In late
October 2013, a 31-year-old British national woman reportedly died as a
result of cannabis toxicity.

Although a
recent review confirmed the coroner’s findings. the exact cause of death
remains unclear and several outside organizations dispute claims that the
woman’s death was caused by cannabis toxicity.


Death from
cannabis toxicity is highly unusual and this is only the second documented
case of this kind to occur in the United Kingdom (UK). In 2004, a 36-year-old
man from Wales also is believed to have died as a result of cannabis
toxicity. While the woman’s official cause of death is disputed by several
marijuana advocacy groups and other medical experts, the coroner found no
evidence of any serious medical condition or natural cause of death and,
therefore, concluded that cannabis toxicity was the most likely cause.

very few deaths have been attributed to cannabis toxicity, marijuana has a
wide range of toxic health effects and is potentially fatal, even when

used in small doses.

For example,
studies have shown that marijuana increases the heart rate and blood
pressure shortly after use, which can result in cardiac arrest, stroke,
and other acute pulmonary or cardiovascular reactions, especially
in individuals with pre-existing conditions.

increasing cannabis consumption and the introduction of more potent
varieties of the drug could result in other health issues, fatal overdoses
will likely remain rare.

A greater
concern is that users will combine marijuana with other substances and/or
drive a vehicle while under the influence of the drug.

DEA Bulletin BUL-089-14 – Cannabis Toxicity Death, March

Bulletin BUL-089-14 – Cannabis Toxicity Death, March 2014
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