DEA Drug Bust

following is a short excerpt from the report. The entire document can be
downloaded below:

the request of ADIC WELCH, the following analysis of the FBI/DEA Joint
Narcotics Task Force is set forth:

Task Force was established in September, 1977 with the stated purpose of
effecting “optimum use of the resources of both agencies in order to achieve
successful prosecution and neutralization of high level narcotics
traffickers who are also members of the organized crime element”. 

Task Force was established with an FBI Supervisor and nine Bureau Agents
plus a DEA Group Supervisor with six Agents. The Task Force has been in
operation since that time working out of DEA ‘s New York Regional Office
on West 57th Street in Manhattan.

number of major problems have arisen since the inception of the Task Force
and the following is an enumeration of those problems:


public protestations to the contrary, DEA remains an agency geared to the
”buy-bust” operation. Her Agents are evaluated and promoted almost
exclusively on the number of arrests made and on the amount of
narcotics recovered. Largely as a result of these personnel policies, DEA
Agents are not usually interested in long-term investigations since such
investigations do not normally lead to large numbers of arrests or large recoveries.
It is much easier and much better currently from a career standpoint for
DEA Agents to work a number of quick turnover cases where their individual
statistics can be high. Because of this the DEA Agents assigned to the
Task Force are often impatient with the methodical approach taken by
Bureau Agents. On numerous occasions, this impatience has damaged particular

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Bureau of Investigation Assumption of Federal Drug Enforcement – A Feasibility
[267 Pages, 153MB]

Bureau of Investigation Second Release of Documents
  [5 Pages,

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