Armenian Nazi Battalion during World War II

“Armenian Nazi General Dro commanded the 20,000 strong
Armenian-Nazi 812th Battalion during World War II”


Samuel A. Weems – There was a funeral a few weeks ago
in Vienna, Austria. Two small black urns were buried containing the brains and
a few remains of 4-year old Annemarie Danner and 18-month old Gerhard Zeketner.
During World War II these were two of the more than 600 children the Nazis
proclaimed “worthless lives.” These children were taken to Vienna’s Am Stein
Hospital to be murdered and their bodies used for medical research.

Between 1935 and 1945, in the name of medical science
and research, the Nazis murdered more than 75,000 individuals, including 5,000
children across Europe, in their quest to create a racial/ethnic pure state.
These acts of terror and cruelty were in addition to what the Nazis did at
their many death camps were Jews were exterminated.

The term “genocide” was invented and created in 1944
to describe all the many different acts of murder the Nazis used in their
attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish race. Annemarie Danner and Gerhard
Zeketner are but two of the individual lives the Nazis stamped out.

Armenians today are attempting to “steal” the term
genocide by making the fake claim that the Turks massacred 1.5 million of their
people in 1915. The undisputed hard evidence is that this tall tale was nothing
more than the figment of the imagination of a high priest of the one and only
state Armenian church. The priest’s motive for making up and telling this
horrible lie was his attempt to get a foreign government to come and help the
Armenians obtain someone else’s homes and land for free. This great lie is the
foundation upon which the Armenian government has established its multi billion
dollar fake “genocide industry.” The Armenians have been operating on this
great lie since 1918. Armenia operates their “genocide industry” with great
success in today’s world even if they do operate on fraud and deceit.

The truth is the Ottoman Turks did only one thing
which had good cause for doing so, but gave the Armenians a chance to claim
that there was a massacre going on. That single act was to ask the Armenian
Church to help them stop their congregations’ nightly terrorist acts against
the Ottoman military supply lines. The Russians had invaded the Ottoman Empire
and the Armenians in the eastern part of the country had joined the Russians.
The Armenian Church refused to help the Ottoman government and state officials
responded by saying they would themselves have to remove all Armenians from
behind their army lines.

Thereafter, the Ottoman government did remove all the
Armenians who were doing such harm to their military forces. The United States
of America has done exactly

the same thing during World War II. Several Americans
are known to have seen Armenians being alive and leaving the combat zone even
though the Armenian church claims they were all murdered.

At no time did the Ottoman Turks exterminate children
for medical research as the Nazis did between 1935–1945. What makes such acts
of Nazi terrorism worse is the fact they did not act alone in their attempts to
create an ethnic/racial pure state. Consider the fact that more than 100,000
Armenians volunteered for Nazi military service and took an active part in the
Nazi ethnic/racial cleansing campaigns. For ten long years Armenians took part
in exterminating not only Jews but also children such as Annemarie Danner and
Gerhard Zeketner.

During World War II Armenians learned well the art of
racial/ethnic cleansing from their Nazi partners in crime. Today. Armenia has
ethnically/racially cleansed their tiny state so successfully that 94.8% of
their population is now ethnically pure Armenian. The Armenians have
ethnically/racially cleansed their tiny state of what they consider their
“undesirables” much like they helped the Nazis do between 1935/1945. Jews,
Muslims, and Christians of other faiths other than the state owned and approved
church have either been murdered or forced out of Armenia.

Consider the fact of how Armenia today continues to
honor the Nazis. The Armenian Nazi General Dro commanded the 20,000 strong
Armenian-Nazi 812th Battalion during World War II. After the war, even though
serving the Nazis, Armenian Dro talked his way into the United States of
America where he remained until his death. Just last year Armenians dug him up
and took his body back to Armenia where he was reburied with full military and
state honors. The Armenian American colony raised several hundred thousand
dollars to help fund a youth leadership institute to honor this Armenian Nazi
general. Just what specific leadership is Armenian children being taught today
in the General Dro leadership institute–hate, ethnic purity of the Armenian
race, racial superiority?

And to think the Armenians, still running their
“genocide industry” scam are building their very own genocide memorial two
blocks from the American White House. There are less than one million Armenians
even in the United States. Why should they spend $75 million dollars on a false
claim to something that is disputed that happened 6000 miles away more than 85
years ago. The answer is simple. The Armenian American colony will use this
self-invented, fake memorial to deceive and fleece even more American taxpayer
dollars for their less than 200 year old homeland the Russians gave them after
taking these lands from the Muslim owners. This Armenian genocide memorial will
become one of the greatest and largest frauds ever attempted in the history of
the entire world. Can anyone believe that Armenians, who took a very active
role in the Jewish genocide of World War II, can build such a fake memorial to
themselves today for the sole purpose of deceiving and fleecing American
Christian taxpayers out of more and more foreign aid money that over the past
ten years alone amounts to almost $1.5 billion dollars!

It is fair to ask since the Armenians were ten year
partners in crime with the Nazis during the World War II years–will they have a
memorial to Annemarie and Gerhard and all the other poor souls the Armenians
helped the Nazis murder and exterminate?

Samuel A. Weems is a retired U.S. judge from Arkansas
and is the author of ARMENIA: Secrets of A ‘Christian’ Terrorist State, The
Armenian Great Deception Series – Volume 1, St. John Press. […]


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