The U.S.
Postal Service’s security program is designed to reduce the incidence of crime
against employees, the mail, and other assets, as well as maintain the
integrity of the Postal Service .. The Postal Service faces a variety of
security challenges and threats that it must take seriously. Our objective was
to determine whether the Capital District had an effective anonymous mail
program in place to prevent potentially dangerous mail from entering the.
mailstream and a workplace violence program to mitigate violence.

We developed
an enhanced security risk model to identify high-risk districts that warrant
further review. We analyzed data related to anonymous mail, which

is ___________________________________________________________________________.

We also
analyzed data related to workplace violence; suspicious and potentially
dangerous mail; and Voice. of the Employee survey results covering fiscal year
2012, Quarter 3, to fiscal year 2013, Quarter 2.

What the OIG Found

The Capital
District did not have an effective anonymous mail program in place to prevent
potentially dangerous mail from entering the mailstream and a workplace
violence program to mitigate violence. For example, the Capital District had an
average anonymous mail testing failure rate of ___ percent. In addition,
Capital District employees did not always follow policy when handling anonymous
and potentially dangerous mail and did not always comply with workplace
violence prevention requirements to effectively mitigate violence in the

The greatest
opportunity to limit inappropriate use of the mail is during the earliest point
in the Postal Service’s distribution system. Potentially dangerous mail or an
act of workplace violence could put employees, mail, assets, and the
public at risk and negatively impact the Postal Service’s brand. Enforcement of
good security practices is essential to an efficient and economical operation.

What the OIG Recommended

recommended management clarify employee roles and responsibilities, require
personnel to take additional training, implement anonymous mail program best
practices, complete the workplace violence self-audit tool, and establish
controls to ensure personnel comply with anonymous mail and workplace violence

The Report

Number HR-MA-14-003 – Security Risks in the Capital District Management
Advisory Report – dated January 27, 2014
[39 Pages, 5.9MB]

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