receives its authority for the responsibility for all weapon and weapon-related
functions from 50 USC 2402, Chapter 41.

DoD cooperate in the development, production, and maintenance of nuclear
weapons. Figure 1.1-1 illustrates DOE/NNSA/DoD organizational
interrelationships. The basic document that establishes the interrelationships
between the two agencies is “An Agreement Between the AEC and the DoD for the
Development, Production, and Standardization of Atomic Weapons,” dated March
21, 1953. This is commonly referred to as the “1953 Agreement.” It was updated
on September 5, 1984, by the “Supplement to the 1953 Agreement for the
Development, Production, and Standardization of Atomic Weapons Between the
Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.” The supplement delineates
the functions of DOE/NNSA and DoD during joint feasibility studies for nuclear
weapons (Phase 2), design definition and cost studies (Phase 2A), and
development engineering (Phase 3). The 1953 Agreement was updated again in

1990 and supersedes the 1953 version.

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), Memoranda of Agreement (MOA), and supplements
provide additional guidance to agencies involved in the weapon development
programs. Most of these are identified in a document titled “An Overview of
DOE/DoD Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandums of Agreement (MOA)
Relating to Nuclear Weapons Development, Production, and Stockpile.”

In general,
DOE/NNSA is responsible for designing, developing, producing, updating, and
dismantling nuclear warheads, nuclear weapon trainers, and ancillary equipment,
while DoD is responsible for designing, developing, and producing, and
dismantling the weapon delivery system.

Declassified Manual

Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Development and Production Manual (D
& P)
[665 Pages, 9.7MB]