On 5 January
1978, in response to a memorandum from the Department of Defense (Appendix 1),
the Chief of Naval Research directed the Naval Research  Laboratory to
form a study team to carry out a short, intensive investigation to determine
the causes of a series of startling acoustic events that had disturbed
residents of coastal New Jersey and South Carolina.

public response to these events began on 2 December 1977 and continued at
intervals to the present (end of February 1978).

To meet the
objectives set forth by the tasking memorandum, the Naval Research Laboratory
established an Ad Hoc Study Team on 5 January 1978. Members of the team were
experts in specific areas drawn from the Laboratory’s various Science and
Technology Directorates as well as from military personnel assigned to the
Laboratory. The original team membership was as follows:

expert personnel were added to the core Task Force as needed. These
individuals included

Below, you
will find the declassified document/study that the NRL conducted.

Declassified Document

Investigations of East Coast Acoustics Events, 2 December 1977 – 15 February
[155 Pages, 22.8MB]