FİLİSTİN & GAZZE – Filistin Sorunu

Palestine issue has been confined today to the limited
understanding of nationalism. All the solution proposals made within the
insight of nationalism have proved to be unsuccessful. Additionally, those
solution proposals were unlikely to offer a just and fair solution to the
Palestine issue. Today the struggle for the Palestinian state has begun to
transform into a struggle for equal rights between Jordan and the
Mediterranean. Within this context, based on Kant’s “perpetual peace” concept,
and engaging with cosmopolitan vision, this study seeks to pose whether a just
and fair solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict passes through the
creation of a single state in Palestine. The case for one–state solution is a
normative one and it is a question of morality. The author acknowledges the
dark spots of this option; however intends to lay bare new and open discussions
concerning the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


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