the leader of the DoD’s scientific and technical information (STINFO) program,
DTIC has the responsibility to develop, coordinate and enable a strong
STINFO program for the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research and
Engineering (ASD(R&E)) and the DoD Scientific &
Technical (S&T) enterprise. Our aim is to maximize the availability
and use of technical information and products resulting from
defense-funded technical activities while ensuring restrictions in
national security, export control and intellectual property rights are

is DoD policy to establish and maintain a coordinated and comprehensive program
to document the results and outcomes of DoD-sponsored and performed
research and engineering (R&E) studies and to provide access to those
efforts in an effective manner. In the 21st Century, supporting the S&T
and RDT&E communities will require that we integrate, more than ever,
our collections with databases, information links and the latest
information technology, no matter the source. Our customers,
from individual researchers to acquisition professionals, will be able to
quickly fuse information into the most complete picture needed in a matter
of minutes to hours; not days to months.

Brian Arthur wrote: “Technology springs from three sources: (1) technology that
already exists and can be recombined in new ways to create new
technologies, (2) technologies that spring from basic research
breakthroughs, and (3) technology that is required to support the new
technologies emerging from the previous two methods.”

rich collections contain the technologies that are known; DTIC is the
information repository from which new technologies arise. We are moving
rapidly to create the DTIC Information Cloud, combining the best elements
of Web 2.0 capabilities enhanced with the superb collections in
DTIC’s repository to create one integrated information space, improving
the DoD’s RDT&E capabilities, reducing costs, reducing development
timelines and fielding solutions more quickly. The DTIC Information Cloud
will help DoD researchers and acquisition professionals find people,
build communities, ask questions, search topics, collaborate, share
knowledge of needs and capabilities to facilitate solutions for our

DTIC leads the department’s STINFO program, we will be the hub of DoD S&T
information interchanges, empowering innovators with greater efficiency,
effectiveness, and agility by accelerating the delivery of warfighting

are fully committed to achieving the strategic goals outlined in this plan and
urge you to partner with us.

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Technical Information Center Strategic Plan, 2011-2016
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