& NSA & CIA & FBI Back Story

  • John
    Judge, “Contragate,” Iran – Contra funding 1987 & the Dirt on Oliver
    Marine Corps Lt. Col. (Ret.) Oliver North speaks at an NRA
    convention in Dallas, Texas, May 4, 2018. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters) Compiled
    by Lisa Phillips of January 4, 2018 Who is Oliver North?
    Here’s some background information:  John Judge, “Contragate,” Iran –
    Contra funding 1987 NRA Names Oliver North Next President May 7, 2018 by
    Jack Crowe Oliver North, the retired Marine lieutenant …
  • The Veneer of Justice
    in a Kingdom of Crime
    Summary: The criminal global banking cartel has
    effected a coup d’etat in the U.S. This is why the same criminal financial
    elite that saw 1000 of its members go to prison 20 years ago (after the
    S&L crisis) is now above the law. To date, the question of why the
    U.S. Department of Justice has failed …
  • Vote
    Scam The Stealing of America – Election Fraud – Diebolt Rigging

    December 28, 2018 How treasonous scum like John McCain gets voted in for 8
    terms. If you believe America has fair and honest elections, think again.
    James Collier · Vote Scam The Stealing of America – Election Fraud –
    Diebolt Rigging James Collier · Vote Scam The Stealing of America – Election
    Fraud – Diebolt Rigging  
  • The
    Covert Operations Behind the Federal Reserve System: Black Ops
    4, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of When currency was
    backed by gold, a central bank’s main function was to maintain the value
    of the issued currency in terms of gold. For example, if a central bank
    created too much money against the gold reserves in the banking system, an
    increasing number of people would …
  • ‘Deep
    Politics’ and Supranational Aspects of the Trump Era
    Pictured: RAND
    Corp. headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. Akamai Tree Don’t take anything at
    face value Posted on August 10, 2018 akamaitree Every American president
    is covertly backed by a consortium of “deep political” factions and
    interest groups. These groups invariably wind up stacking the
    administrations they help parlay into power with members and associates of
    their clique. This …
  • TRUE
    Locations Of Israel AND Jerusalem FOUND!! It’s Not Where You Think!!

    BEEN LIED TO FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS?! In this video, you will see the TRUE
    Restored …
  • Cambridge Five Spy Ring – Kim
    Kim Philby, as depicted on a Soviet Union stamp Archived on
    December 8, 2018 from
    Cambridge Five From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Soviet and Russian
    Spies The Cambridge Spy Ring was a ring of spies in the United Kingdom,
    who passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and was
    active at least into the early 1950s. …
  • The Silvermaster Spies Archived on
    December 9, 2018 from by By John
    Simkin ( © September 1997 (updated August
    2014). Nathan Silvermaster was born into a Jewish family in Odessa,
    Russia, in 1898. His family emigrated to the United States in 1914. He
    studied economics at the University of Washington. He then moved to the
    University of California. (1) A …
  • Donald
    Trump is a Product of ((Israeli)) Military Intelligence
    Alex Jones
    also does a whole pile of hand signals – I mean REALLY blatant. What does
    it all mean? Trump is specifically a product of Israeli Military
    Intelligence. I gathered some exacting sequences from “Kay Griggs Talks”
    to remind people of what Army Intelligence is. Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  Donald Trump is a Product …
  • The
    Communist New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, A Tour

    Published on August 30, 2016 In a world where systemic economic crises and
    proxy warfare have become the new normal, it’s not hyperbole to say that
    we are—as a planet—at the end of the post WWII paradigm. Now, a handful of
    world leaders are proposing a change of course and in doing so, are
    fundamentally challenging …
  • The
    So Called “Death of Communism” Anatoliy Golitsyn : The Perestroika
    November 5, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of The ‘liberalization’ should be extended to East Germany,
    demolition of the Berlin Wall might even be contemplated.” “The …
  • The
    Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship: Money, Mossad, and
    the CIA
    Andrew Myles Cockburn (/ˈkoʊbɜrn/ koh-burn; born January 7,
    1947) is an English journalist who has lived in the United States for many
    years. Born in London in 1947, Cockburn grew up in County Cork, Ireland.
    His father was socialist author and journalist Claud Cockburn. His mother,
    Patricia Evangeline Anne (née Arbuthnot), was the granddaughter of British
  • Gab (.AI) is a Mossad Operation
    October 6, 2017 by Wide Awake Gentile Launched in August, Gab has become
    known as a safe haven for the “alt-right” movement. The social network
    currently has 100,000 members and another 200,000 on its waiting list,
    according to the company. Headquartered in the Caribbean island Anguilla,
    Gab is “bootstrapped,” or  self-financed, with some donations from
    the “Gab community.”  …
  • Donald Trump: The Soros
    October 18, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of “Any day now, Donald Trump is finally going to confess,”
    writes Steve Sebelius in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Any day now, Trump
    is going to admit what savvy observers have long suspected, that his bid
    for the presidency is actually the most elaborate pilot episode of a
    brand-new reality …
  • Salem
    Witch Trials Hoax and Psyop! Exposing the Puritans!
    October 17, 2018
    Research shows the so called Puritans of Massachusetts were actually
    Jews.  These “puritans” set to work to exterminate the native
    Americans and blamed the Christians for it since that dark time in
    American history.  Benjamin Franklin is also exposed as a Freemason,
    who most likely performed experiments on unsuspecting people.  England’s
    Oliver Cromwell …
  • Michael
    Collins Piper – The Mossad Link to the Martin Luther King Assassination

