and their periodicals have long been watched by the FBI. Here are a list of
prominent journalists and different publications that have their own file
folder within the FBI.

 Declassified Journalist FBI Files

Jack Anderson Anderson, Jack –
[ 1,518 Pages, 130 MB ] –  Jack N. Anderson (1922-2005) was an
influential journalist. The material posted here consists of old and newly
released material about Anderson, his writings on the FBI, and his use of
leaked material of national security concern.

bobc Considine, Bob –
[39 Pages, 30 MB] –  Robert Bernard Considine, known as Bob
Considine (November 4, 1906 – September 25, 1975), was an American
journalist, author, and commentator. He is best known as the co-author of
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and The Babe Ruth Story.  Additional records may exist – which
have been requested. This page will be updated, should any new documents be

Walter Cronkite Cronkite, Walter –
[ 72 Pages, 3.85 MB ] –  Walter Leland Cronkite Walter Leland Cronkite
(1916-2009), famous newscaster and journalist, worked for CBS News for five
decades. Although the FBI did not investigate Cronkite, his name does appear
in its files, usually in passing reference to his contact with an individual
under FBI investigation or due to his professional contacts with the Bureau.
These excerpts range from 1956 to 2000.

Sanford Griffith Griffith, Sanford – [
 21.08MB | NYC-1
 35.14MB ] – [ 520 Total Pages ] –  Sanford Griffith
was born in 1893. He studied at Heidelberg University but on the outbreak of
the First World War he fled to France and joined the French Army. In 1918 he
transferred to the US Army. Griffith reached the rank of major and was involved
in interrogating German prisoners. In 1940 Griffith was recruited by
William Stephenson, the head of British Security Coordination (BSC). He now
established his company Market Analysts Incorporated and was commissioned to
carry out polls for the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. The
organisation was headed by William Allen White who gave an interview to the
Chicago Daily News about his intentions: “Here is a life and death struggle
for every principle we cherish in America: For freedom of speech, of
religion, of the ballot and of every freedom that upholds the dignity of the
human spirit… Here all the rights that common man has fought for during a
thousand years are menaced… The time has come when we must throw into the
scales the entire moral and economic weight of the United States on the side
of the free peoples of Western Europe who are fighting the battle for a
civilized way of life.” It was not long before White’s organization had 300
chapters nationwide.

Michael Hastings Hastings,
 – [ 21 Pages, 1.5 MB ] – Michael M. Hastings
(1980-2013), was a journalist and author. This release of a 6/11/2012 FBI
document and its attachments (21 pages total) consists of the only material
found in FBI records mentioning Hastings. No FBI records indicate an
investigative interest in Hastings.The National Security Agency will neither
confirm nor deny records related to Hastings — NSA
Denial Letter

hillman Hillman Periodicals –
[ 76 Pages, 52 MB ] –  Hillman Periodicals, Inc. was an American
magazine and comic book publishing company founded in 1938 by Alex L.
Hillman, a former New York City book publisher. It is best known for its true
confession and true crime magazines; for the long-running general-interest magazine
Pageant; and for comic books including Air Fighters Comics and its successor
Airboy Comics, which launched the popular characters Airboy and The Heap.



 Inside Story Magazine –
[ 23 Pages, 55 MB ] –  Take a look back in time when the
public would assist the FBI with news tips and leads. Throughout the 1950s
and 1960s, there was a periodical known as “Inside Story”. In it, were news
articles, some of which, concerning the FBI. This file (obtained from the
National Archives), offers the articles and corresponding letters the FBI
received, clipped from this magazine.

Herbert Kaplow Kaplow, Herbert –
[ 17 Pages, 2.91 MB ] –  Herbert Elias “Herb” Kaplow (February
2, 1927 – July 27, 2013) was an American television news correspondent. His
main focus was reporting out of Washington, D.C., covering presidential
campaigns and those who were elected.

scotty reston Reston, James B. “Scotty” –
[25 Pages, 17.7 MB ] –  James Barrett Reston. James Barrett Reston
(November 3, 1909 – December 6, 1995), nicknamed “Scotty”, was an American
journalist whose career spanned the mid-1930s to the early 1990s. He was
associated for many years with The New York Times.  Note: This release
is from a FOIA appeal, that got these once classified/exempt pages released.
I have an open FOIA request for the remainder of Mr. Reston’s file, IF it
exists. I will update this page when a response comes in.

George Sokolsky Sokolsky, George –
[ 50 Pages, 3.62 MB ] –  George Ephraim Sokolsky (1893–1962) was a
weekly radio broadcaster for the National Association of Manufacturers and a
columnist for The New York Herald Tribune, who later switched to The New York
Sun and other Hearst newspapers.

Helen Thomas Thomas, Helen –
[7 Pages, 0.5 MB] –  Helen Amelia Thomas (August 4, 1920 – July 20,
2013) was an American author and news service reporter, member of the White
House press corps and opinion columnist. She worked for the United Press and
post-1958 successor United Press International (UPI) for 57 years, first as a
correspondent, and later as White House bureau manager. She was a columnist
for Hearst Newspapers from 2000 to 2010, writing on national affairs and the
White House. She covered the administrations of eleven U.S. presidents—from
the final years of the Eisenhower administration to the second year of the
Obama administration.

voa Voice of America –
[827 Pages, 47.5MB] –  The Voice of America, which first went on the air
in 1942, is an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the
U.S. government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts
approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural
programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of 125 million
people. There may be additional pages, which I have requested. I will update
this page if more is released.

 Mike Wallace Wallace, Myron Leon “Mike” – [ 50 Pages, 3.62 MB ] –  Myron Leon
“Mike” Wallace (1918-2012) was a well-known American journalist. This release
consists of two parts. The first concerns a foreign counterintelligence file
opened about Wallace’s 1970 trip to Cuba (pp.1-5) and the second an
investigation into a threatening letter sent to Wallace (pp.6-50).

 Don Whitehead Whitehead, Don –
[118 Pages, 13.40MB] –  Don Whitehead (April 8, 1908 in Inman, Virginia
– January 12, 1981) was an American journalist. He was awarded the Medal of
Freedom. He won the 1950 George Polk Award for wire service reporting.

Whitehead wrote The FBI Story A Report to the People, in which the FBI
admits there are 3,843 pages, and it would be $115 to retrieve this file on
CD. If you are interested in sponsoring this file, write to