Excerpt from
the document:

document contains papers related to the NACA Conference on “The Turbojet Engine
for Supersonic Propulsion” held at the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory
October 8 and 9, 1953.

Much of
the material presented here was presented in the panel-type discussions of the
conference. In some cases, in order to supplement those discussions, material
not previously presented is included.

A list
of the conferees is included.

On a side
note, I found this document in a hunt to find references to my Grandfather,
R.E. Greenewald, who worked on many classified government programs in relation
to missile technology and weapons systems. I discovered he was an attendee
to this conference.

Check out
page 10 for a little reference to Greenewald family history

Document the Document

Conference on Turbojet Engines for Supersonic Propulsion, October 8-9, 1953

[602 Pages, 70.1MB]

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