    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of Who owns the “black vote” in
    America?  Martin Luther King intended to align his movement with the
    Palestinians in the 1960’s. His assassination also ties in with Israel
    stealing America’s nuclear technology (Numec Coverup) so that the Israelis
    could use the Samson Option (threat of annihilation of Europe) to
    blackmail …
  • Russian Defector Yuri Bezmenov
    The USA is at this moment a destabilized nation on the way to crisis. In
    this interview from 1984, Yuri Bezmenov articulates the method. 
    Everything Yuri Bezmenov says about Marxist Liberals can be said about
    Neocon “Conservatives” who put wars for Israel ahead of their own
    country’s safety and security.  Whenever there is a war …
  • Are People Really
    That Stupid? (Zionism 102)
    Published on October 7, 2015 ARE PEOPLE
    REALLY THAT STUPID? Are people really that stupid that they can not piece
    together or understand that the trouble in the Middle East is directly
    related to the Zionist abomination know as the Greater Israel Project. Are
    people that blind that they cannot see what’s going on. All roads (wars)
    lead …
  • The Tel
    Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying
    June 30, 2018
    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of Brendon O’Connell and Mike
    Herzog expose Israel as being a Bolshevik Russian entity.  There is
    so much truth in these videos!  Anyone who isn’t aware of these facts
    must watch and understand where the Democrats/Liberals and Republican
    “Christian” Neoconservatives in the United States are taking their marching
    orders …
  • Social
    Media is Used as a Tool to Weed Out Dissidents!
    July 27, 2018 Compiled
    by Lisa Phillips of Social media is used as a tracking
    device to weed out dissidents who are against the NWO/JWO, Operation
    Talpiot, the Military Industrial Complex, AIPAC, and the rest of the Deep
    State.     Published (mirrored) on May 23, 2018 courtesy of
    Koleman Kooler   “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete
    when everything …
  • Trump’s
    Contribution to the Clinton Foundation
    September 22, 2018 Compiled by
    Lisa Phillips of Directly from the Clinton Foundation’s
    website: The Clinton Foundation’s impact would not be possible without the
    generous support of our donors and grantors. Their contributions and
    grants have made a difference in the lives of tens of millions across the
    world. As part of the Foundation’s commitment to transparency, …
  • Exposing Edward Snowden
    aka Ed Greenberg
    September 17, 2018 What you’re not being told about
    Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden   Published (mirrored) on
    August 6. 2013 courtesy of Point ** Those of us who are paying attention
    know that Edward Snowden aka Ed Greenberg presented nothing new when he
    went on national television to “disclose” the NSA’s spying on all
    Americans.  “Snowden” had a …
  • American
    Patriot John McCarthy is the REAL Snowden
    January 5, 2018 Who is
    Snowden? Booz Allen Hamilton business connections:  Booz Allen
    Hamilton Holding Corporation More on Snowden aka Ed Greenberg: New
    Greenberg/Snowden Psuedonym and Evidence Uncovered ”Unlike Snowden I did
    not have a 200,000$ a year CIA job… in Hawaii… I lived there for 19 years…
    and was forced to leave the US in fear for …
  • Is
    The Partition of Iraq The First Step In A Zionist Project For Partitioning
    The Entire Middle East?
    Archived from October 3, 2007 For
    UrShalim, it is Sykes-Picot all over again, partitioning the Middle East
    under spheres of western influence ‘protecting’ different ethnicities. And
    for Nidal, who is commenting on UrShalim, westerners are discarding the
    Arab perception of USrael’s policies in the Middle East as ‘conspiracy
    theories’. However, if they look carefully at the …
  • Zionism &
    Wahhabism: Two Sides of the Same Coin
    August 30, 2018 A brief history
    of who set up Saudi Arabia and why, and its sisterhood with Israel. 
    If you were wondering about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, this is a
    video you need to watch. Zionism & Wahhabism two sides of the same coin
    Published (mirrored) on June 3, 2018 courtesy of  Republic of Texas
    Youtube …
    Most people are unaware that
    (generally) Iranians hate Saudi and the Gulf States more than they hate
      Video (mirrored) published on March 17, 2017 Courtesy of Brendon
    (mirrored) on April 23, 2016 courtesy of Onder Koffer V Youtube
    channel ** Israeli Pipeline, …
  • United
    Methodist Church Puts Israeli Companies on Blacklist
    January 12, 2016
    by Rick Gladstone The pension board of the United Methodist Church — one
    of the largest Protestant denominations in the United States, with more
    than seven million members — has placed five Israeli banks on a list of
    companies that it will not invest in for human rights reasons, the board
    said in a …
  • Dane
    Wigington Exposed! The REAL Dangers of Chemtrails, DEW, Lasers, and the 5G
    August 25, 2018 Dane Wigington is a schill for the JWO and
    Military Industrial Complex.  This video says it all!  If you
    want to know what’s really going on with the US Military’s attacks on
    America, don’t hesitate, watch and share everywhere!  Incidentally,
    Mr. Wigington’s voice was heard promoting the QAnon psyop recently. 
    If anyone has …
  • Satanism and Occultism
    in the US Military
    August 23, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of Red Ice Radio – Douglas Dietrich – Hour 1 – Occultism
    & Satanism in the U.S. Military For eight years, Douglas Dietrich was
    a research librarian for the Department of Defense at El Presidio Real de
    San Francisco Military Base. There, along with his primary duty of
    document destruction, …
  • Priory of Sion: Fringe
    Secret Society
    August 18, 2018 Many people have asked, “Who runs the
    New World Order?”.  Is it the descendants of the Knights Templar, the
    Rothschilds, the City of London, the Freemasons? Christian scholars Gary
    Wayne and David Carrico explain not only the history of the groups
    involved, but where they came from, who they married, and how they came
  • Secret CIA Campaign to
    Influence Culture
    Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program CIA
    Funding and Manipulation of the U.S. News Media Operation Mockingbird was
    a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence domestic and
    foreign media beginning in the 1950s. According to the Congress report
    published in 1976: “The CIA currently maintains a network of several
    hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide …
  • What
    is Black Cube, the Cambridge Analytica-linked intelligence firm?
    7, 2018 by Amrita Khalid Cambridge Analytica, the data firm which was
    hired by the Trump campaign, has drawn fire for its murky tactics in
    engaging voters during the U.S. presidential election and the Brexit
    referendum. including illegally harvesting information from 87
    million Facebook profiles. But an even shadier story is brewing. In
    his testimony last month to …
  • Trump:
    CIA Asset? Links to Roy Cohn’s CIA Pedophile Ring
    Donald Trump’s
    mentor was Roy Cohn (above left, with Trump right). Roy Cohn – The CIA
    Pedophile Ring Leader – An Evil Mechanism of Political Control February
    15, 2017 Summary:  We have a very short summary this time, but the
    GTRP Diagram is the value. In this post we look at the information
    available pertaining to Roy Cohn. …
    A book overlooked by most people and published for sale
    mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews
    of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews). The book is
    entitled “The Grandees – America’s Sephardic Elite.” The author is Stephen
    Birmingham, who is recognized by the Jewish community as an expert on …
  • Men Love Darkness Rather than
    August 11, 2018 American Patriot and Christian Brandon Sibley
    explains our true Savior, as opposed to someone put forward by man, or the
    US government aka QAnon. If you’re looking for a Savior, look no further!
    Watch the video on Vimeo:  Men love darkness rather than light  
  • YHVH’S Faithless Bride August 10, 2018
    Brandon Sibley gives a brilliant explanation of Ezekiel 16. Watch this
    video to learn why the Jews aren’t “chosen people”. For more videos by
    Brandon Sibley, please visit his youtube channel TheBigsib. Watch the
    video (mirrored) on Vimeo:  YHVH’S Faithless Bride Published on June
    18, 2018 courtesy of TheBigsib Youtube channel
  • Deception
    of the English Language: Phonics, Etymology, Definition & Hidden
    Learn how the elite changed the meanings of words to trick
    the masses into following laws they created to enslave us by replacing of
    common law terms. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Deception of the English
    Language: Phonics, Etymology, Definition & Hidden Meanings  
  • Kay Griggs interviewed by
    Jeff Rense
    “Kay Griggs, former marine colonel’s wife, talks about
    Military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual
    perversion deep within the highest levels of U.S. military and
    government.” Mrs. Griggs names names, and mentions the German connection
    to the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers and Pentagon, drug and weapons
    trafficking through Israeli brokers to …
  • How the Elite
    Code Everything on TV with Gematria
    August 2, 2018 Zachary K. Hubbard
    explains the technique used by the Zionist elite who code everything we
    see on tel-lie-vision with Gematria. In this example, Lisa Simpson plays
    Ivanka Trump.  Will Ivanka be selected as the new US president? Watch
    the video on Vimeo:  Lisa Simpson is Ivanka Trump from Bart to the
    Future Fire and Fury …
  • Chinese
    Communists have taken over America: Who Set up and runs China?
    27, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of This report should
    be given to all American Military Personnel! by Brendon O’Connell  
      Published (mirrored) on July 18, 2018 courtesy of Brendon O’Connell
    Youtube channel Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China
    IMPORTANT LINKS BELOW To donate to Brendon O’Connell’s PayPal: The Communist Chinese are a huge threat to America
    militarily …
  • Author
    Calls Trump “Greatest Con Artist of all Time” and he’s a Republican

    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of July 16, 2018 We finally
    found someone associated with the Republican party who has followed the
    career of Donald Trump and who has asked Trump the hard questions. This
    video contains excerpts of a lecture by David Cay Johnston, author of the
    bestselling book, “The Making of Donald Trump.” If you’re still playing
  • The
    Noahide Laws to Decapitate Christians & The History of FEMA
    in mind: H.J.Res.104 – To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day,
    U.S.A.”.102nd Congress (1991-1992) –H.J.Res.104– H.J.Res.104 One Hundred
    Second Congress of the United States of America AT THE FIRST SESSION Begun
    and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January,
    one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one Joint Resolution To designate
    March 26, 1991, …
  • Stanley
    Kubrick Moon Landing Confession & Trump Appointment of CIA Plane Crash
    Survivor to NASA
    “All Truth passes through three stages. First, it is
    ridiculed, Then it is violently opposed, Finally it is accepted as
    self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer- “In an age of universal deceit,
    telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.” “Whoever controls the past,
    controls the future.” -George Orwell- Stanley Kubrick’s confession should
    put the NASA hoax to bed once and …
  • Zechariah Sitchin Debunked Michael
    S. Heiser, PhD, a scholar of Hebrew and other ancient languages has
    studied the work of Zechariah Sitchin and has determined that Sitchin
    doesn’t have any knowledge of the texts he supposedly translated. Watch
    the video on Vimeo:  Zechariah Sitchin Debunked – Michael S Heiser
  • Trading
    with the Enemy: China Controls the Panama Canal
    The Trading with the
    Enemy Act (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session I, Chapters 105, 106,
    October 6, 1917) Former Congressman George Vernon Hansen (1930-2014) in
    1997 with Anthony Hilder, introduced by Dean Stonier and Eustace Mullins.
    Topics: Communist China, Bill & Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush,
    Jimmy Carter Administration, Newt Gingrich, Counterfeit Conservatives,
    Political Blackmail, CIA, …
  • The Controversy of Zion –
    A Bible Study
    July 3, 2018 Published on June 30, 2018 courtesy of
    TheBigsib Youtube channel Bible study about Idumea/Esau/Edomites/Babylon
    and ending with the way out. Truth is the light that expels all
    darkness,deceit and lies. Fear is a tool of the author of confusion and
    now is the time for standing in truth with courage and love. I hope …
  • Exposing Alex Jones aka Bill
    Researcher Matthew North does it again with his outstanding
    video exposing Alex Jones. Forensic evidence, strange coincidences, and
    mockery of the duped masses are all used to expose the fraud that is the
    carnival barker “Alex Jones” aka Bill Hicks. Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  Alex Jones Is Bill Hicks Whether You Like It Or Not …
  • The
    NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in 8 US Cities and the Link to AT&T, Israel, and
    the Mormon Freemasons
    June 26, 2018 Compiled by Lisa Phillips of The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in 8 US Cities The Wiretap Rooms
    June 25, 2018 by Ryan Gallagher, Henrik Moltke of the The
    secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United
    States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete
    structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even …
  • The
    NWO is Run from the Descendants of the Pharaohs in Switzerland

