Executive Summary

On December
18, 2006,  [REDACTED] submitted an Intelligence Community Whistleblower
Protection Act complaint that contained allegations about a lack of
intelligence oversight procedures at research and development facilities
performing work for DoD intelligence components.

The employee
specifically raised concerns about the perceived mishandling of U.S. persons
information by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, a
research and development facility [REDACTED].

The employee
also raised concerns that [REDACTED] was not responsive to his request to
investigate and correct the deficiencies associated with the Space and Naval Warfare
Systems Center San Diego and other DoD research and development facilities. The
employee also alleged that he was reprised against for his actions.

The Investigation

of Access to U.S. Persons Data by Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command,
September 28, 2007
[46 Pages, 1.7MB]

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