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Topics to be
covered in the proceedings include biophysics, quantum biology, neuroscience,
culture and experiential phenomena.

Welcome to
‘Toward a Science of Consciousness’, the eighteenth annual
international, interdisciplinary conference on the fundamental question of
how the brain produces conscious experience. Sponsored and organized by
the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, this
year’s conference is supported by the Perfjell Foundation of Sweden and
its President, Mr. Christer Perfjell.

a Science of Consciousness (TSC) is the largest and
longest-running interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous
approaches to the study of conscious awareness. Topical areas include
neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation
and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential
phenomenology. Held annually since 1994, the TSC conferences alternate
yearly between Tucson, Arizona and various locations around the world. We
are delighted to bring the TSC 2011 to the beautiful city of
Stockholm, Sweden and the historic Aula Magna Hall.

The first conference was held in 1994 in Tucson and continues to be held in
Tucson in even-numbered years, alternating with TSC conferences in
collaboration with groups in various locations around the world:
1995-lschia, Italy; 1997-Elsinore, Denmark; 1999-Tokyo, Japan; 2001-Skovde,
Sweden; 2003-Prague, Czech Republic; 2005-Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007-Budapest,
Hungary; 2009-Hong Kong, China; 2011- Stockholm, Sweden.

conferences continue to bring together various fields approaching the issue
of consciousness from different perspectives, orientations and
methodologies. These include neuroscience, philosophy, medicine, physics,
biology, psychology, anthropology, contemplative and experiential
traditions, arts, culture, humanities and others. TSC aims to integrate
these disciplines, bridge gaps and pursue relevant details without blind
alleys. Stockholm and Aula Magna Hall have austere, esteemed and
respected scientific traditions on which we hope to build new advances and
understanding of this age-old question reflecting on who we are, the nature
of existence, and our place in the universe.

As in
previous years, we expect hundreds of participants and presenters from 65
countries on 6 continents. Included are: Pre- and Post-Conference
Workshops, 14 Plenary or Keynote sessions, 40 Concurrent talk sessions, 2
Poster sessions, 3 Art-Tech Interactive sessions, our traditional
Consciousness Poetry Slam/Talent Show, optional Thursday Dinner Boat
Cruise Dinner Destination, and the End-of-Consciousness Party. The
TSC Conference, Center for Consciousness Studies and The Perfjell
Foundation wish to thank members of the Program Committee, CCS-TSC
Assistant Director Abi Behar Montefiore for her conference management and
editorial direction, SBS web guru Ed Xia and the team at Arizona Health Sciences
Center Biomedical Communications: artwork/illustration David Cantrell.
graphic design Roma Krebs, and web development/support Michael Griffith.

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 Toward a
Science of Consciousness: Brain, Mind and Reality, Conference Proceedings,
[220 Pages, 35.2MB]