    Political prisoner Sean Hross reports on the NWO being run by the descendants
    of the Egyptian pharaohs in Switzerland, who created the IMF and World
    Bank.  The Nazi SS is synonymous with ISIS.  The origins of the
    KKK are also exposed. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Sean Hross on Truth
    Warrior – Switzerland Land Of The …
  • Democrats
    & NeoCon Republicans = Stalinists & Trotskyists
    June 22, 2018
    A false left-right paradigm is essentially two opposing groups who give
    the illusion of hopelessly polarizing worldviews but in reality, they
    share common goals in the overall scope of things (such as the direction
    of our country towards a global system). Usually these groups disagree on
    smaller divisive matters, which maybe real, to …
  • The Federal Reserve:
    Public Enemy Number One
    June 15, 2018 by Peter Schmidt of The following article was written by Peter
    Schmidt. Any views expressed are his own and do not necessarily
    reflect the views of Peter Schiff or SchiffGold.  When currency was
    backed by gold, a central bank’s main function was to maintain the value
    of the issued currency in terms of gold.  For example, …
  • The
    Truth About Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon
    great masquerader of the UK! Watch the video on Vimeo:  The Truth
    About Tommy Robinson – Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon
  • Princess Diana is Still Alive
    May 27, 2018 by @WeAreThe_Answer and @blondenfun1 Info from MI6 (data
    dump) There was a body sacrificed in tunnels.  Charles is a gay boy
    with Camilla and Diana as arm candy.   See also:  The Royals:
    Royal Family Secrets Revealed Watch the video on Vimeo: ΤRUTΗ ABOUT PRINCE
    mother is …
  • Revealed:
    US Military Spy Operation that Manipulates Social Media
    General David
    Petraeus has previously said US online psychological operations are aimed
    at ‘countering extremist ideology and propaganda’. Photograph: Cliff
    Owen/AP Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities
    to spread pro-American propaganda by Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain The US
    military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate
    social media sites by using fake …
  • Hiding in Plain Sight This matrix is a
    crime against humanity on a large scale.  Are the people who see and
    understand the matrix of control really insane, or just highly intelligent
    and perceptive world patriots who desire liberty? Video (mirrored)
    published on May 8, 2018 courtesy of Zen Garcia Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  Hiding In Plain Sight  
  • Netanyahu
    implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S. — big story in Israel

    Israel’s Number One Warmongering Drama Queen September 28, 2012 by Charles
    Frith The corporate for profit media won’t touch the story but that’s OK
    because the alternative media are on top of it. During the 80’s when
    Netanyahu claimed he was working as a furniture salesman (same job as
    Obama’s grandfather nudge nudge wink wink) he was in …
  • The
    German House of Wurttemberg – The Hidden Hand Behind the NWO/JWO
    German House of Wurttemberg are one of the most dominant bloodlines of the
    Holy Roman Empire currently headed up by Duke Carl of Wurttemberg and his
    children Duke Friedrich, Duke Philippe, Duke Eberhard, Duke Michael,
    Duchess Mathilde, and Duchess Fleur. Count Conrad I of Wurttemberg was the
    founder of this royal house and made …
  • The
    Samson Option – How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With
    Nuclear War
    Video (mirrored) published on November 7, 2011 courtesy of
    Tressco See also: The NUMEC Cover-up: The Diversion of U.S. Weapons Grade
    Uranium from NUMEC to Israel Politicians Asked “Who in the Middle East
    ACTUALLY has Nukes?” Free Ebook:  Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and
    American Foreign Policy – Samson Option Trump signed secret pledge to
    safeguard Israeli nukes — report According to …
  • Ginsburg Moralizes A
    Ruthless Treason
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg arrives for
    the luncheon in Statuary Hall during President Barack Obama’s inauguration
    ceremony on Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)
    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of May 4, 2018 by Frederick C.
    Blackburn of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Tonight we will look at the
    career of U.S. Supreme Court  Associate …
  • U.S.
    sees Israel as No. 1 spy threat in Middle East, officials say + DHS is an
    Israeli Company
    July 28, 2012 by The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The
    CIA station chief opened the locked box containing sensitive equipment he
    used from his home in Tel Aviv, Israel, to communicate with CIA
    headquarters in Virginia, only to find that someone had tampered with it.
    He sent word to his superiors about the break-in. The incident, described
    by …
  • Politicians
    Asked “Who in the Middle East ACTUALLY has Nukes?”
    Watch these
    pathetic “leaders” squirm or pretend they didn’t hear the question when
    asked about Israel’s massive nuclear weapons stockpile (which they
    initially got from stealing weapons grade uranium from the US). It is
    official US policy to not acknowledge this fact, so next time you are near
    a politician put them in an uncomfortable …
  • Mike Cernovich Exposed!
    April 30, 2018 Adam Green of Know More Knews does an
    excellent job exposing Mike Cernovich.  Laura Loomer is exposed,
    also. Video (mirrored) published on April 29, 2018 courtesy of Know More
    News Watch the video on Vimeo:  Mike Cernovich EXPOSED as a Zionist
    Propagandist ** See also:  Sayanim & Hasbara and The Art of War
    Landmark Bill Restricting Criticism of …
  • Hunter S. Thompson Exposed!
    Warning!  Graphic!  Not for audiences under the
    age of 18. Quite possibly the most sickening video you will ever see.
    Watch the video on Vimeo:  Hunter S. Thompson Exposed #Pizzagate –
    WARNING! Graphic! Not for audiences under 18 years of age! Video
    (mirrored) published on July 28, 2017 Courtesy of Conspiracy News Hunter
    Stockton Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February …
  • Gulag Amerika –
    Testimony of a Hollywood Insider
    Comment from AffinityNetNews For
    those who do not now know: There is NO actual Constitutional government
    whatsoever at the federal, state, county or city level to be found
    anywhere within ‘Gulag Amerika’ since circa 1871 pursuant to US Statue
    Code Title II, Sec. 286 (banned from the internet) which states the
    following; “The United States …
  • Who is Bashar al-Assad’s Wife? Asma
    al-Assad speaks at the opening session of the Women Business International
    Fourm in Damascus April 12, 2018 by Jon Lockett FIRST LADY OF HELL Who is
    Bashar al-Assad’s wife Asma, when did she marry the Syrian president and
    where was she born in the UK? The Syrian first lady was once
    described as the Princess Diana of Syria with …
  • The Protocols of Zion: A
    A compilation of eye-opening material that will ‘red pill’
    anyone with half of a brain. Narrated and produced by Jeff Kutzler
    Bolshevik Revolution, Russia 1917 November Revolution, Germany 1918 1949
    Revolution, China There’s been 30 communist revolution attempts throughout
    the world, resulting in 94 million deaths. With these revolutions also
    came lose of freedom and the moral decay …
  • Israel’s
    Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew
    An exposé on Israel’s
    detailed projects – some public, some covert – to influence what people
    see on the Internet, and what they don’t. From the article, “How Israel
    and its partisans work to censor the Internet”. Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  Israel’s Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew Video
    (mirrored) published on April 6, 2018 …
  • USS Liberty: Dead In The Water
    On June 8th, 1965, during the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank
    the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four
    American servicemen were killed and over 170 wounded in the two-hour
    assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats. Israel claimed that the
    whole affair had been a tragic accident based on …
    Nerve Agents, Binary – GB2, VX2
    Originally published on April 28, 2015
    Background In the 1950s, the US Army began to consider the development of
    binary nerve agent weapons to provide increased safety during storage and
    handling. At that time, unitary nerve agent weapons were the only ones in
    existence. In unitary agents, the chemicals were produced in a plant,
    loaded into the …
  • Pope
    Francis Found Guilty Of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder
    July 20, 2014
    Archive taken from (Before It’s News)
    Yesterday defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior
    General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found
    guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges
    of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that
    the crimes occurred as recently as …
  • Gaddafi and the IRA IRA PLO 248.88. (photo
    credit: Kerry Fay) An ITV Documentary about Muammar Gaddafi and his support
    for the Provisional IRA. This documentary follows him and his support for
    the IRA – February 2011 Watch the video (mirrored) on Vimeo:  Gaddafi
    and the IRA (2011 Documentary) From the Jerusalem Post 2009 IRA-PLO
    cooperation: A long, cozy relationship Israel is continually …
  • Uncounted: The New
    Math of American Elections
    UNCOUNTED is an explosive new documentary
    that shows how the election fraud that changed the outcome of the 2004
    election led to even greater fraud in 2006 – and now looms as an unbridled
    threat to the outcome of the 2008 election. This controversial feature
    length film by Emmy award-winning director David Earnhardt examines in …
  • Uncounted:
    Whistleblower Clinton Curtis Million Dollar Programmer
    Mr. Curtis,”
    said the questioner at the U.S. House Judiciary Committee proceedings,
    “are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?” And so
    begins the story of Clint Curtis – computer programmer, Floridian,
    Republican – who was asked by the company he worked for to create a
    vote-rigging software prototype that he assumed …
  • The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria
    The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) Dr.
    Henry Abramson Watch the video on Vimeo:  The Jewish Kingdom of
    Khazaria (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) Dr. Henry Abramson ** A
    Brief History of Khazars in the ‘Goldene Medin’ Vatic Note: This is up
    again, because we are getting so close to the end and we need …
  • Jewish Gun Control
    Legislation Since 1968
    LEGISLATION 1968 PRESENT Most U.S. Federal gun control legislation has
    been written, introduced, and sponsored by Jewish Congressmen and Jewish
    Senators. Apparently it’s okay for Jews to possess guns, just not Goyim
    cattle. Oh yes, the greatest gun grabbers in US History are and have
    always been quite Jewish. …
  • Webster
    Tarpley CIA Mormon Mafia & the Benghazi Attack
    American historian
    Webster Tarpley breaks down the CIA Mormon Mafia and the Benghazi Killings
    on Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner. Original broadcast on October 17
    2012. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Webster Tarpley CIA Mormon Mafia
    & the Benghazi Attack To Get the Truth about Benghazi, Probe the CIA
    Mormon Mafia and the Romney Campaign:
    Webster …
  • Is
    the spinning globe model the Strong Delusion of Scripture?
    Rob Skiba,
    a Christian patriot and truth teller explains: “In this closing segment
    from my second lecture in Amsterdam, I ask the question, “Is the spinning
    globe model the Strong Delusion of Scripture?” 2 Thess. 2:9-12 says that
    it will be associated with the “lawless one” who is the Beast – the
    Antichirst (yes, I know …
  • An honest
    Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel
    Miko Peled, an honest
    Israeli Jew, tells the truth about the brutal and illegal occupation of
    Palestine by Zionist Ashkenazi Jews who have absolutely no connection to
    the land, either biologically or historically. Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel (Miko
  • Occupation
    101 – The Illegal (and Brutal) Zionist Occupation of Palestine
    All it
    takes is a little study of history.  As a Conservative Christian, I
    want to share this video filled with truth with all my Christian brothers
    and sisters. Watch Occupation 101 on Vimeo: Occupation 101 – The Illegal
    Occupation of Palestine  
  • The Satanic Cult that Rules
    the World
    Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Henry Makow reporting from the
    Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) on May 11, 2008 and at the 58:28 mark,
    November 23, 2008. Watch the video on Vimeo:  The Satanic Cult that
    Rules the World Christopher Jon Bjerknes & Henry Makow Your donations
    help preserve these important videos that are being censored from Youtube.
    Thank …
  • Forbidden Secrets of the
    Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad Radio hosts this dynamite
    radio program. “First hour: Michael Adair, author, Forbidden Secrets of
    the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception: “The Illuminati form a secret
    society that plans to impose the draconian New World Order on the whole of
    humanity. The information contained in this book was entrusted to the
    author by an …
  • The
    Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

