Use of
social media has become prevalent among Federal executive branch employees and
agencies. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is aware that agency
ethics officials have an interest in understanding how the Standards of Ethical
Conduct for Executive Branch Employees (Standards of Conduct), 5 C.F.R. part
2635, apply to the use of social media. This interest is reflected in the increased
volume of questions that OGE receives from various agencies seeking advice in
this area.

As an
initial matter, the Standards of Conduct do not prohibit executive branch
employees from establishing and maintaining personal social media accounts. As
in any other context, however, employees must ensure that their social media
activities comply with the Standards of Conduct and other applicable laws,
including agency supplemental regulations and agency-specific policies. To
assist employees and agency ethics officials in this endeavor, OGE is providing
the following guidance regarding issues that agency ethics official have
frequently raised concerning employees’ obligations under the Standards of
Conduct when using social media.

Standards of Conduct as Applied to Personal Social Media Use for Office of
Government Ethics (OGE) Employees
[36 Pages, 3.2MB]

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