Registration Inquiries Manual (RI Manual) contains guidance for
the handling of registration-related inquiries concerning registrants born
after December 31, 1959. It is an internal manual which sets forth
specific responsibilities within the Agency for this activity. The Manual
includes guidelines for standard and nonstandard responses, written or
telephonic registration inquiries, and registrant inquiries from Federal
law enforcement and investigative agencies. Samples of and guidelines for
other types of standard responses, i.e., Status Information, Compliance,
and “Prior” Letters, are included in separate Selective Service

Selective Service System has developed Registration Information
(RI) standardized letters, and compliance letters to be used when
responding to registration inquiries,
concerning registrants born after December 31, 1959. Selective Service
also developed standard Status Information Letters (Sils) which are used
to respond to registration status requests. Sample copies of all
standard letters are contained in Attachment A following this Chapter.
They are identified by the letter “L” preceding a 3- or 4-digit
alpha-numerical code.

paragraphs are contained in Attachment Band are identified by the letter
“P” preceding a 3-digit numerical code. Standard compliance letters are
contained in Attachment D and are identified by the number “6” or “7”,
preceding by one or two alphabetical letters. Standard Slls are contained
in Attachment E and are identified by the letter “A”, “D” or “P” and
preceding by a number or a letter.

Download Selective Service System Registration
Inquiries Manual – RI Manual

Service System Registration Inquiries Manual – RI Manual
[318 Pages,
24.1MB] – The pages have various dates on them, so I do not believe there is
one, official, “publication date” for this version. This was released in 2014,
and in July of 2016, I requested an updated version of the manual, should one
exist. This page will be updated, should another version be released.