    “Jews will fall victim once again to the Zionists.” Jim Condit Jr. and
    Christopher Jon Bjerknes (whose maternal grandfather was Jewish) discuss
    their intensive research and their many Jewish and non-Jewish sources
    (like Dietrich Bronder,… This content is for Silver – Weekly Newsletter,
    Gold – Weekly Newsletter and All Paid Content and Forums Access and …
  • The Final Solution to Adolph
    Historian Jim Condit, Jr. shows documented proof that Adolph
    Hitler’s army was comprised of a mix of Germans and Jews.  Over 200
    of Hitler’s officers were Jewish. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Jim
    Condit Jr. – The Final Solution To Adolf Hitler (2003) See also:  Adolf
    Hitler, Crypto-Zionist Founder Of Israel  
  • The ACLU – Fulfilling
    the Communist Agenda
    American patriot and activist Devvy Kidd explains
    the Communist Agenda that is being fulfilled by the ACLU (American Civil
    Liberties Union). Watch the video (mirrored) on Vimeo:  The ACLU –
    Fullfilling the Communist Agenda See also:  ACLU – Fulfilling Communist
    Agenda by Devvy Kidd THE ACLU – TROJAN HORSE OF THE JEW  
  • CIA Crimes – School of the
    This video explains the CIA School of the Americas where
    dictators were trained, as well as soldiers, who subverted and used the
    some of the people of South American countries to overthrow elected
    governments and install regimes friendly to the NWO/JWO’s agenda. 
    Mass murder of dissenters who refused to go along with the pyops is …
  • British Royal Family is
    New Zealand historian Greg Hallett and American Scholar
    and Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer explain the fact that Queen Elizabeth II
    of England and her “royal” family are fakes and usurpers. Watch the video
    on Vimeo:  Part 1 Part 1 Greg Hallett_ Striking Queen Elizabeth II
    with a Black Wand; Interviewed Part 2:  Part 2 Greg Hallett_ Striking
  • Why Jews are Afraid of
    Historical Truth
    Dr. Ewa Kurek, PhD explains the differences between
    Jews and Christians on how children and the elderly are treated and
    protected (or not). Watch the video on Vimeo: ** From his book Freud’s Mafia, Paul Boggs
    exposes the “Judeo-Christianity” term used as propaganda since 1941:
    Talmudic scholar, Jacob Neusner, says the following about the deception of
    “Judeo-Christianity”: “Theologically and …
  • The Money Masters Brilliant video by Bill
    Still about the history of money, and the Federal Reserve System that took
    over America in 1913. Watch the video on Vimeo:  The Money Masters
    1996 FULL DOCUMENTARY THE MONEY MASTERS BASEL I. In 1988 a faceless, un-elected
    group of bankers met in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International
    Settlements (“BIS”) – the …
  • Jews
    Sending Weapons to IRGUN out of the Ports of NY and NJ
    If you really
    want to be disgusted and made sick, watch this video.  These “people”
    are literally bragging about killing people.  The only lie they’re
    telling is they never beat up and NAZI’s in Newark, New Jersey.  Due
    to the expense incurred to mirror and upload videos being censored on
    Their Tube, membership is required …
  • Alison
    Weir – Political Zionism and its Special Relationship with the U.S.

    Berkeley, February 16, 2017. On Israel, Palestine, the Israeli Attack on
    the USS Liberty, the mainstream media, Rachel Corrie, Louis Brandeis,
    Felix Frankfurter, Peter Grose, Sarah Schmidt, Parushim, Ottoman Empire,
    WW1, Chaim Weizmann, Woodrow Wilson, Balfour Declaration, Versailles 1919,
    Irgun, AZEC, AIPAC, Christian Anti-Zionism, Jewish Anti-Zionism, Harry
    Truman, United Nations, Dorothy Thompson, American History Magazine,
    Donald …
  • Scott
    Bennett: Shell Game – Exposing Hillary’s Criminal Network in the State
    (NEVADA CITY, CA)  Scott Bennett, whistleblower, is
    speaking at the third Liberty Tour, sponsored by Paul Preston’s Agenda 21
    Radio on July 11, 2015.  Former Army intelligence officer and once
    private contractor to CIA financier Booze, Allen, Hamilton, Scott Bennett,
    the author of the book ‘Shell Game” a Military Whistleblowing Report to
    Congress: Stated he gave …
  • Guilt by
    Association, A History of Criminal Zionism
    March 6, 2018 Daryl
    Bradford Smith of the French Connection Radio Show interviews attorney and
    former council to the Senate Committee on Campaign Finance Jeff Gates. We
    Patriots are changing the narrative! Due to the high cost of mirroring and
    storing these videos, we reserve the right to ask for memberships to help
    cover the cost.  Thank you …
  • How
    the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign and Public Policy
    5, 2018 From an interview on Red Ice Creations Radio in 2015 Jeff Gates is
    an attorney, acclaimed author, and former counsel to the U.S. Senate
    Committee on Finance. Our guest has also served as an adviser to some 35
    foreign governments. Jeff joins us to talk about his third book, Guilt By
    Association — How …
  • Exposing Adam Kokesh Hey Adam Kokesh! Who
    Is Carlos Arredondo? Adam Kokesh knows Arch Traitor Carlos Arredondo
    personally. Hey Kokesh, why haven’t you mentioned that your pal was a key
    participant in the Boston Bombing Fraud?   Video (mirrored)
    published on January 29, 2018 courtesy of MrStosh  
  • Billy Graham Exposed! February 21, 2018
    Billy Graham Exposed (Full Documentary) Did Billy Graham start a movement
    of apostate Protestant preachers bringing the protestant churches back to
    Rome? Was he a freemason? You decide! Video (mirrored) published on
    June 5, 2014 courtesy of kytekuttertv ** Eustace Mullins – Billy Graham is
    a Mason Eustace Mullins in Idaho 1991, exposes the finances of Billy Graham.
    Video …
  • Sofia
    Smallstorm and Wolfgang Halbig: Unraveling Sandy Hook
    The incident at
    Sandy Hook was a psyop directed at the American people as a direct assault
    against the 2nd Amendment, which shall not be infringed. This video shows
    overwhelming evidence that nobody died at Sandy Hook. Video (mirrored)
    published on November 5, 2013 courtesy of IonUCanada Wolfgang Halbig |
    Sandy Hook Issues, Capstone Events, & The …
  • Trump’s
    Reverse Speech – State of the Union Address
    President Trump’s State of
    the Union address on January 30, 2018, has some very interesting
    reversals.  Anyone who understands the Deep State and how President
    Trump is fighting against it, will know to disregard the commentary and
    stick to the reversals only. David Oates on Jeff Rense February 5th 2018 –
    reversals on SOTU Video (mirrored) published …
  • The Secret Life of Timothy
    Timothy McVeigh. We’ve been told so much about him, the
    Oklahoma City bombing, and what it meant for America. But what if it’s all
    a lie? Join us today for this special Corbett Report podcastumentary as we
    examine the multiple trucks, multiple bombs, government informants, faked
    executions and other pieces of information suggesting that McVeigh …
  • The
    FBI Murdered Kenneth Michael Trentadue – Oklahoma City Bombing
    William F. Jasper November 28, 2005 On the grounds of Oklahoma City’s Will
    Rogers International Airport stands an imposing high-security prison
    facility known as the Federal Transfer Center (FTC). On the morning of
    August 21, 1995, Kenneth Michael Trentadue died there in cell A-709. The
    alleged cause of death was suicide by hanging. Mr. Trentadue’s family
    disputed …
  • Killing Ron Brown:
    A Clinton Crime Family Story
    October 2, 2016 by William Hennessy Your
    life is in danger. At this moment, a Chinese nuclear warhead sits in a
    missile silo. Its guidance, if launched, instructs the warhead to detonate
    a mile or two above your home. And this was all made possible by
    extortion, murder, and illegal campaign contributions to Bill and Hillary
    Clinton. Remember …
  • Vegas
    Mass Shooting: Orchestrated By Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel and
    Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal?
    by Paul Boggs Jason Aldean Exposed as a
    Satanist, Larry Ellison of Oracle Exposed as CIA, Marco Rubio Exposed as
    Gay Stripper with links to Cocaine and Pedophile Child Trafficking, John
    McCain Exposed as Pedophile and Child Trafficker “The allegations first
    surfaced in late March, when former Manhattan Borough president Percy Sutton
    told a New York cable …
  • The
    Dirt on Julian Assange + Seth Rich’s Tour of Duty with the Israeli Army

