Join our project to track the CIA’s official
contacts with other agencies

In less than two minutes, you can help MuckRock build its map of
Agency connections and liaisons

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Edited by JPat Brown

Last week, MuckRock asked for your help going extracting names
and affiliations from the Central Intelligence Agency’s list of official
contacts and liaisons with other government agencies. Since then, MuckRock
users have combed through half the list, producing names, affiliations and
other leads. The response has been strong enough that we’re launching a new project for the effort.

As a result of the contributions so far, MuckRock has a roadmap to
learning more about the CIA’s involvement with other parts of the government.
In the end, MuckRock will be able to shine a light on how other government
agencies have helped the CIA, and how the CIA has helped them.

So far, we’ve filed 71 requests with dozens of agencies
for information on their contacts with the CIA, identifying dozens of
individuals whose relationship with CIA has been officially disclosed. Once we
have data from the entire list extracted, we’ll file another round of FOIA
requests and begin to sort through CREST for more declassified records on CIA’s
connections to the rest of the government.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped so far, especially to Paul Galante
who has identified dozens of officials at different agencies. It’s not too late
to help us sort through the rest of the list.
In less than two minutes, you can help MuckRock build its map of CIA
connections and liaisons.