the blind seek to leak the blind, a cautionary note is in order. This report is
written in blissful ignorance of whatever systematic efforts the United States
Government has made to construct a counter-deception capability, designed to
detect, neutralize and undermine those foreign deception operations that
degrade governmental performance through U.S. intelligence channels. To the
extent that such a  capability exists, what follows may be superfluous.
Neither the public literature on intelligence activities nor the public record
of intelligence predictions confirms the existence of such a counter-deception
capability, but the public record is notoriously murky and subject to

report explores the effects of deception upon strategic warning systems, and
possible protective efforts for the detection of strategic foreign deception.
The report excludes from consideration evaluation of organizational
alternatives for counter-deception systems. Drawing only upon public sources,
this report is designed to serve as a background reference for readers
interested in methodologies for coping with deception, or in references to the
literature of deception and cognition.

This report
was obtained from the CIA CREST system, and the National Archives and Records
Administration (NARA).

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Countering Strategic Deception, by William R. Harris, November 1973
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