    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of This is a working document
    because I don’t believe Wikileaks is finished with it’s operation yet.
    Updated July 28, 2018 On the second of December the now CIA controlled
    WikiLeaks changed their DNS information to portray two of their IP
    addresses as being in the Russian Federation. Since we know that WikiLeaks
  • Historian Alan
    Wilson: The Truth about King Arthur
    Alan Wilson is a British historian
    specializing in the origins and ancient history of the British and the
    history of the ancient British kings including two real King Arthurs.
    Arthurian research: In 1976, after a chance meeting with historical
    researcher, Anthony Thomas ‘Baram’ Blackett, at the public library in
    Newcastle upon Tyne, the two men decided …
  • The Suicide of Aaron Swartz
    Compiled by Lisa Phillips of January 10, 2017 Aaron Swartz
    weblog · twitter · links · quotes Aaron Swartz is the founder of Demand
    Progress, which launched the campaign against the Internet censorship
    bills (SOPA/PIPA) and now has over a million members. He is also a
    Contributing Editor to The Baffler and on the Council of Advisors to …
  • Michael
    Collins Piper Interviews Jim Condit Jr. – Zionist Infiltration of the
    January 6, 2018 The special guest on the January 18, 2014
    edition of Michael Collins Piper’s nightly forum on the Republic
    Broadcasting Network was veteran political activist and traditionalist
    Catholic James Condit, Jr. Condit joined Piper to discuss the outrageous
    intrigues of the late Father Malachi Martin who was the subject of a
    chapter in Piper’s new …
  • Kindercare
    + The Dirt on Paul Ryan #PedoGate #PizzaGate
    December 16, 2017 This is
    a working document. by Lisa Phillips of In his book
    “Deception:  The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of Newgrange”,
    Christian scholar and author Paul Boggs exposes KinderCare (KKR), whose
    logo is a stylized pyramid and a capstone containing six notches.  To
    satanists, the six notches represent man above God.  You’ll notice
  • JonBenet
    Ramsey Case: Emerging Child Sex-Ring Allegations
    The JonBenet Ramsey
    Case: Emerging Child Sex-Ring Allegations, Political Connections and a
    Suspect By Alex Constantine
    Contents: Introduction: The Belinda Schultz File 1) Southwestern
    Child-Pornocrats A) The Huey Meaux Connection B) Jerry J. Moore, Houston
    Real Estate Developer. C) The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball 2) Supporting
    Evidence of Child Sex Ring Involvement A) A Brotherhood B) The Belgium
    Syndrome C) Lawrence Schiller & …
  • Israel’s Secret
    Agenda: Funding Arab Terrorism
    Michael Collins Piper was an author,
    researcher, truth teller and patriot who was assassinated by the Deep
    State cabal for his work exposing America’s fifth column (Israel). The
    Piper Report – September 28, 2010 “Why would Israel provide covert support
    for Islamic fundamentalist extremists? The answer to this provocative
    question points toward a dirty little secret …
  • The Host and the Parasite Canadian
    researcher/author Greg Felton gives a brilliant talk about how and when
    America lost its republic.  The history of what really happened from
    the Vietnam War to the presidency of George W. Bush is explained in
    detail. Zionist Jews control every single TV Network, Bank, Newspaper, and
    Book Publishing House in the US, Canada, and Western …
  • The Jewish Question Answered
    Revelation 2:9 King James Version (KJV) “I know thy works, and
    tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of
    them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of
    Satan.” Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV) Behold, I will make them
    of the synagogue of Satan, which say they …
    Published on March 6, 2011 This is the full documentary of
    whistleblowers Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer who exposed the AIPAC
    (American Israel Political Affairs Committee) that controls Congress and
    the Senate.  Everything you want to know about US foreign policy
    and  the reasons the US Military is fighting in the Middle East.
    Video courtesy of theTRUTHprincess Editor’s …
  • Babel
    to babble: 8,500 years of fiction, language & law ~David-Wynn Miller

    Published on September 2, 2016 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    DISCLAIMER: I do NOT agree with everything he is saying, but put this
    forward as information. Think for yourselves, take what you can use and
    leave the rest.  This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.
    For the Quantum-Language of the
    Video courtesy of Sam Hancock See also:  Full text of Affadavit …
  • Flashback
    to March 2017: What Happened to Trump’s Patriotism?
    Jeff Rense &
    David John Oates – SHOCKING! Donald Trump Has Been Taken Over And
    Controlled? Published on March 4, 2017 Jeff Rense & David John Oates –
    SHOCKING! Speech Reversals Say Donald Trump Has Been Taken Over And
    Controlled By The NWO Globalist Elite. In 34 years of doing Reverse
    Speech, David Oates has never been more …
  • Egypt, Kuwait
    & Saudi Arabia Are Run By Jews
    Published on October 30, 2014 Daryl
    Bradford Smith and Muhammad Rafeeq, September 21, 2013. “Stupid people
    will make life unbearable for everybody else.” Video courtesy of
    TheRapeOfJustice Editor’s note:  This video has been mirrored for
    safe keeping.  
    Published on March 3, 2013 This video is now
    censored in Germany – Here is one way out:… (Editor’s notes:  The title of
    the video available for German viewers is:  “Did the Holocaust happen
    before WWII? If yes, how often? If no, why 10x6M?” and has been mirrored)
  • The
    Last Threat of Terrorism By Ted Gunderson(Retired-F.B.I)
    Published on
    July 11, 2013 Retired FBI agent and former head of the Los Angeles office
    explains the deep state satanic ritual cults, blackmail by pedophilia,
    “The Finders” group who kidnaps children off the streets of America, and
    the import of drugs from Southeast Asia onto US Army bases in the United
    States.  Mr. Gunderson also …
  • The Cult of Ultimate Evil One of the
    Best Truth Bomb Lectures You’ve EVER Seen Published on February 11, 2017
    Well worth your time. Prepare to think very deeply about the material you
    are about to encounter. If you have a logical argument against it…let’s
    hear it in the comment section below the video. This is a mirror upload
    from Mark Passio. …
  • Pawns in the Game Published on November 9,
    2013 Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr (1958) This (audio) lecture by
    Commander Carr briefly explains what is written in his books (Pawns In The
    Game, Red Fog Over America, Proofs Of A Conspiracy), the reasons why he
    got involved in his research, and some of his conclusions. In the 1950s,
  • Understanding Psychopathy “The
    psychopaths are always around. In calm times we study them, but in times
    of upheaval, they rule over us.” – Ernst Kretschmer Firstly to define
    what psychopathy is for the purposes of this article; some experts,
    specialists and such talk about Machiavellianism and narcissism as
    being traits characteristic of psychopathy. Now although this is true in
    the …
  • Dialectics – Predetermined
    Grounded in philosophy true dialectical discourse dates back
    to Plato and uses a process of analytical debate to discern truth.
    However, modern dialectics is based on Marx’ construct that removes the
    human or spiritual element replacing it with materialism thus rendering
    dialectical discourse ridged and artificial (dialectical materialism). The
    fundamental difference is that the Caucasian …
  • The
    Energy Non-Crisis- Lindsay Williams -Truth about Oil and Oil prices

