Turks massacred by Armenians in Amasya-Gümüşhacıköy-Çalköy


The Lives of Armenians during Seljuk and Ottoman Rule

Armenian Revolts

Massacre of Turks by Armenians Started Long Before Their Forced Migration

The Decision of Forced Migration and Those Exempted from it

Measures Taken To Insure Safety of the Displaced Armenians

Population of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and the Number of Armenians Relocated

The Decree to Stop Migration and Commence the Return of Those Willing

Armenian Cooperation with Enemy Forces

Statements Made by Russian and Armenian Statesmen

Malta Exiles and the Efforts of the British to Find Documents Against the Ottoman Government

American Research Committees

The proposed Investigation Committee by the Ottoman Empire

The Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee and the Efforts of the Turkish-Armenian Platform

Fraudulent Documents and Pictures Manufactured by the Armenians

Number of Turks who were Massacred in 4 Provinces of Eastern Anatolia During 1912-1922

Turks Forced to Migrate in Order to Escape from Armenian Massacres

A Comparison Between Deaths of Turks and Armenians and the Armenian Desires for More Land

Assassination of Turkish Diplomats by Armenians

Armenian threats and Terror Directed Towards Foreign Parliamentarians and Historians

Armenians Raising Their New Generation as Haters of Turks and Turkey



Armenian Terrorists 1890-1896

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