periodically conduct their own special investigations and produce reports about
certain allegations against their respective departments.

example, the CIA Inspector General produced a report regarding the allegations
of the connection between the CIA and drug trafficking.  Each agency will
do the same types of investigations.

you will find reports and indexes that are relevant.  I decided to compile
them here in one archive, as it is interesting to show a complete set of

Declassified Documents

Intelligence Agency (CIA) Inspector General

Inspector General Report of Investigation: Improper Handling of Classified
Information by John M. Deutch, February 18, 2000
Pages, 266kb]

Inspector General Report of Dumping Hazardous Material into Potomac at CIA HQ,
February 2, 2000
[33 Pages, 4.14MB]

of CIA/IG Closed Investigations, January 1, 2005 – May 2014
Pages, 4.4MB]

of CIA/IG Closed Investigations, January 1, 1997 – October 5, 2004
 [57 Pages,

of CIA Inspections and Special Studies, 1994-1997
Pages, 2.49MB]

of CIA Inspections and Special Studies, 1990-1994
Pages, 4.2MB]

Department of
Commerce Inspector General

of Commerce Closed Investigation Logs, 2014-2015
Pages, 2.3MB]

Department of
Energy (DOE) Inspector General

Investigation into Fisker Automotive, 2012
 [32 Pages,
1.96MB] – On 26 March 2012, the DOE was notified about a misuse of funds and
questionable business practices by Fisker Automotive.  They previously had
received DOE Loan Program Office financing.  These files are the first
release relating to their investigation.

Nuclear Security Administration Nuclear Weapons Systems Configuration
Management, March 2014
 [30 Pages, 0.8MB] – The Office
of Inspector General received multiple allegations regarding the National
Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) management of configuration management
(CM) information.  The allegations related to incomplete product
definitions for NNSA nuclear weapons, and ineffective management of classified
nuclear weapons drawings, a situation that could lead to unauthorized changes
to the drawings.  In response, we initiated this audit to determine
whether NNSA had maintained accurate and complete CM information for nuclear
weapons and nuclear weapons components to support safe, sound and timely decisions
related to these devices. The review substantiated the allegations and
identified instances in which NNSA had not maintained accurate and complete CM
information for its nuclear weapons and components.

Finds 6 BILLION U.S. Dollars MISSING, March 20, 2014
Pages, 1.78MB] – The Office of Inspector General (OIG), in recent audits,
investigations, and inspections, has identified significant
vulnerabilities in the management of contract file documentation that
could expose the Department to substantial financial losses. Specifically,
over the past 6 years, OIG has identified Department of State
(Department) contracts with a total value of more than $6 billion in which
contract files were incomplete or could not be located at all. The failure
to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk
and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract

Department of
Interior (DOI) Inspector General

Closed Investigation Logs, 2014-2015
 [32 Pages,
1.96MB] –

Department of
Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General

April 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009
[87 Pages – 1.87MB]

October 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009
[71 Pages – 2.66MB]

April 1, 2008 – September 30, 2008
[72 Pages – 2.70MB]

October 1, 2007 –
March 31, 2008
[56 Pages – 3.5MB]

April 1, 2007 –
September 30, 2007
[56 Pages – 2.8MB]

October 1, 2006 –
March 31, 2007
[104 Pages – 2MB]

April 1, 2006 –
September 30, 2006
[102 Pages – 8.76MB]

October 1, 2005 –
March 31, 2006
[88 Pages – 413kb]

April 1, 2005 to
September 30, 2005
[74 Pages – 62MB]

October 1, 2004 to
March 31, 2005
[60 Pages – 1.32MB]

April 1, 2004 to
September 30, 2004
[86 Pages – 3.53MB]

October 1, 2003 to
March 31, 2004
[86 Pages – 3.53MB]

April 1, 2003 to
September 30, 2003
[62 Pages – 1.24MB]

October 1, 2002 to
March 31, 2003
[54 Pages – 963kb]

of Housing and Urban Development

OIG Investigations Regarding HUD
Employees – 2015
 [3 Pages – 1.1MB] – This is an
interim release, and is an index of potentially responsive records. The actual
case files will be sent to me in the future, and once received, I will add them

Department of State

 DOS/IG Closed Investigations,
 [8 Pages, 3.6MB]

Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA)

 VA/IG Closed Investigations,
 [111 Pages, 17.4MB]

Director of
National Intelligence Inspector General

 ODNI OIG Semi-Annual Reports,
published in 2013
 [98 Pages – 8.82MB]

The Export-Import Bank of the
United States (EXIM)

EXIM OIG IG Investigations, 2014-2015 [6
Pages – 2.8MB]

Communications Commission Inspector General

Investigations Closed 2014-2015
 [4 Pages, 0.9MB]

Health and
Human Services (HHS) Inspector General

 IG Investigations Closed
 [150 Pages – 3.37MB]

Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

NGA/IG Investigations Closed
 [12 Pages – 2.3MB]

Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Inspector General

 IG Investigations Closed
 Release #1 [6 Pages – 3.5MB]

 IG Investigations Closed
 Release #2 [3 Pages – 3.5MB]

 Inspection of the National
Reconnaissance Office Declassification Activities
, 22
October 2014 [34 Pages – 4.1MB]

Regulatory Commission (NRC) Inspector General

 NRC/IG Investigations Closed
 [6 Pages – 3.5MB]

Exchange Commission (SEC) Inspector General

 SEC/IG Investigations Closed
 [2 Pages – 0.5MB] – Still seeking an index
that has case names, or summaries, or anything more than what was released

Special Inspector General for
Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)

 SIGAR/IG Investigations Closed
01/01/2011 – 08/01/2013
 [16 Pages – 2.4MB]