    Published on August 6, 2011 Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained
    Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The
    Trans-Alaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and
    because of Mr. Williams’ love for his country and concern for the
    spiritual welfare of the “pipelines,” he volunteered to …
  • What
    you Didn’t Learn in School – Red Symphony with Wayne Jett
    Published on
    September 3, 2017 Wayne Jett rejoins the program to discuss the Red
    Symphony. He connects the dots and relates it back to H.G. Well’s Elite
    Manifesto and the events of the time. Definitely information you have not
    learned in school and likely have not learned elsewhere as well. Video
    courtesy of Sarah Westall Editor’s note:  In …
  • Eustace
    Mullins – The Secret of Iraq, the Mosul to Haifa oil pipeline

    Published on March 7, 2017 Eustace Mullins radio interview with Officer
    Jack McLamb, August 16, 2005. Eustace Mullins’ explains his article ‘The
    Secret of Iraq, and discloses the oil pipeline from Mosul, Iraq to Haifa,
    Israel. Video courtesy of TheRapeOfJustice Editor’s note:  This video
    has been mirrored for safe keeping. This is the article by Hoonan Peimani
    mentioned in …
  • The Real
    Reason the South Seceded by Donald Livingston
    Published on December
    30, 2015 This video will shock you!  Clearly the Civil War was not
    about slavery! The states entered the union of their own free will and had
    every right than as today to leave the union of their own free will. This
    is why no former confederate was ever taken to trial for treason …
  • Flashback
    to 2010: Mystery Missile: Launch of Unknown Missile Caught on Tape in
    UPDATED January 4, 2018 Abel Danger’s Field McConnell gives
    his thoughts on what happened concerning the missile seen on the
    California coast in 2010.  Start this video at the 1:30 mark: 1-1-18
    AD Letter of Marque Video published on January 2, 2018 courtesy
    of Abel Danger ***** November 9, 2010 by Luis Martinez Military officials
    are still unclear as to what caused …
  • Who Bankrupted GM? posted June 19, 2009
    General Motors did not fall due to natural forces. Like the twin towers on
    9-11, GM was taken down. Like 9-11, GM was sabotaged from the inside. The
    corporate raiders who took down GM are part of the same network of Jewish
    Zionists who brought down the World Trade Center. How much is …
  • Secret Space
    Program Spooks: Cory Goode EXPOSED!
    Published on May 7, 2017 Project
    Avalon’s Bill Ryan Speaks Out on Corey Goode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt
    welcomes Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan to the show. Ryan first hit the
    spotlight a decade ago with his efforts at seeking out Secret Space
    Program whistleblowers and having them deliver riveting information live
    on video along with his research …
  • Joseph
    P. Farrell ~ Babylon’s Banksters & Nazi International
    Published on
    April 1, 2016 Joseph P. Farrell with Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio,
    November 25, 2010. Palmgren: “Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in
    patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics,
    alternative history, science, and “strange stuff”. Joseph joins us to
    discuss “Babylon’s Banksters”, the search for “The Philosophers Stone” and
    the …
  • The
    Battle Between The Empire Deep State & The Pilgrims Is Being Waged In
    The US
    Published on June 21, 2017 The X22 Report interviews former
    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about the Deep State.  Congresswoman
    McKinney was the first member of Congress to demand the investigation of
    9/11 and to expose DYNCORP human trafficking.  She also refused to
    sign the AIPAC letter of allegiance to Israel. Video courtesy of X22Report
    Spotlight EXPOSED: The Elites Who …
  • Islam and the West,
    the Clash of civilization?
    August 12, 2017 by Herve Ryssen
    on September 27, 2014 James Wickstrom has photographic evidence of the
    lineage of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who is half black and half Swedish Jew.
    EISENHOWER, THE BLACK JEW Video courtesy of ARCODEAUS Editor’s
    note:  In my research for my book “Modern Day Gettysburg”, I toured
    the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg, PA and inquired why there were no
    pictures …

    Published on April 23, 2017 A Dutch banker exposes the satanists in the
    banking sector and business sectors of the suit wearing satanists across
    the world. This video has been mirrored for safe keeping. Video courtesy
    of Lost Arts Radio See also:  SATANISM, MURDER & RITUAL CHILD
  • The Liberalization of
    US Immigration Policy
    The Legacy of the 1965 Immigration Act Three
    Decades of Mass Immigration by CIS on September 1, 1995 Introduction “This
    bill we sign today is not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the
    lives of millions. It will not restructure the shape of our daily lives.”
    So said President Lyndon Johnson at the signing of the Hart-Celler
    Immigration Bill …
  • Dr.
    Tony Martin – Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in
    The Slave Trade
    Published on September 9, 2012 The late Dr. Tony
    Martin’s diligent research had been provoked by several events with
    faculty members in the educational institutions where he taught. The
    tactics they tried using, to silence the focus of his lessons only
    motivated him even more. Video courtesy of COLDCHISELED Editor’s
    note:  This video has been mirrored for safe …
  • Jewish
    Fascism in Chicago with Leo Strauss & David Horowitz & Richard
    Spencer Exposed! + Whitefish, MT
    Published on September 24, 2014 On
    the Lynne Cheney Group ACTA = American Council of Trustees and Alumni;
    Nazi Take Over of the College Campuses; David Horowitz’s Students for
    Academic Freedom; New York banker John Train; Robert M. Hutchins; Is
    Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus?; The Executive Intelligence Review (EIR);
    David Horowitz’s Students for Academic Freedom; …
  • Knights of the Golden Circle
    Published on May 12, 2014 This video explains the chichanery of the
    Jesuits (Jews disguised as Catholics), and their agents the FreeMasons and
    how they started the American Civil War in 1861.  It also shows their
    involvement in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and their
    metamorphosis into the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). This video has been mirrored
  • Michael
    Collins Piper (RIP) on the Kennedy Assassination (2011)
    Published on
    November 22, 2016 Truth teller and radio host Rick Adams interviews
    Michael Collins Piper, who was assassinated for telling the truth about
    the JFK assassination.  Piper is the author of many books, and was a
    former host on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). This video has
    been mirrored for safe keeping. Video courtesy of Reasonable Doubtt
    REALLY THAT STUPID? II (Dancing Israelis)
    Published on October 9, 2016
    THEN AS NOW . . . The world Zionist community is a parasite that has
    invaded the body of humanity. Though small in number they have
    disproportionately influenced Europe, North America, and the Middle East.
    They controlled the British Empire by controlling the Bank Of England, as
    they now control (by the same …
  • The
    Iraq war coverup: What did AIPAC do and when did it do it?
    From 2011
    by Philip Weiss As I pointed out yesterday the Center for American
    Progress (CAP), a Democratic-Party-linked thinktank in D.C., has met
    quietly with officials of the Israel lobby group AIPAC (American Israel
    Public Affairs Committee) and explicitly sought to squelch suggestions by
    its own journalists that AIPAC is pushing war on Iran. Notably it
    squelched a …
  • US Politicians
    who Hold Dual US/Israel Citizenship
    If you are truly a patriot, you
    won’t stand for this treason! Our Founders said “No foreign
    entanglements”. Past and Present: 1. Attorney General – Michael Mukasey 2.
    Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff 3. Chairman Pentagon’s
    Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle 4. Deputy Defense Secretary (Former)
    – Paul Wolfowitz 5. Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith 6. National
  • Talking with Jews (or not) February
    10, 2009 by Kevin McDonald of The Occidental Observer A topic that is not
    discussed enough is the screaming, in-your-face, hostile aggression that
    people must withstand when they dare to trample on Jewish sensibilities.
    We are not talking about the sophisticated rationalizations one sees in
    the op-ed pages of the mainstream media, or even the smear …
  • Dr
    Cantwell: Man-made HIV/AIDS Was Government Eugenics Program

