John Koskinen, nominee as Internal Revenue Service commissioner, testifies during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, December 10, 2013.     AFP PHOTO / Jim WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be a powerful tool. And with the recent
controversy about Hillary Clinton, and her use of a private e-mail server (thus
negating the reach of the FOIA), I thought it might be fun to start filing
requests, for high ranking government officials, and see what they are talking
about behind the scenes.  In this particular case? What IRS Commissioner
John Koskinen was saying, about Donald Trump.

on November 6, 2015, I filed a FOIA requests for all e-mails, sent to or from
John Koskinen, which contained the word, “Trump.”

took until June of 2016, to get the response. I received 29 pages of e-mails,
most of which pertained to the Trump Organization and the construction of
buildings which may have affected traffic near an IRS building, etc.

one stuck one. One e-mail sent to Mr. Koskinen, was a scathing review of one of
the Republican Presidential Primary debates in 2015. It came from Mr. Geoffrey
Peterson, head of, “The Peterson Group.”

“Senator Rand Paul did the worst. His hair looked worse than
usual, like a small animal was sleeping on his head… Paul’s whiny back and
forth with Christie did him no good. He will drop.”

“Where did friendly conservative Mike Huckabee go. He used to say
he was a conservative but was not angry about it. Tonight he was angry and
didn’t help himself. His hairline looked weird and all that weight
regained has not given him more appeal. He will remain very marginal.”

“Ben Carson seemed half asleep during the first part of the
debate, projecting no energy and had an attitude of bemusement about the
debate. He had some good and clever answers toward the end. But he is a
glib lightweight who really is in t his, I think, to sell books. I think the
half brain that he removed was his.”

“Scott Walker, on the other hand, by contrast, looked canned and
phony. He was especially tone deaf on the policing issue where instead of
talking about the underlying national problem that blacks are at the mercy
of the police, made it into a simple police training issue. Aside from the
merits it showed me he was tone deaf. He didn’t answer a couple of
questions and I had a negative feeling. He looks plastic to me.”
review can be downloaded below)

no one can fault Koskinen for receiving the e-mail, it does offer insight to
whom he surrounds himself with. You will notice in the e-mail chain, that Mr.
Koskinen and Mr. Peterson were set to have dinner in the following weeks of the
e-mail, so obviously, this was a close associate.

who is Mr. Peterson?

digging, I believe this is the same Geoffrey Peterson, and appears to donate a
considerable amount of money.

to Influence Explorer, Mr. Peterson has donated more than
$167,000 over the years, to various politicians, primarily Democrats, including
Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore which top the list. He has also donated
to many different PACs and causes.

look at Campaign Money, shows the breakdown of many of his
contributions, going back well more than a decade.

Response F16313-0005.pdf

Geoffrey Peterson Review Sent to
John Koskinen

the document
[3 Pages, 0.5MB]

Other E-Mails Received

       12th Street closure_Redacted.pdf                                           414K  
       FW Trump's Commissioner reference.pdf                                      387K  
       MAIN IR Trump Site Controlled Natural Gas Release Rescheduled_Redacted.pdf 452K  
       MAIN IR Trump Site Controlled Natural Gas Release_Redacted.pdf             445K  
       OPO 300 Ton Lattice Boom Crane 05112015_Redacted.pdf                       416K  
       OPO Annex Crane Delivery on 04152015_Redacted.pdf                          405K  
       OPO Crane at Annex C Street Week of March 9th.pdf                          378K  
       Old Post Office Change.pdf                                                 394K  
       Old Post Office Construction Update_Redacted.pdf                           487K  
       Old Post Office Crane Delivery Notification_Redacted.pdf                   409K  
       Old Post Office Skylight Materials_Redacted.pdf                            406K  
       RE Impressions of the big debate_Redacted.pdf                              808K  
       RE NY Times letter.pdf                                                     401K  

Crane Set Up at Old Post Office_Redacted.pdf