investigation the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and their records
on UFOs and the paranormal, I came across one report which referenced
“Paranormal” activity around flights of the Blue Angels.

What I could
deduce from the report, is that the eyewitness to the anomalies, confronted a
Blue Angel Lieutenant regarding what she saw at a fast food restaurant.

After the
officer excused himself and the rest of the crew, the same pilot was confronted
the next day at the air show – this time on the tarmac after a flight

The witness
explained again, that there was activity seen around the Blue Angels.

later, the Lieutenant was sent information by this person, in the form of a
letter, with multiple newspaper articles attached. In her letter, she
referenced the bombing of the USS Cole and the Twin Towers, which was
additional cause for alarm.

documents are below. It appears that after this report was filed, there was no
follow up, and it was used for informational purposes only.

Declassified Documents

Counterintelligence Report
[39 Pages, 1.8MB]

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