    Thirty-five million people worldwide have died of AIDS; and millions more
    are currently infected. How did AIDS start?  My research suggests HIV
    entered the gay population via an experimental hepatitis B vaccine that
    had been contaminated by a chimpanzee virus. This vaccine was administered
    to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before 1976-1977 and during the
    actual …
  • ‘The Dark Secret Of
    Jewish Power Is Out’
    March 14, 2003 by Israel Shamir A new spectre
    haunts America. It enters the well-protected boardrooms of newspapers and
    banks, shakes the deep foundations of its towers. It is the spectre of
    glasnost: the dark secret of Jewish power is out. Just recently it was
    ‘third rail’, touch-and-die, deadly dangerous to mention, certain end to a
    career. …
  • Vatican Drug Trade and More
    Published on September 30, 2015 Abel Danger reports first hand accounts of
    heroine being smuggled inside our dead soldiers who came back in body bags
    from Vietnam, their bodies stuffed with 20 kilos each.  Eye witnesses
    state the Vatican was at the helm of this drug trade.  This video has
    been mirrored for safe keeping. Courtesy of …
  • Brave
    Scientist Confronts Senate Committee with Real Data on Climate Change

    Published on June 30, 2017 If you listen to the questions asked of this
    brave scientist by the Senate committee, you’ll see what a joke the US
    government really is…. Is it a conspiracy by NASA? The reason for the
    “climate change/global warming” scare is to impose a carbon tax on the
    people to further steal …
  • Why Is The
    Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate
  • JWO Infighting in French These videos
    are in French and require translation into English: Video Courtesy of
    Morgan Priest YouTube Channel Pierre Hillard Atlas du mondialisme 1/3
    Pierre Hillard Atlas du mondialisme 2/3 Pierre Hillard Atlas du
    mondialisme 3/3 Videos Courtesy of Meta TV YouTube Channel  
  • They Knew about the NWO ” We are
    opposed around the World by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that
    relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence-on
    infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on
    intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of
    armies by day. Its a system that has conscripted …
  • Black
    Guelph Evil Nobility by La Rouche – Who Rules the World? #NWO

    Published on February 16, 2015 Brilliant video presentation by Lyndon La
    Rouche on who controls the world through Central Banking and continuous
    wars.  Mr. La Rouche was labeled a “Communist” by the press in the
    1960’s and 1970’s for his quest to end the NWO’s financial grip on the
    United States.  His organization, La Rouche PAC, …
  • The
    Pharaoh Show – Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland
    Published on
    February 19, 2012 “THE PHARAOH SHOW” – a film in English about the enemy
    within and their secret symbols, so they can better identify themselves
    among each other and other codes of recognition. They rule the world; we
    are their slaves. Their base: Switzerland. The Crusades: the last
    stronghold of the Templars Accon fell …
  • Rockefeller Medicine Updated March 13,
    2018 by Jon Rappoport  Why does modern medicine have a big problem
    with natural health? Well, there is the money, of course. When
    millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when they
    rarely see conventional doctors; when they don’t receive vaccinations and
    don’t have their children vaccinated; when they opt for natural remedies;
    when, worst …
  • Secret Nazi Power in the
    Modern World
    Published on June 17, 2017 Who really won World War
    II?  These documented connections may surprise you.  Researcher
    and author Joseph Farrell, PhD connects the dots of the people and events
    not taught in our history books. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Secret
    Nazi Power in the Modern World Video Courtesy of Podcast Affiliates
    Network YouTube Channel    
    Published on July 9, 2017 Dark Journalist and Joseph Farrell,
    PhD (researcher/author) reveal the connection between Antarctica and the
    JFK assassination. Watch the video (mirrored) on Vimeo:  JOSEPH
    ATLANTIS Video Courtesy of DarkJournalist YouTube Channel
  • Jews DO control the media July 1,
    2012 by Manny Friedman We Jews are a funny breed. We love to brag about
    every Jewish actor. Sometimes we even pretend an actor is Jewish just
    because we like him enough that we think he deserves to be on our team. We
    brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every
    time someone mentions …
  • Michelle Obama · Pedophile
    Published on April 30, 2013 Abel Danger exposes Michelle
    Obama and Bernadine Dohrn (of the Weather Underground) as well as the
    University of Chicago as the link between university recruitment into the
    pedophile blackmail network. Video Courtesy of Abel Danger YouTube Channel
  • Masons and Mystery at the
    33rd Parallel
    October 8, 2007 by Day Williams Freemasonry American
    Freemasonry and related power elites are responsible for a number of
    murders and provocations to war which happened along or close to the
    northern 33rd degree of latitude, also known as the33rd Parallel. Most of
    the world’s wealth is stored north of the north 33rd Parallel. Major
    financial centers north …
  • How The USA Invaded Australia
    November 4, 2015 by Gary Lord of We don’t talk about Pine Gap
    any more. Or North West Cape, or any other US military spy bases in
    Australia. Forty years since the overthrow of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam,
    Australians still don’t even want to admit that the CIA was involved.
    Meanwhile, Pine Gap has morphed into …
  • HR-5736 Smith Mundt
    Modernization Act of 2012
    Published on January 7, 2017 HR-5736 made
    propaganda legal in the United States.  This is why CNN, FOX, ABC,
    NBC, CBS and the rest of the corporate TV and radio news is fake 24/7.
    Video (mirrored) Published on January 7, 2017 Courtesy of Truth VS The
    Agenda YouTube Channel H.R.5736 – Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012
  • Zionism
    Refuted With Scripture – Full Sermon – Christians Are God’s Chosen People

    Published on May 31, 2014 This video refutes and exposes the false
    doctrine of Zionism with numerous Scriptures, and proves that Christians
    (aka those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ) are God’s chosen people,
    not the unbelievers. The unbelieving Jews are under God’s wrath, because
    they have not believed in the name of the only …
  • Is The A-pocalypse
    Near ? You Gotta See This!
    Published on July 4, 2017 Brother Nathanael,
    a converted Jew, is now an Orthodox Christian who speaks the truth about
    Christianity, and the false religion of Judaism. Video Courtesy of Brother
    Nathanael YouTube Channel 
  • Weather
    Channel Creator Tells the Truth about “Climate Change”
    Published on
    July 2, 2017 John Coleman, Founder of the cable network The Weather
    Channel, tells the truth about the global warming/climate change
    scam.  Don’t forget to read the comments under the video:)) Video
    Courtesy of Secret Space YouTube Channel  
  • Secret NAZI – ZION Agreement
    Published on April 4, 2015 The Transfer Agreement: The Pact Between the
    Third Reich and Jewish Palestine.  Historian and scholar Eustace
    Mullins explains how the NAZI Party was comprised of National Socialists
    and Zionists. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Secret NAZI – ZION Agreement
    Video Courtesy of Robert Sepehr YouTube Channel See also:  The
    Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black Visit …
  • A Brief History
    of Khazars in the ‘Goldene Medin’
    The Vatic Project “It is the
    greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.”
    ~ Sydney Smith Vatic Note:   This is up again, because we are
    getting so close to the end and we need to fully understand who our true
    foreign enemy is.  In addition, we have it …
  • Syrian
    Archives Add New Details to Henry Kissinger’s Disastrous Record in the
    Middle East
    Published on June 21, 2017 Fearless, Adversarial
    Journalism – Spoken Edition: Syrian Archives Add New Details to Henry
    Kissinger’s Disastrous Record in the Middle East.  The Intercept
    produces fearless, adversarial journalism, covering stories the mainstream
    media misses on national security, politics, criminal justice, technology,
    surveillance, privacy, and human rights. Syrian Archives Add New Details
    to Henry Kissinger’s …
  • Occupy Extreme and
    Establishment Moderate
    So much written about the Occupy Wall Street is
    pure BS. If this street theater was a spontaneous and independent
    movement, where is the outrage towards the high priest of monetary
    manipulation, George Soros? From the outset, civil disobedience is the
    most sincere method of dissent. Breaking All the Rules is based upon a
    healthy and …
  • No, The Bible
    Doesn’t Command We “Stand With Israel”
    February 27, 2017 by Benjamin
    L. Corey When reporting or lamenting over the gross human rights
    violations and genocide by the modern state of Israel against the
    Palestinian people, many Christians immediately freak the heck out. In
    fact, I am often told that I am “not a Christian” because I dare criticize
    the state of Israel’s behavior, as …
  • The Secret Cause Of All Wars
    Published on June 17, 2017 The Coming World War:   If you haven’t
    realized that the Israeli regime, (((International Jewry))) and its
    puppets in the United States want to start World War III, then you need to
    wake up … The Neocons and flaming Zionists are already gloating because
    Trump is currently doing their bidding. We …
  • Council
    on Foreign Relations – The Power Behind Big News
    Published on December
    7, 2011 One version says that the CFR is an organization sister to the
    Royal Institute of International Affairs (Britain), both founded in 1921
    right after World War I when the League of Nations idea failed. The sole
    purpose of such organizations is to condition the public to accept a
    Global Governance which …
  • “The Deep State” from A to Z
    Published on June 21, 2017 Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris
    Farrell breaks down the Deep State, explaining what it is, who is part of
    it, and how it operates–and why it fears the current administration. This
    is a segment taken from “On Watch: LIVE – Inside the Deep State.” You can
    watch the full episode here: …
  • Catherine
    Austin-Fitts Dark Journalist 3-part Series
    Catherine Austin Fitts,
    former US Assistant Housing Secretary, Financial Expert and Publisher of
    the Solari Report – 3 part interview from before, during, and after the
    Presidential Election of 2016 Published on June 24, 2016 CATHERINE AUSTIN
    State Transhumanist Endgame in 2016 Political Race In this special part 1
  • This
    Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

