JFK Files Expose CIA
“False Flag Attack” Plan Labeled “Operation Mongoose”

Where Covert US Agents
Would Conduct Terrorist Attacks on Miami & DC

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29th, 2017 @ 09:37:00 pm , using 615 words,

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By Barry Secrest

The mysteries
surrounding the Mandalay Bay Attack have continued to deepen even as officials
conducting the investigation have now shut down regular reports on the

As the timeline, as
well as other former facts, were forced to be altered due to inconsistencies in
the given storyline, even more mysteries have opened up, forcing the regular
updates by officials to cease simply due to the sheer magnitude of the errors which
have been accumulating on what could only be considered as an alarming basis.

How could the thousands
of officials apparently conducting what should have been a cut and dried
investigation now be this far off from the official narrative being initially
offered to the public, when in fact, it was a vast array of citizen journalists
who continued to point out problems with, not only the official timeline but
also hundreds of video recordings taken during the course of the massacre?

Now, new information has
come to light detailing how a US government agency actually planned to conduct
false flag attacks on US Citizens in Miami and then blame the Communist
government of Cuba, as a pretext to inflame US civilian sentiment towards
taking military action against the Communist island nation.

The plan was called
Operation Mongoose and it detailed how US covert operatives could develop plans
for a terror attack campaign in not only areas surrounding Miami but also
civilians in Washington DC.

The operation would have
also included directed attacks against Cuban refugees including the possible
sinking of a boatload of either actual Cubans or possibly US actors pretending
to be Cuban refugees.

The plan also detailed
the “explosion of plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots,”  ostensibly in order to inflame as many
Americans as possible towards the Hegelian solution of a military intervention
in Cuba, in order to take out the Castro government.

The document also
indicated that “the release of prepared documents would be helpful in
projecting the idea of an irresponsible government” which, in the irony of
all ironies, perfectly exemplifies how this release of America’s ” Shadow
Government” directed-plans, points to a deep-inside government gone
completely out of control, even in 1962.

According to additional
reports on the Deep State’s shadowy aims, even the Pentagon itself approved of
the plans:

“The time was
1962, the same year that brought us the now infamous Operation Northwoods,
which was also a plan to kill American citizens as a pretext for war with
Communist Cuba.

“On April 12th, 1962,
General Lansdale forwarded to Maxwell Taylor an “advance copy” of the Joint
Chiefs paper on “Pretexts” stating, I am informed that the Chiefs approve of
this,” reads the document.

Keep in mind that this
is an admission that the Pentagon at the time was fully on board with killing
Americans if it allowed them to wage war against Cuba.”

The document further
outlined attempts on the lives of Cuban refugees in the US, to include the wounding,
“in instances to be widely publicized” which possibly  points to yet another deep state plan
referred to as “Operation Mockingbird” in which the US government
posted hordes  of agents acting as
journalists throughout the media in order to control the information being
reported to the American people.

It is also being
reported that Oswald was not the only suspect in the plot, but in fact, the
Dallas police may have also been culpable in the attack, as evidenced by the
death of officer JD Tippet who may have been an actual suspect in Kennedy’s
killing, based on FBI informant evidence.

One can only imagine
some of the other plans laid out and accepted, by the Deep State, which have,
in fact, been carried out against US citizens on  American soil in order to justify
extraordinary measures conducted worldwide, on the basis of a false-flag attack
event having been conducted here, in America.