Weekly Inventory List of Detained Cases (WILDC) report was established as a
process to achieve consistency, accuracy, improve on the tracking of detained
cases and decrease average length of stay.

each weekly published document, ICE tallied the number of “detained” cases
throughout their various field offices.

April of 2016, a FOIA request was submitted that requested, “the four most recent
WILDC reports at ICE.”  In June of 2016, the below were released.

there is still being research done on these reports by The Black Vault, it
appears they may no longer be published by ICE, since the request yielded
reports from 2010 (and the request was for the most recent, and filed in 2016.)

information will be added, when available, but these documents are made

Declassified Documents

Dated March 12, 2008, entitled, “Establishment of the Weekly Inventory List of
Detained Cases (WILDC) Report
 [2 Pages, 0.4MB]

Response from ICE, dated June 21, 2016
[2 Pages, 0.95MB]

       CUMULATIVE MASTER WILDC FY10 (09-03-10).xls 20-Jul-2016 14:05  1.0M  
       WILDC SUMMARY 08 20 10.xls                  20-Jul-2016 14:05   71K  
       WILDC SUMMARY 08 27 10.xls                  20-Jul-2016 14:05   71K  
       WILDC SUMMARY 08.13.10.xls                  20-Jul-2016 14:05   71K  

SUMMARY 09 03 10.xls
20-Jul-2016 14:05   71K

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