West Desert
Test Center (WDTC) is the testing area for US Army Dugway Proving Ground (DPG)
and is designated as the US Army’s Major Range and Test Facility Base for
chemical and biological defense testing. WDTC specializes in planning,
conducting, and analyzing results of developmental and production tests. Areas
of expertise include chemical and biological (CB) defense, smoke and
obscurants, materiel and delivery systems, munitions and incendiary devices,
meteorological research and modeling, environmental characterization and
remediation technology testing, and technology transfer to include specialized
hands-on CB training for military and civil support teams.

DPG is part
of the US Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). The WDTC is ATEC’s testing
activity at Dugway. ATEC also includes Aberdeen Test Center, Aberdeen Proving
Ground, Maryland; Electronic Proving Ground, Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Redstone
Test Center, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama; White Sands Test Center, White Sands
Test Center, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico; and Yuma Proving Ground,

organized into specialized divisions that work together to accomplish the mission.
WDTC features a diverse and dedicated team of scientists, chemists,
microbiologists, engineers, technicians, and support personnel who specialize
in developmental test and evaluation.

divisions include:

  • Chemical
    Test Division – Testing of chemical defense and decontamination systems
    and methodologies
  • Data
    Management Division – Information technology systems management, data
    planning and analysis, programming and software development
  • Life
    Sciences Division – Testing of biological defense systems, biosurveillance
    and medical countermeasures testing, production of biological testing
  • Meteorology
    Division – Meteorological and climatological support, forecasting,
    meteorology project management
  • Special
    Programs Division – Non-acquisition chem/bio testing, advanced training
    for civilian and military first responders, other advanced training

Below you
will find report bibliographies of their technical reports. These were obtained
by myself and some by
They are archived here for reference.

Document Archive

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