    Published on June 7, 2017 You just have to see this to believe it. Videos
    Courtesy of Truthstream Media YouTube Channel The Mysterious Hendricus
    Loos and His Nervous System Manipulation Devices United States Patent US
    6,506,148 B2  
  • The
    Error of Dispensationalism #Christians #Zionists #MAGA
    Published on
    May 5, 2016 Viewing Scripture through the indoctrinated lens of
    dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in
    mainstream Christianity. In this teaching, we examine dispensationalistic
    thinking, test it to the word, and allow the audience to generate their
    own conclusions and begin their own study on the subject matter. We pray
    that …
  • HaDira – The Flat (2011 film
    Published on May 19, 2016 When the filmmaker’s grandmother
    died at the age of 98, the family came together to clean out the Tel Aviv
    apartment where she had lived for almost 70 years. What they found were
    numerous documents, an archive that revealed an incredible story about the
    friendship between the grandfather, Kurt Tuchler (a …
  • Operation
    Opera – Israel Airstrike on Iraq Nuclear Reactor 1981
    Published on
    September 26, 2015 Operation Opera, also known as Operation Babylon and
    Raid on the Reactor, was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on 7
    June 1981, which destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor under construction 17
    kilometers, 10.5 miles, southeast of Baghdad. The operation came after
    Iran’s unsuccessful Operation Scorch Sword operation had caused …
  • From OSS
    to CIA Ongoing Clash with Military Intelligence
    For all those
    supporters of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s war, many admire the
    exploits of the OSS in Europe. While historians for the allied legions
    adopt the account that circumstances dictated the creation and use of the
    British, Special Operations Executive, which Churchill proclaimed, to ‘set
    Europe aflame’; the precedent left a heritage of intervention …
  • The
    NUMEC Cover-up: The Diversion of U.S. Weapons Grade Uranium from NUMEC to
    The Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) and the
    diversion of US government weapons-grade uranium to Israel Documents Since
    the mid-1960s law enforcement and regulatory agencies suspected a small
    nuclear processing facility in Pennsylvania had illegally diverted U.S.
    government-owned weapons-grade nuclear material into Israel’s clandestine
    nuclear weapons program.  The Nuclear Materials and Equipment
    Corporation received start-up capital …
  • Watergate: The Hidden History
    While Richard Nixon’s culpability for Watergate has long been
    established—most recently by PBS in 2003—what’s truly remarkable that
    after almost forty years, conventional accounts of the scandal still don’t
    address Nixon’s motive. Why was President Nixon willing to risk his
    reelection with so many repeated burglaries at the Watergate—and other
    Washington offices—in just a few …
  • Star
    Chamber Justice System – Why the Courts are tipped towards the Elite

    Secrecy is In, Disclosure is Out; Secret Courts – Secret Law The
    traditional Anglo-American distrust for secret trials has been variously
    ascribed to the notorious use of this practice by the Spanish Inquisition,
    to the excesses of the English Court of Star Chamber, and to the French
    monarchy’s abuse of the lettre de cachet. All of …
  • NWO
    Billion Dollar Secret Corporation Uncovered – Serco
    Streamed live on
    January 16, 2017 Serco is the largest corporation you have never heard of.
    What are they doing? You will be surprised to find out how deep the rabbit
    hole really is! Do you support the US Military? You’ll want to see how
    deep Serco is entrenched in the military. Video (mirrored) published on
    January …
  • The
    Deep State Institutions That Control America – They Don’t Care Who You
    Vote For
    The Deep State Institutions That Control America – They Don’t
    Care Who You Vote For June 1, 2017 by Arjun Walia “Democracy
    is popular because of the illusion of choice and participation it
    provides, but when you live in a society in which most
    people’s knowledge of the world extends as far as sports, sitcoms,
    reality shows, and celebrity gossip, …
  • New
    DNA Science Research Confirms… Jews Are Not Descendants of Abraham

    Published on Aug 1, 2014 Jewish DNA Scientist confirms Ashkenazi Jews are
    not of Semitic heritage/bloodline.  On December 14, 2012, Dr. Eran
    Elhaik turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside
    down. But he went even further. The young Israeli-Ameican geneticist has
    charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to
    back …
  • Forbidden
    Knowledge History of the Khazar Empire Lecture by Jack Otto
    on July 13, 2012 The Ashkenazi Jews are not of the Hebrew bloodline. 
    They were converts to Judaism in 700AD, and were originally from what is
    now Turkey and the Caucus region of what is now Russia. Watch the video on
    Vimeo:  Forbidden Knowledge History of the Khazar Empire Lecture by
    Jack Otto Video (mirrored) Courtesy of …
  • The
    Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
    This is a free book
    for everyone who chooses to read it. The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew
    Carrington Hitchcock  
  • Universities Are Marxist
    Published on January 4, 2015 Universities are to Leftists as
    churches are to Christians. Watch the video (mirrored) on Vimeo: 
    Universities Are Marxist Churches Video Courtesy of Rocking MrE YouTube
  • Vault 7 and More: Courtesy
    of Courtesy of WeAreChange Courtesy of GOP War
    Room Video Courtesy Of X22Report YouTube Channel Video courtesy
    of OpenMind Video Courtesy of roypotterqa YouTube Channel
    General Tom McInerney’s Podcast Video
    courtesy of Freedom Watch
  • Operation Talpot Israel Dumps Wikileaks Some
    Chicken Feed – Again 3/8/2017 Video Courtesy of Brendon O’Connell YouTube
  • Klayman
    Discusses NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery And Trump Surveillance

    Klayman Discusses NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and Intelligence
    Agency Surveillance of Trump 4/5/2017 (Larry Klayman founded Judicial
    Watch) Video Courtesy of Alice Liddell YouTube Channel   See also:
    The Spy Files:
  • Anonymous You Won’t
    Believe What They Did Now
    Anonymous – You Won’t Believe What They Did
    Now… (I-85 Bridge TRUTH Seeker Neutralized) 4/9/2017 Video Courtesy of
    Anonymous Official YouTube Channel
  • When Roger Reaves Met Barry Seal
    When Roger Reaves Met Barry Seal “Full Version” (Drug Trafficking with
    George H. W. Bush) Video Courtesy of Roger Reaves YouTube Channel  
    Editor’s note:  This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.
  • Israel The
    Mad Dog Threatens Europe With Jihad Terror
    Israel The “Mad Dog”
    Threatens Europe With “Jihad Terror” 8/3/2014 Video Courtesy of Brendon
    O’Connell YouTube Channel
    Primer Video Courtesy of Brendon O’Connell YouTube Channel
  • Fmr.
    Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney Tells All On Trump And Dyncorp
    Fmr. Congresswoman
    Cynthia Mckinney Tells All On Trump And Dyncorp 4/3/2017 Video Courtesy of
    WeAreChange YouTube Channel
  • “I Want To Scare Assad”
    Mike Morell (CIA)
    “I want to scare Assad” Mike Morell (CIA)  (Aug
    8, 2016) | Charlie Rose Video Courtesy of Charlie Rose YouTube Channel **
    Editor’s note:  This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.  
  • Trump Implies Israel Funds Isis
    TRUMP implies ISRAEL funds ISIS! Video Courtesy of Kalki Vishnu YouTube
  • Why The Rothschilds Invented
    Why The Rothschilds Invented Nazism – Eustace Mullins RIP This
    video proves that the British elite funded Hitler, created Zionism, and
    instigated both world wars. Watch the video on Vimeo:  Why The
    Rothschilds Invented Nazism – Eustace Mullins(1) Video (mirrored) Courtesy
    of RaisingKundalini2 YouTube Channel
  • Society Is Being
    Programmed By A Black Box
    Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box
    4/12/2017 This video proves the control matrix exists, based on data
    collected from social media, polls, what organizations people belong to,
    what they purchase, and all aspects of society. Video Courtesy of
    Truthstream Media YouTube Channel   ** Editor’s note:  This
    video has been mirrored for safe keeping.  
  • John F. Kennedy Speech,
    April 27, 1961
    John F. Kennedy Speech, April 27, 1961 Podcast Courtesy of Internet
  • U.S.
    Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and
    August 30, 2015 by Justin Gardner When McKinney, TX police
    officer David Eric Casebolt brutally took down a teenage girl at a pool
    party in June, he was using a form of martial arts called Krav Maga in which
    he trained exclusively. These combat techniques were developed by the
    Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This is a small reflection …
  • Operation Talpiot In a mix of the rhetoric
    of conspiracy theories and the valid assessments being made by observers
    of the shifting balance of power in the world today: “Operation Talpiot”
    is at the center of a lot of new buzz. The premise is that Israel may have
    “Kill switches” on most of the world’s infrastructure. What is …