Over the
past 24 months, the Office of Inspector General (OJG) has issued multiple
reports assessing U.S. Government efforts to train, equip, and advise the
Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).1 This is the fifth in a series of
periodic reports that address ISAF development of the ANP/Mol and the Afghan
National Army (ANA)/Ministry of Defense (MoD).

The metrics
reports track ANSF progress toward assuming an independent and sustainable role
in security operations. The OTG collects infmmation ft·om recurring briefings,
reports, and other data collected and disseminated by ISAF and its subordinate
commands-ISAF Joint Command (IJC), and NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
(NTM-A)/Combined Security Transition CommandAfghanistan (CSTC-A)- hereafter
referred to as the Command. The OIG carefully reviews and references, but does
not independently validate, the data.

GIG-selected metrics used for this report provide indications of ANP
development over the six-month reporting period from October 20 12 through
March 20 13. The metrics track ANP/Mol development in three key areas:
Sustainment, Professionalization, and ANP/Mol Transition to Afghan security lead.

Declassified Report

Assessment of Afghan National Security Forces Metrics, Ministry of Interior
Police Forces, October 2012 – March 2013
[24 Pages, 4.2MB]