The new Harpoon Block II will enhance the capabilities of coastal sea operations.
Image Date: 6/1990


A guided
missile is a self-propelled projectile used as a weapon. Missiles are typically
propelled by rockets or jet engines. Missiles generally have one or more
explosive warheads, although other weapon types may also be used.

Below are
relevant documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Declassified Documents

to Sam. A Short Operational history of Ground-Based Air Defense
Pages, 5.46MB] – Dr. Kenneth Werrell’s history of ground-based air
defense performs an important service both to scholarship and, more
importantly, to the defense of our nation’s freedom. It is perhaps human
nature that we tend over time to lose sight of the lessons of the past,
especially when they do not conform to certain cherished preconceptions of
ours. That such myopia can be dangerous, if not downright disastrous,
Dr. Werrell’s study richly illustrates. Without sentimentalism, he
chronicles a pattern of lessons learned and too quickly forgotten as the
marvel of air power was reminded again and again of its limitations and
vulnerability. In Korea and in Vietnam, the American people were stripped
of their illusions of national and technical omnipotence. The
unhappy outcome of those two conflicts was doubly lamentable
because the lessons of World War II were—or should have been—fresh in
our minds. In that world war, as Dr. Werrell shows, relatively cheap
ground-based air defense did make a difference: at Ploesti, at Antwerp,
and at the Rhine bridges.


University Quarterly Review, The Air Force Ballistic Missile, vol. IX, No
3, 1957
[72 Pages, 32mb]

Missile Defense Glossary v3.0 [323 Pages]

Design Approach. Air-to-Surface Missile Strategic Weapon System
[51 Pages,
2.48 MB] – After years of research, I found a document written by my
grandfather, R.E. Greenewald.  Forever will his legacy be preserved now on
the internet!

Missile Intelligence

Against Missiles, by Tomasz Hypki – 24 October 2001
 [43 Pages, 1.6MB]
– Excerpt: As a result
of the simulated nuclear missile attack conducted during the command staff
exercises entitled Decisive Strike carried out in the early 1970’s in the USSR,
there was destruction of 90% of the American armed forces, 70% of its
industrial potential and loss of 80 – 90 million residents of the United
States. This result exceeded the anticipation of Soviet leaders who had
structured entire maps on the development of nuclear weapons. The rivalry with
the United States which had started in this manner had reached the point where,
by the early 1980’s, each side had at its disposal 10 thousand nuclear warheads
mounted on delivery vehicles with strategic ranges capable of reaching enemy

Weapon of Victory
[11 Pages, 2.1MB]

Guided Missiles

Pages, 23.7MB] – This publication contains some of the papers to be
presented at the Unguided Rocket Ballistics Meteorology Co, ference. Those
not included here were not received by the Conference Chairman, E.
J. Trawle, in time for publication. All papers are printed as
received from the authors.


Missile Warning/Mission Defense Advanced Concept Demonstration, 06/14/2004
Pages, 0.6MB] – This document is nearly entirely redacted – but they sent
nearly every page whited out citing FOIA exemption (b)(3).