Travel is an
important and necessary component of government to accomplish agencies’
mission. In today’s climate of increased transparency, budget reductions, and
accountability, agencies’ travel expenditures are closely evaluated to ensure
taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Government travelers are required to
exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would
exercise if traveling on personal business . Therefore, when making official
travel arrangements, agencies and employees must consider the most
cost-effective class of transportation that meets their needs. Government
travelers are required to use coach-class for official travel. Other than
coach-class airline accommodations may be used only when their agency
specifically authorizes/approves such transportation.

Travel in
any class above coach class is also known as premium-class travel. To achieve
the goals of greater accountability and transparency for the premium-class
transportation, Chapter 300-70.100 of the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)
requires Federal agencies to annually submit premium-class travel data to the
General Services Administration (GSA). Agencies are required to report their
usage of other than coach class (first and business-class) transportation
accommodation acquired while on official business which has a cost to the government
greater than coach-class travel. The information is submitted annually via the
GSA Travel Reporting Tool, a web-based reporting tool. The annual Premium-Class
Travel Report presents the analysis of the data as a report from these annual
submissions. This report provides an objective view of the data collected by
GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) as required by the FTR .

Premium Travel Expenditure Reports

Below, you
will find a growing list of agencies, and their respective Premium Travel Expenditure

U.S. General Services Administration Premium-Class
Travel Annual Reports

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

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