasses the ear; the ELF frequencies that are
linked with the excitation potentials in the brain that are associated with
subvocalised thought; and EEG signals, such as the P300 signals mentioned

The main problem with scanning these brain emissions is that the
environment around the target contains a vast background EM noise that swamps
the brain’s tiny 5-milliwatt signals. At a distance it is impossible to fix a
detector on the 15-Hz-centred window of ELF signals or the P300 emission band
unless the low-level signal can be extracted from the noise.

My interest in this subject arose from my research in augmenting weak RV
signals. As described previously, by using group-augmented RV, weak information
signals can be picked out from the much larger background noise because the
noise affects each remote viewer in a different way. However, each remote
viewer detects aspects of the same weak RV signal in the same way.

This method of using many detectors to read parallel signals of the same
source can be used to pick out very weak signals of interest, buried in a sea
of random noise, because the same weak signal is detected by all the receivers.
Cross-referencing the multiple signal returns from all the receivers, and
looking only for identical signals, allows a very weak signal to be detected
from the background noise.

Dr. Ross Adey, at Loma Linda Veterans Administrative Hospital in
California, discovered that the best method for getting an ELF signal into a
human brain is with pulse modulation of a high-frequency field. By firing ELF
pulse-modulated masers, which can scan up and down the window of frequency
emissions given off by subvocalised thought, interference effects can be
measured in the maser beam.

The targeted victim’s ELF brain emissions may interact constructively or
destructively with the pulsed-frequency maser carrying ELF in the ELF window
associated with subvocalised thoughts. If out-of-phase converging pulsed masers
are fired at a victim’s brain or brain centre, the out-of-phase ELF modulations
of the masers cancel each other out by destructive interference. Thus, no
resonance effects in the brain are established to perturb the brain emissions
of subvocalisation. Since the converging ELF-modulated masers are affected by
low-level emissions in the target’s brain, shifts in the ELF-pulsed signal
going into the brain can be detected.

A simplistic version of this would be to direct a laser beam at a window in
the targeted person’s home. The vibrations in the window cause modulations in
the laser that can be converted into electrical signals and hence into sound.

In RMCT (pulsed ELF-audiogram-modulated interference-maser
synthetic-telepathy), the ELF emissions in the target’s brain may interfere
constructively or destructively with the ELF modulations carried by the maser
as it pulses up and down the frequency range window of subvocalised thought.
But before this data can be analysed, the low-level signal has to be picked out
of the noise. Since at least two pairs of converging masers have to be targeted
on the brain of the victim, his ELF emissions will affect the maser beams in
exactly opposite ways, while the background noise will cause various changes in
the two masers. If only identical but opposite perturbations are looked for in
the pulsed window of ELF-modulated maser return signals, then, with computer
simulation, a real-time picture can be produced of ELF emissions in the
victim’s brain.

Having already built up a library of excitation potential signatures for
differing words and word groupings, a sophisticated computer can begin to
decode the emission signatures into word streams. In this way, the victim’s
subvocalised thoughts can be stored in the memory of NSA state-of-the-art
computers, ready for analysis by NSA personnel.

Using ELF audiograms carried by a single pulse-modulated maser,
subvocalised thoughts can be placed in the victim’s brain. This gives synthetic
telepathy operators the ability to enter into conversations with a targeted
‘subversive’ to drive him mad, and to input key-words to get the victim
thinking about the information they wish to find.


Telepathy has come a long way since the early days of research. Russian
telepaths have made massive advances in the biophysical and electronic spheres
of research, while the US military in all probability already has a
fully-functioning synthetic telepathy system.

The head of US Special Forces, Major-General Schaknow, made the first
public revelations about synthetic telepathy during a July 1992 lecture at Fort
Bragg, North Carolina. Certainly, the mechanisms by which synthetic telepathy
might operate are well within the capabilities of US military technology.
Without being limited by qualms or ethical concerns, the military is almost certain
to have developed synthetic telepathy in a usable form and deployed it against
internal ‘subversives’ such as militia members and black activists.

It seems that your own thoughts may no longer be private. Worse still, your
own thoughts might not be your own. George Orwell’s 1984 might be utopia
compared to the police state of the mind which agents of the New World Order
are building under our very noses.