According to
the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC):

DoD scientific and technical wiki, DoDTechipedia is designed to increase communication
and collaboration among DoD scientists, engineers, program managers and
operational warfighters. This collaborative tool promotes the rapid development
of technology and innovative solutions to meet critical needs.”

DODTechipedia is accessible at: https://www.DoDTechipedia.mil, however, it is only
available to approved users, and defense personnel.

This is
similar to the Intellipedia,
operated by the National Security Agency (NSA).

you will find the released documents obtained under the Freedom of Information
Act (FOIA).

DODTechipedia User Manuals

User Guide v 5.0, March 2014
[79 Pages, 3.6MB] – a/o July 2016,
this is the current DODTechipedia manual.

Declassified Pages

Currently, there are still open FOIAs and this area
is being built. Watch this page for more additions soon!