According to
the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) which Critical Energy
Infrastructure Information (CEII):

CEII Defined

CEII is specific
engineering, vulnerability, or detailed design information about proposed or
existing critical infrastructure (physical or virtual) that:

Relates details
about the production, generation, transmission, or distribution of energy;

Could be useful
to a person planning an attack on critical infrastructure;

Is exempt from
mandatory disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act; and

Gives strategic
information beyond the location of the critical infrastructure.

Helpful Resources

In order to familiarize
yourself with the Commission’s policy regarding Critical Energy Infrastructure
Information (CEII) , please read the Commission’s rulemakings: Order Nos. 702,
630, 630-A, 643, 649 and 683 under our CEII Regulations section.

CEII Requests & Exemptions

Visit our Help section to
learn how to File a CEII Request.

Owner/operator of a facility, including employees and officers of the
owner/operator, may obtain CEII relating to its own facility directly from
Commission staff. Non-employee agents of an owner/operator of such facility may
obtain CEII relating to the owner/operator’s facility in the same manner as
owner/operators as long as they present written authorization from the
owner/operator to obtain such information. 388.113(d)

Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Request

Below, you
will find the CEII request logs, as released by the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission.

Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Request Logs 2011-April of 2016

[276 Pages, 12.6MB]